Pavement - Fin Lyrics

Open call for prison architects, send me your blueprints ASAP
Stack the walls such that I cannot breathe
Man is breeding forever, because of the weather
I hope soon to leave from the east

No more absolutes
No more absolutes
Stick your penitentiary clothes inside the vent
And run along, Leigh

Amateur sea salt gatherers colonized
They're good enough for Conrad Hilton, not good enough for my eyes
I trust you will tell me if I am making a fool of myself
Man is breeding forever, breeding forever
They come out and blister the sea

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Pavement Fin Comments
  1. Mike Mare

    i love this band, i just discovered them, i thought they were a one hit wonder that my rando spotify suggestions produced, but then lo and behold sonic youth and pixies made a baby called Pavement

  2. M M

    My favorite Pavement song on my favorite Pavement album. I wore this cassette out in 1996, when I was stuck in Reception for two weeks waiting for basic Training to start at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. Got me through some long lonely nights. Can’t believe that was going on 25 years ago cool hip music became classic dad rock and I’m old.....

  3. Klaa2

    I remember we sat and smoked a joint and listened to this in awe
    we never should have looked up the lyrics
    I'm sorry, David

  4. Dante Clayton

    Perfect Sound Forever

  5. Fell, Destroyed

    God this song makes you feel

  6. Chad Man

    One of their best songs ever. This should have way more views.

  7. Wowee Zowee

    The song is so haunting

    Tuan Jim

    I concur. The "oooooooooooooooooh ooooooooooooooooh" part takes me places, hard to put into words. Beautiful stuff.

    Luis Morales S

    your nickname is so Zowee

  8. Louis Ralph

    Still the best guitar solo around

    Mariana Troc

    oh, yes it is!

    Dave and Mary Caughley

    Search for the live version at some German festival, the solo is sublime.

  9. Game Wizard

    Dat Outro...

  10. Pútrido incandescente

    +- the awesome song from this great band, i like

  11. Wrapped

    ty stranger on omegle for letting me know about this song. nice solo :)

  12. Andrew Peak

    No, Stephen, you weren't making a fool of yourself on this song.

  13. chrisocony

    Pavement never broke up. They just changed their name to Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks and stopped playing their tunes from the 90's. Until the last tour that is, where they seemed to play one old song at each show.


    Kinda like when Frank Black fired his band the Pixies and replaced them with the Catholics, and didn't really play much Pixies stuff live....;-)

    Peter Morgan

    That statement pretty much damns some very talented musicians from Pavement and from the Jicks as well. I recognise that Malkmus was the driving force behind Pavement, and that only he really wanted to split the band up, but the musicians in Pavement also make them a special band...Malkmus's solo/Jicks output is not a patch on what Pavement achieved as a band...that's not to say it's bad, but Pavement were truly great and I don't think you can class a Jicks album in the same category as any of Pavement's albums.


    They are in the shadow of a brilliant songwriter and guitarist, which makes them lucky really and not damned. We would never have heard of any of them without the SM association.

    To me, the Jicks are the equal to Pavement and even better since it is now. The brilliance continues. There really is no differentiation between the 2 great bands except longer jams with the Jicks.


    Yeah @Meeki, huge sales. Just plop "Stephen Malkmus" on it and everybody runs out to buy it. LOL.


    The Jicks seem a little more calculated, Pavement is a little looser, more interplay with band members

  14. giraffepimp

    like a fly buzzing around you that wont leave you. you grow an attachment. a kinship of sorts. thankyou pavement.

  15. WidestancePolitics

    Still bummed that I missed the reunion tour...I got to see em back in 95...but man I wish I coulda watched em again..


    RIP reunion tour

    DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    I missed em too. Saw it onyoutube and it was way better than I thought it ewould be. Maybe again?.... Maybe