Paycheck, Johnny - Billy Bardo Lyrics

What shall we do said Old Snake to Rob
What shall we do said Willard to Bob
What shall we do said Whiskey to Joe
We'll all get stoned said Billy Bardo

How shall we do it said Old Snake to Rob
How shall we do it said Willard to Bob
How shall we do it said Whiskey to Joe
We'll use my grass boys said Billy Bardo

(Breathe in) said Old Snake to Rob
(Breathe in) said Willard to Bob
(Breathe in) said Whiskey to Joe
(Breathe in) went Billy Bardo

Now I'm really stoned said Old Snake to Rob
Now I'm really stoned said Willard to Bob
Now I'm really stoned said Whiskey to Joe
Yeah and you're busted, said Billy Bardo

Well out with the gun came Old Snake and Rob
Out with the gun came Willard and Bob
Out with the gun came Whiskey and Joe
They all gunned down Billy Bardo

Oh where shall we put him said Old Snake to Rob
Where shall we put him said Willard to Bob
Where shall we put him said Whiskey to Joe
Let's feed him to the river old Billy Bardo

The moral of my story of Old Snake and Rob
The moral of my story of Willard and Bob
The moral of my story of Whiskey and Joe
Some NARC's end up like Billy Bardo

Yeah they'll gun you down and throw you in the river

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Paycheck, Johnny Billy Bardo Comments
  1. Christopher Vancott

    Jesus Christ that's one hell of a hat

  2. Mary Yelvington

    Forgot how much I loved this song.70's flashback

  3. wailing-sirens

    So Billy Bardo by Johnny Paycheck does exist. Wow.

  4. S Ficklin

    Anyone here from reading "The Other F Word" by Natasha Friend?

    Hermione Watson

    S Ficklin I am, but I am reading the German version haha :D

    Imo Glow

    Haha I am 😂 I thought I was going to get a virus or something when typing it in, guess I was actually wrong for once

  5. awnok

    Still got the vinyl album.

  6. Brandy Burke

    Back again to hear a classic!


    Welcome back! Stop by anytime, and glad you enjoy.

    Brandy Burke

    Thank you! I sure will. 😀

  7. Ras Cornett

    it is saying that I unlike a lot of these great songs and I did not can you up please re add the one's it delete and thank it saying it from 503

  8. Chuck Swift

    Thank you ken U and I loved this

  9. Tom w

    Thanks for posting, lots of memories. When this came out I was in college and I remember playin it on the juke, a friend who was as photog major there was the one taking the ID pics of the new narcs as they rotated in and we'd have 8 by 10s of them before they'd even finished the law courses the sheriff's dept. was running them thru. Decades ago, again thanks for the memories


    @Tom Walker Your welcome, pal. Glad you enjoyed!

  10. Dennis Haley

    This was the M.E.G. theme song

  11. rocncruise


  12. shadowmink888


    Debbie Mathis

    Your Absolutely Right !-

  13. Brandy Burke

    I want to thank you for posting this!!! I have been looking for this song for forever!!!! It is my favorite of his. :)

  14. Gregg Lyell

    love it. brings back the good old days of "biz" in Hinesville, Ga sitting in the bar knowing who the narcs and newest cid cops were there. they thought they were slick but they werent and we always knew who was the newbie there after everyone. thanks again as it has taken me many years to find this song again. this one ranks right up there with Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner". I pass the torch onto the younger generation that "bring home the goodies" as the man says.

    Jay Walker

    Those were the good old days, thanks

  15. ZootSuitCooter

    haha!! Haven't heard this in years, reminds me of showing rabbits in high school at the rodeo in Houston back in the '80s..hssssssss. HaHaHa!! Good times.

  16. RattlerMan33

    Thank you so much for posting this one!!! Love this song......: )

  17. Conley Burns

    Thanks for posting this one.I had never heard it but I like it