Paula Abdul - If I Were Your Girl Lyrics

I can't help it I can't get you off my mind

She was so wrong
To treat you bad
She didn't know you were the best she'd ever had

If I were yours
And you were mine
I'd make sure that I could please you all the time

I'd be here waiting
I'd treat you right
If I were your girl
I'd keep up all night

Appreciate you
There's so much more
I would give you
If I were your girl

So frustrated
What do I do
I get excited when I'm standing next to you
Does she love you
Is she unkind
I don't know why you're there cause something isn't right

All the wonders of the world
Are the things that I would give if I were her


I never felt this way inside
It's so hard, so very hard to hide
Cause I can see
That you don't receive
The things you deserve
I'd give you so much more
If I were your girl

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Paula Abdul If I Were Your Girl Comments
  1. Jacob Prater

    It is a shame that this was the last album she ever recorded

  2. jal b

    Yep I agree with the other posters. I think this was the strongest song on the album. Definitely the best recorded vocal we ever got from Paula.

  3. utterbullspit

    She should have definitely gone a more urban R&B route with this album. She does that well and this song is a prime example of that.

  4. Money in the Bank

    Most underrated artist of all time

  5. saltwatercb

    This totally should have been the follow-up single to "My Love Is For Real." It's a terrific song, she sings it beautifully (one of the best vocals of her career), and the production is excellent--it doesn't even sound dated twenty years later. And since "My Love is For Real" didn't hit it out of the park in terms of its reception, for a follow-up it would have made much more sense to go with a ballad for a 180 in terms of tempo. SO MUCH better than the second and third singles they did choose (which performed even worse than "My Love is For Real"). Record company execs often know diddly-squat when it comes to choosing appropriate singles, and the failure to select this is another clarion example of that problem.

  6. Hassan Souto

    she can SING!

  7. bumbolo09

    PAULA is my "GODDESS" forever!

  8. Luis Najar

    great song

  9. Bubba D

    co writen by Crystal Banard from Wings TVshow

  10. Lucas Sp

    BEST ballad of the album