Paula Cole - Me Lyrics

I am not the person who is singing,
I am the silent one inside.
I am not the one who laughs at people's jokes,
I just pacify their egos.
I am not my house, my car or my songs,
They are only stops along my way.
I am like the winter, I'm a dark cold female,
With a golden ring of wisdom in my cave.

And it's me who is my enemy
Me who beats me up
Me who makes the monsters
Me who strips my confidence

I am carrying my voice
I am carrying a heart.
I am carrying the rhythm
I am carrying my prayers,
but you can kill my spirit, it's old and it is strong,
And like a mountain I'll go on and on.
But when my wings are folded,
The brightly colored moth blends into the dirt into the ground

And it's me who is my enemy.
Me who beats me up.
Me who makes the monsters.
Me who strips my confidence.
And it's me who's too weak,
And it's me who's too shy to ask for the thing I love.
And it's me who's too weak,
And it's me who's too shy to ask for the thing I love.
But I love

I am walking on the bridge,
I am over the water,
And I'm scared as hell
But I know there's something better.
(Yes I know, yes I know, yes I know, yes I know)


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Paula Cole Me Comments
  1. jerilyn marmo

    Heartful. I relate.♥️
    Thanks for uploading this song.

  2. Ron Pinkowski


  3. TheNiiene

    Thanks for sharing this with everybody. What a great piece of Lyrics.... Inspiring and absolutely heartbreaking true...

  4. Robin Locher

    UGH!!!! I LOVE
    this song so much!! Makes me cry every time I hear it. I think so many people can identify with it. So many people do this. Thank you for posting 💖💗💗💗

  5. Dice Jocky

    I love PC voice

  6. Gaberial Humenanski

    Great song and rings true for those that are deeply fractured trying to the very best they can even if ita jus getting up and trying. Anyone suffer from depression

  7. MeltinqTears

    This song helps with my Anxiety and depression. Totally recommend this song to people who struggle with those things.

  8. kevin wilson

    The drummer is on point

  9. Mark Griffin

    Paula great job from a local guy

  10. Melanie Willard

    I could cry for a hundred years heading this song.

  11. mydogspet

    Beautiful souls sing beautiful songs. Love her spirit.


    thank you i love this song!

  13. By PlanetDesign


  14. Raphael Antonio

    Hangaroo brought me here

  15. Simone Cox


  16. Daniel

    What month in 1998 did this hit the radio?

  17. Vanessa Samarian

    Paula Cole

  18. HarpsiFizz- Mortuary Student

    You ok, Paula?

  19. Richard Reuben

    To this song, I yearn, I reminisce, and I frolick.

  20. Barron Maxxx

    thank you...its great when the whole song retakes you over with its bits and pieces

  21. Brian Bingham

    Love Love

  22. M P

    This song is about me me who makes the monsters

  23. John Dow

    I am the silent one inside

  24. Keith Nercesian

    This song is whats goodie

  25. David King

    I lost my beautiful Amna. It will be 3 years on April 9. I have to be honest: I’m not a fan of social media. Im not on FB or anything else.but I really need to share her with you. She was 31 years old. She never complained. The only time she cried was when I took her daughter out of school to decorate our Christmas tree. This song. ‘Me’ by Paula Cole is all I have but it everything I need. I miss you so much my beautiful Amna ❤️❤️❤️


    David King.....Beautiful as you!

    brian crockett

    Just continue to be strong and thank God that we as Humans have memory and memories that no one can take from Us.

    Marina Tufano

    Hi, be grateful to all you had.

    David King

    brian crockett thank you so much X

  26. Matt

    Official Video for ME by Paula Cole can be found at:

  27. Chris Ali

    This is song reaches the recesses of my soul pulling me through the darkness back into light lifting me up to a place where I can peep through the clouds to see that the sun has risen and I’m locked in the dark ....

  28. Steven Frolich

    Awesomely Powerful Song!

  29. Jason Smith

    the break-down..."I KNOW THERE'S SOMETHING BETTERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (if you don't cry when she sings this, you a robot) I don't have much in my life. My family is gone. My friends have moved away, and I feel alone. Music is all I have ever had. This song sums up my life. Thank you, Paula!

  30. Jason Smith

    A BEAUTIFUL SONGWRITER!!!!!! AND SINGER!!! VERRRRRY UNDERRATED! and underappreciated, but I'm SURE she doesn't care TOO much! I love you, Paula! Muah!

