Paycheck, Johnny - Award To An Angel Lyrics

If they gave awards for best angel
Then darling I know you'd win them all
If there was one for every good thing you've done
Then sweetheart they'd cover our walls

The first one would be for best lover
'Cause darling you've loved me so long
There would be one for being the best forgiver
'Cause you forgave me each time I've gone wrong

Then one would stand out above all the others
Yes above all the others by far
And it would say to the world's greatest mother
'Cause you know what honey that's just what you are

On a wall by itself would hang a solid gold plaque
Trimmed with diamonds silver engraved it would say
To a woman to a wife who has loved me all her life
And I thank God every day
You know that I thank God every day

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