Paycheck, Johnny - Big Brother Lyrics

She was 7 and I was just 10
When she moved next door to the house we lived in
She followed me around and got in my hair
Wherever I looked she'd be there

An awkward little girl with big brown eyes
She'd ask me over for tea and mud pies
A freckled faced angel always in my way
But I couldn't refuse when she'd say

Big brother take me with you
Wherever you're going I want to go too
You're so silly the things that you do
But big brother how I love you

As she grew older I'd take her around
We'd go to the fair when it came to town
The side shows and candy would keep us all day
And when we were late she would day

Mother there's no need to worry and fuss
My big brother can take care of us
He's like one of our own family
Big brother takes care of me

The years flew by and one night in the spring
All of a sudden she was 18
No longer the little girl I'd known all my life
And I wanted to make her my wife

But a few days later her heart all aglow
In order that I'd be the first one to know
She brought him over and in her sweet way
Told me of her wedding day

Big brother I bid so long
Now big brother I'll have to be strong
So I'll turn and hide these tears in my eyes
I can't let her see big brother cry

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Paycheck, Johnny Big Brother Comments
  1. Rick Thomas

    My mother would play this on the guitar and sing it to me when I was a child. Memories

  2. cwking10

    The best Johnny paycheck song he made ...with great lyrics