  31. kaduzy

    Actually there IS a video for this song, and it's fantastic, full of different colored rooms she's singing in. But for some reason it's not on YouTube. You can find it here:

  32. Howard Koor


  33. Floyd Brennan

    Another fave part of this awesome song: "But you can't kill my spirit/It's soaring and it's strong/Like a mountain/I will go on and on!"   GOT THAT, HATERS?!?!

  34. Floyd Brennan

    I can relate to this song so much.  Like so many in this cruel world, I've been beaten down emotionally a number of times in my life.  Often, though, I've been my own worst enemy.  However, 2017 is when the pain ends.  I'm quitting the job I hate and getting into a life that's far better than the one I've living, because I know deserve so much better.  The lyrics "I am walking on the bridge/I'm over the water/And I'm scared as hell/But I know there's something better/Yes I know Yes I know!"  says it all for me.  Every time I hear this part, it makes my cry, but yet is so empowering for me at the same time.  This song is true art and sooo much better than the crap that is put out today.

  35. Quinlan Rebecca

    What an amazing voice she has!

  36. Jason Willett

    I'm in recovery and I wear this song out when I'm hurting!!! Paula is one of the best vocalists out there and needs more love from critics!!!

  37. Dayna Phipps

    Such a powerful song

  38. Alfu Burbb

    I love Paula Cole and this is her best song ever!

  39. labicicura

    as a latin person I heard this song many times not putting attention to the lyrics... Yesterday I was retouching some work for a client, and the song popped on itunes, and so I took my time to find the lyrics, only to break in tears... So much truth... Many times we beat our selves, sabotage our dreams... Sometimes we worry too much about stuff that really don't matter, and are too proud to ask for forgiveness or tell the one we love I need you... Thank you Paula, you somehow spoke about me in this song...

  40. LD SW

    'but its me.. but its me..' the thing is, most dont realize its them! if you can only silence the 'monsters' inside.. imagine how unstoppable we can be..

  41. Forgotten Palace

    my favourite song at the moment.

    Michelle Welsh

    Forgotten Palace
    This is me.

  42. Bob Richmond

    This Song Is An Anthem For Honesty, Strength And Recovery...

    Dayna Cayce

    In a nutshell!

    Christopher Mobley

    I now dedicate it to Aly Raisman and the other gymnasts staring down Dr. Nassar, Michigan State, the Karolyis, and the United States Olympic Committee.

  43. GdlookincookinwKaye

    Still love this <3 So strong

  44. Ayava Kyavata

    This song shows a lack of confidence. It is not good. Nice sound but this depressing.

    C S

    Maybe because we cannot possibly feel confident all of the time?? Do I really have to explain this...She was going through a great depression but if you actually pay attention shes brave and chooses to not give up in the end. She realized that there was a better life waiting for her if only she could cross the bridge.

    Katherine Stacie

    what does your song sound like?
    i can't find it on youtube


    Ayava Kyavata nice bait

  45. Casey L.

    The lyrics and a couple angel stills is all need for this song anyway. So moving and powerful!

  46. jpowell180

    This is a great song, but I"m surprised that the official music video is unavailable on YouTube - I hope somebody uploads it one day.

    Adriana Gomez

    it used to be. She or her company must have pulled it.

    LoserAnime Fanboi

    Adriana Gomez watch on google

  47. whitecookie

    <3 <3 <3 an amazing song.

  48. Rebecca Leonard

    this is my favorite song by Paula cole

  49. Purple Aura

    thank you for the upload. I love it.

  50. MrTornado61

    Only one ord to describe beautiful

  51. sbrawsm

    I feel like I could have wrote this song if I had Paula's talent.

  52. Maureen King

    I just did a Brene brown workshop. This was my creative project. Sums of her work beautifully Thank you Paula

  53. Ryan Dowse

    I remember listening to this album one summer as I was developing depression and anorexia. It was very powerful, very moving in so many ways... such an expressive and soulful voice

  54. John P. Buryiak

    There is a video, Just not on YouTube

  55. BayCityBlues

    One of the best songs for those suffering with social anxiety.  It's empowering!

    Michelle Welsh

    BayCityBlues u have no idea ~ : )

    Patrick Hanson

    Borderline too, yes.

