Pavement - Perfect Depth Lyrics

Got his hand stuck in the kitchen sink
It was his birthday tomorrow
And he couldn't resist
But he never found a sign on his second skin
At least he knows how the other half lives
Inside a little room about four inches wide
With windows glued shut,
And air that stinks
But he only saw the kitchen
And the bath
He should be thankful
So thankful

That all's ok with her

And I wasted
No one's precious time
Like I wasted, I wasted all
Your precious time, precious time
Was a sorry thing to do
Was a sorry thing for you
Cuz I wasted,
I wasted it all on you!

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Pavement Perfect Depth Comments
  1. DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    A pavement song is not a pavement song without the word wasted.

  2. CaseyL

    he should be thankful

  3. bfc 909

    God i freakin love this song

  4. barth3400

    Early Pavement sounds like a brilliant songwriter trying to sabotage his own music

    Elliott Flores

    that's what it really is

    DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    Pretty much.
    If that concept appeals to you you may like st johnny (high as a kite; speed is dreaming) ; tho the attitude is reflected more lyrically than musically. They are often called pavement clones but were making that kind of music before pavement.

    Factory Foreman

    And the result is brilliantly scuffed up

  5. The mojowizzard

    so much feeling y am I crying??

  6. The mojowizzard

    wow amazing! really

  7. Méchant Manu

    This perhaps the most pavementy pavement song of them all

  8. Andrew Fiala

    May John Peel bless all those who hear this song

  9. luap ekcol

    The less self conscious ramshackle Pavement up to Slanted was the best

  10. luap ekcol

    " wasted all your precious time, wasted it all on you."

  11. Diego Alonso Espinoza Vivanco


  12. Alex Petersen

    brilliant stuff

  13. jazzhands4ever

    Sch (friggin') wing!

  14. Christian Haskett

    So glad to see this song back on teh Youtubez.