Paula Abdul - I Never Knew It Lyrics

Now you tell me since you've been away
There was something you've been dying to say
Yes, I thought you had eyes for me
But I never was quite sure
Mighty funny that you never called
Ain't it funny now that you're gone
That you say you're in love with me

Now that's hard for me to believe
Cause I never knew it baby, never knew it baby
I never knew it baby, never knew it baby
That you loved me so
Now I think about you every night
Said you wanted for us to have fun
What's the matter, cat got your tongue
It's not easy to read your mind

So you bet not take too long
Kind of silly just holding the phone
Ain't it silly that I'm all alone
When you should be here holding me
Or making good love baby, oh so sweet
I knew somebody would love me
And satisfy this heart of mine
You never should keep it from me
You gotta realize a girl would cry and loose her mind...

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Paula Abdul I Never Knew It Comments
  1. Both The only

    This is honestly great for a family reunion ❤️

  2. Kellen Harris

    This song is catchy as hell. It had so much potential. Unfortunately, the album cut is really only demo quality, at best. If produced up to par and released as a single, this could’ve a MEGA hit. I love it.

    Autumn Aarilyn

    It's producer was Daryl Simmons who co-wrtoe "Knocked out" with La and Babyface which was her first hit.

  3. Andrew Flood

    i luv this song !!!

  4. Felipe Lopez

    @debfan74 agree :)

  5. Eric Springer

    Such a great song!! Too bad this was not pushed out as a single and also I think had Paula did this on either Forever Your Girl or Spellbound it would have been a single