  56. missjigga29

    It's "but I love" not "that I love" on the 3x repeat

  57. Rusland Music

    I remember watch this video on MTV  i am searching in the web, and every page is block i think is for the copyright........ but i expect someday watch the video again.


    i love the video. the theme is color. she is in scenes with all red, orange etc. sorry if i cant explain it properly.

    LoserAnime Fanboi

    stanbalo you can watch the video on google


    I believe it's on the MTV UK website. That's where I watched it.

    Joan Solomon

    You can watch it on Google

  58. Pistachio

    There you go! One of my faves from my childhood. Lilith Fair Forever!

  59. gary davis jr

    thank you for posting this

  60. Noah Partic

    This song is ME...& I Love It. Thanks Paula.

  61. Gail P

    Beautiful.  Thank you!

  62. Céline Gaulay

    Thank you!

  63. michael esser

    Great song and video, thanks!

  64. Cathy Russo

    One of Paula's best. I just love her!!

  65. michelle kinney

    I               LOVE                    THIS                SONG.  <3

  66. Ariana Lake

    love this

  67. Cathleen M. N

    don't i now it

  68. phoenixmoon3

    this was one of the most beautiful videos visually.. and MAN i ammad it's not on the internet.

  69. wizardofscissory

    BRAVISSIMA RavenHeart Bathory - Grazie!

  70. Steve Niehaus

    Thanks for making this beautiful video. Such an empowering song

  71. Chuck Vickery

    I heard Jay Brannan sing this acapella at his concert in Atlanta and in Charlotte.  First time I had heard it. Beautiful. 

  72. Really Tired 64

    I have the video on VHS. I know other people must have it too.

  73. Nellie Sky

    Crying so feel this right now. Wish I was perfect but I'm not. Feel like you not good enough for someone but I can only be me. Tear

  74. Maryrena Batenburg

    You can't kill my spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dayna Cayce

    Darn straight.

    Chris Ali

    Maryrena Batenburg good for you

  75. zomgENZOwtfpwnd

    There was a video years ago on MTV.. but I'm talking about 12-15 years ago... 

  76. jak214

    Wonder where the video with her in different colors is?

  77. Leonardo serrano

    We are only humans. Off to a journey with. God

  78. ironwoodadq

    I think there was a video for this song. Paula was seen in different colors based on the rainbow.

    Tree Conroy

    @Andy B Thank you!!!

  79. Debbie Ann Heckeroth

    Thank you

  80. Eric Roberts

    Paula and her song are both beautiful. Fills me with complete joy.

  81. limegreenturtle678

    This song reminds me of a simple time in more life.

  82. theCreator

    Also please don't take it as rude in correcting, I watched the vid in 1998 and watched it again today and just got that the concept was to represent the rainbow...LOL how age and time changes your clarity.. it is so strange.

  83. theCreator

    I know your post is a year old, but I just had to stop in and let you know that the video begins with RED and goes through the colors of the rainbow ending with Violet. JS

  84. Paris Blues

    I love it .. thanks for sharing ..

  85. Kelly Dreams 19

    I love her voice

  86. Nicole Finney

    Thank you for making this gorgeous tribute to a gorgeous singer/song

  87. Nicole Finney

    Beautiful YOU!

  88. Roxana Peña

    I love this song its so me! Makes me cry everytime I hear it

  89. Francisco Bartolome Cuevas

    voz suave, serenidad y recuerdo

  90. ahen236

    There was a video to this song, actually. It just seems to have disappeared into oblivion.

  91. InvisibleRen

    I really don't like this song. But I really love the lyrics. I can relate to them. It'd be cool if someone did a remake.

  92. João Carlos Ayres

    Billie, I found it you tube under the title " Sessions at West 54 th 1 of 4. And you will happy to see her singing this song.
    Thank you for that

  93. sharon beckett

    thank you for that billie joes fave

  94. Crayzigurly

    her voice gives me chills

  95. Enoc Murphy

    I have that video...on VHS. I wonder why that video isn't available on youtube.

  96. Teresa Smith

    I love this song...

  97. jennifer leepsz

    Stay true to urself

  98. Julie Thompson

    I love this song and I love the angel pics. Where did you find them?

  99. Maria Camila

    Beautiful song.

  100. Christine Currie

    I always love this song.