Paycheck, Johnny - Apartment No 9 Lyrics

Just follow the stairway to this lonely world of mine
You'll find me waiting here in Apartment No 9
Loneliness surrounds me without your arms around me
And the sun will never shine in Apartment No 9

Not so very long ago you walked away from me
And after all the plans we made you decided to be free
Loneliness surrounds me without your arms around me
And the sun will never shine in Apartment No 9

No the sun will never shine in Apartment No 9

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Paycheck, Johnny Apartment No 9 Comments
  1. eighta peach

    One of the best country singers who ever opened his mouth

  2. James Brown

    A huge hit for Tammy Wynette back in the day!!!! Johnny Paycheck sounds great here!!!!

  3. Trip Lucid

    Wonderful song

  4. Mick Evans

    Proper country!

  5. Ethan Grimshaw

    what a tune

  6. johnnyrockin talkin

    didn't know that johnny helped write and also sang this.........hell of a version!!! so soulful...... really brings a tear! i keep listening to it over and over. for me ranks in the same sentence with "he stopped loving her today"..........just awesome and heartfelt. johnny paycheck deserves much, much more ranking in the book of country music than he has!!! the guy is just frickin great!! his personal life derailed his career. never had the star making machinery on his side i suppose because of his personal life..........nobody that really loves country music could say that his name shouldn't be listed in gold in that book in hillbilly heaven!!!

    marilyn kopecky

    Johnny didnt kneel @ Nashville feet... He joined Opera short time before his death.....

    Everytime he received an award, etc... He'd send it home to his WIFE- Sharon - whom only death separated them....

    Only wife & husband they'd had... They had a son... After he grew up, he joined the military, after that, he joined the police of his town.... We'll respected there....

  7. Milton Moore

    The telephone number of this poor devil in apartment #9 just HAS to be LONESOME 77203. The song featured in
    this post is wonderful
    beyond words.

  8. Sherry Bailey

    Just follow the stairway to this lonely world of mine...

  9. Sherry Bailey


  10. Scott Anderson

    Directly from a convo with Lloyd Green:  "Bobby Austin and Johnny were sharing an apt together in Vegas in 1966 and Austin had laid down most of the lyrics for "Apt #9" but he felt it was lacking a meaningful chorus line.  Paycheck came up with the "Loneliness surrounds me, without your arms around me" line, and for that, he was given 50% writing credits for the song."  Green, Paycheck and Aubrey Mayhew laid down the tracks, and did two versions of the song in late 1966 in Dallas TX at the Little Darlin Studios.

    Connor M. Music & more

    +Scott Anderson The first one was on Jukebox Charlie.

  11. castov

    Written by Bobby (Smokey) Stover!

    Jerry Baker

    Nope, Paycheck wrote this song.with Bobby Austin

  12. swampfox432 **


    swampfox432 **


  13. CrackerKen1

    Great music. Lloyd Green on pedal steel guitar.

  14. latokatn506

    Very good song Pay check did not get that much credit but he had a great voice and wrote some good song's Jamie great choice