Paycheck, Johnny - Because I Love You Lyrics

Nights have a way of getting lonesome
And a man can go wrong away at home
There's time on my hands but there's a rain too
And I won't be lost because I love you

I've had the chance and I've been tempted
Time and time again without giving in
Constantly my conscience tells me what to do
I'm not free don't wanna be because I love you

I'll never break your heart because I love you
And I'll be true to you because I want to

Loneliness could never let me lose control
In my mind I take you everywhere I go
I realize that while I'm gone you're lonely too
But you're mine and I don't worry because I love you

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Paycheck, Johnny Because I Love You Comments
  1. Burger Jaqueline

    Le pape de la musique country .....Johnny Paycheck....

    Marianne Menon

    Absolument l'un des meilleurs Jacqueline!! Merci pour ton commentaire gentil!!!
    ~ Marianne...

  2. rimakuja

    Oh such a beautiful tune by Johnny ,,,, enjoying listening to it here in the warm Summer night :-) Thank you my dear sweet Marianne for your most wonderful video :-) Hugs from your Stephan

  3. Marianne Menon

    You make me smile with your lovely comment! Thanks so much Michael! I have so many songs still sitting on the "runway" to be made into a music video but if I come across another JP track I'll be thinking of you!! :)

  4. Michael Winton

    Killer track!!!! It's Paycheck doing what Paycheck does best and that's making true country music. I have just about everything he has recorded and the one thing I find is that he was always CONSISTENT, writing ballads and songs with feeling. Way to go Marianne for posting this brilliant song. Keep them coming!!!

  5. Jack Adams

    hmmm see what you mean... was that not in the album ...nice song irregardless... Thanks for the share Marianne ...