Pavement - Slowly Typed Lyrics

Mary, you smell different
Get up early in the bed
For you morning comes so easy

Spells have been cast and the urge has been lost
Snipers posted bills as they should
Of our midnight vacation

This is our vacation, and it's my chance to make it up to you
Stare at sequin seconds as they stick to the wall

People of the bay - it is excruciatingly grey
Face the front when it comes for you
Type slowly

Wish upon my ankles
Wish upon my blue incandescent shiny brawling guillotine

The edge of creation is blurred and blushed
Not a lot of room to grow
Inside this leather terrarium

Sci-fi darling, sci-fi darling don't go

Back on the planet now
And I'm beginning to wonder how
Echelon your dreams and they'll come true
Type slowly
Echelon your dreams and they'll come true
Type slowly

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Pavement Slowly Typed Comments
  1. Cody Stegemueller

    This guy can't sing

  2. Anthony Navarro

    Sing it!! “I’m beginning to see just how”

  3. Carl J

    Double ads. It’s like some of the stuff Steven is always writing about! Well done!!!

  4. Patrick McKennedy

    I am a lovely blue incandescent guillotine, what are you?

  5. Toxeensynth

    Wilco my fuking ass lol

  6. Brian Polson

    I have many, many favorite Pavement songs, but this one pretty much tops them all for me - it's just so simple, smooth and satisfying, like a buttery chocolate chip cookie

  7. Jorge Haurigot

    i love you Pavement

  8. Joel Kotzen

    I fucking love this song

  9. Emily Joy Simms

    some of the finest vocals one's ear can perceive, this

  10. Julia Smith

    I’m 36 and I started listening to them when I was 14...solid gold.


    Fancy a date? I'm rich, good looking and fluent in three Malkmus songs on the guitar

    Chad Bartlett

    Will you marry me Julia?

    Chad Bartlett

    Julia Smith since 92

  11. ricjuk

    Kind of reminds me of Meddle era Pink Floyd a little bit.

    Aidan Moss

    i get san tropez vibes from transport is arranged

  12. Ben Garcia

    the song is about a corporate figure hitting on his secretary

  13. A. Irishgrrd

    Sherri, you smell different
    Get up early in the bed
    For you morning comes so easy
    Spells have been cast and the urge has been lost
    Snipers posted bills
    As they should
    Of our midnight vacation
    Back on the planet now
    I'm beginning to see just how
    Echelon your dreams and they'll come true
    Type slowly
    One of us is a cigar stand
    And one of us is
    A lovely blue incandescent guillotine
    The edge of creation is blurred and blushed
    Not a lot of room to grow
    Inside this leather terrarium
    People of the bay
    It is excruciatingly gray
    Face the front when he comes for you
    Type slowly
    Cherish your memorized weakness
    Fashioned from a manifesto
    Lady, I am no futurist
    I'm my only critic, I
    Trolls in the glen are consorting again
    The liberals say they don't exist
    But I know that they do
    Reinforce your literal ass
    Hit it on the first or second pass
    Frozen images, respected few
    Type slowly

  14. crooked rain

    grateful dead y pavement me salvaron la vida

  15. Aaron O'Meara

    I love this band. Has anyone heard Stephen Malkmus on Bret Easton Ellis' podcast? It was a very good interview, they talked Lego.

  16. Jayson Wilson

    Fuckin subjectivity

  17. Jayson Wilson

    God I wish I could tell people to love Pavement.


    What the hell is a pub and a pint? The internet is America, bro.


    +uter a pub is where you drink. People drink pints here in America too. I was gaming online and someone whose moniker is "Type Slowly" was saying something about people with pool sticks were going to drink a few pints and beat me up.


    +uber, who do think brawls more? people who listen to this or Kreator?

    Some Guy

    Don't worry, dude. Message received.

    Patrick McKennedy

    That's just the cigar stand speaking, after all the edge of creation is blurred and blushed.

  18. TheMouseMatt

    thanks jam

  19. Alex Zondervan

    They are really always in the pocket,

  20. chrisocony

    Classic Malkmus concept: "type slowly." When I think about it, I laugh. Who wants to type slowly? It is very unnatural and weird to type slowly. The only thing about typing is that you have to do it fast. Oh yeah, and be accurate. Malkmus  has many of these oxymorons or just strange, impossible juxtapositions. LOL stuff.

    And it is a beautiful song. Probably my favorite from this record.

    Cary Rumley

    alex perching *mea culpa

    Cary Rumley

    alex perching This also wasn't on Wowee Zowee

    andola jackson

    Just means try living for a change take in thr nuances life has to offer vs taking in stride

    Colin Morrow

    chrisocony , no you don't have to type fast and you have to think a little outside the box to understand he's trying to tell you to slow the hell down, stop stressing yourself out by thinking you need to be in some sort of rush rush rush mode because unless your in the speed typing Olympics and your not, it's also really a metaphor to relax in all aspects of life, to sit back and view the superficial & materialistic world around you like people you may know who drive to a certain destination weaving in And and out of traffic getting pissed off because someone else in front of them is driving too slow, when in reality this so called friend isn't going to work, doesn't have a date with the president all while putting your own life at risk and for what? Well I'll tell you, it's because they are an out of control lost, lost soul in a hurry to get absolutely nowhere fast.

    Marisol Cortez

    @Colin Morrow brilliant

  21. Edgar Mirth

    Kim Hull, I know you don't really want much anything to do with me, but I still love you.

    Aidan Moss

    it be like that sometimes :(

  22. Azwel

    love the song, but I  always wondered why the vocals on this album all sounded like one takes.  They used to crack me up when I was younger, Its kind of the songs charm though

    The Eldest/Illest Ent

    Azwel bc they probably were lmao but ya it grows on ya

  23. Louisthe500th

    superb, 5 out of 5 stars, 10 out of 10 diamonds, song of the year, decade, century

  24. brian branham

    my pleasure dude.

  25. Carl Linveld


  26. brian branham

    albums aren't made that way albums aren't anyway. you have many many separate tracks. now i'm not saying he didn't record those vocals in one take or anything...i'm just saying you don't "jam" the song altogether live and record the performance. drums are usually laid first..and there are definitely multiple guitar tracks going on here.

    deeps mered mess

    There are a lot of bands that record live

  27. Carl Linveld

    Word on the street is this song was recorded in exactly 1 (one) take. Steven "Steve" Malkmus said "alright boys, we're gonna try out a new number I just wrote last night, it's called Type Slowly in E, follow me for the changes" and the boys followed him and Steve sang those magic lyrics that he was making up and at that moment music history was made.

    Foobert Foobert

    Carl, I dunno what street you live on, but it must be a cool block. And there's no way this was a one-take record, no matter how much I'd like to believe it. The chord structures (see, I sound like I know what I'm talking about) are waaaayyy to Pavement-esque and calculated to be improv. Let's have some dry Lancer's and see what we can come up with.

    deeps mered mess

    @Foobert Foobert i mean, malkmus probably gave the other members notes or tabs, could still be one take

  28. gib gobson

    this is beautiful

  29. Conor Monte


  30. MrMountain33

    i wish i knew my brother-in a way it is the end of western civilization-yknow my brother-aamichael

  31. GXDO

    Cherish your memorized weakness, fashioned from a manifesto... there's enough classic lyrics in this one for 3 songs.

  32. Storageheater

    Oh this is such a nice thing to rediscover

    Timothy Newitt

    Returning in 2019... STILL one the best albums ever written and composed.

  33. neiltay2002

    Songwriting at it's very zenith.

  34. Joshua Pearman

    I'm in love with this band.