Paula Abdul - It's All About Feeling Good Lyrics

Baby I'm down to what you want
But there's some conditions you'll have to follow
You know that I'm not afraid to party
So do you wanna have some fun
You're gonna have to get to know me better

go where the music's pumpin'
That's where I want to be
Don't think about anything else boy
I'm feelin' right so just vibe with me tonight
Cuz it's all about feeling good
You've got to free your mind
It feels so good when the music hits ya
It's all about feeling good
You've got to ease your mind
Baby get into it, cuz it feels so right
I'm hip to the way, the way we get along
I never thought you had it in ya, you're trying to turn me out
Now you think you're all that baby, let me show you how
How you do it, I know I can hold my own
Baby how you feeling now
Don't trip I'm just grooving to the music
Just let your body flow
Boy come here move a little closer
It's all about, it all about a good time tonight

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Paula Abdul It's All About Feeling Good Comments
  1. Smokiebad S

    Simply beautiful.

  2. jal b

    I do love this song. Its fun and catchy. But it just didn't fit into the 95/96 music scene on radio.
    Would be a nice opener for her Vegas show!

  3. Eric Osborn

    Very New Jack Swing vibe

  4. jamesdavidkmoss

    Amazing,this girl has still got it now

  5. utterbullspit

    This should've been a single!!!

  6. Eric Flapjack Ashley

    This album was so good.

  7. MrVjtre

    My favorite Paula song ever.


    +MrVjtre Lol, not saying much,no offense.

    Leon Lipscombe

    toyoscio so clearly you're here to just be a little shit and reply negatively to everything people say.

  8. Dwight Carrero

    i love love love this song from paula abdul this should've been played on the radio this song would've went 2 number 1 like st8 up.


    +Dwight Carrero ROFL,thank goodness that did not happen.

  9. Jamie Martin

    This is a good song

  10. Paul van der Werf

    All she ever made is heavenly!!!!!!

    TODOSOCCER hernandez

    muy buenas canciones de paula abdul