Paula Abdul - I'm Just Here For The Music Lyrics

Spinnin' to the sound
like a record going 'round
Must be the music

We could be making out
But all I really want right now
Is just the music

I'm only here to dance
I'm not looking for romance
So watch me work it

I've gotta get a fix
Of my daily mega-mix
So keep it groovin'

I'm just here for the music
I really didn't mean to turn you on

Boy, you know I like the way you move it
So if you wanna wait for me
I'm gonna need someone to take me home
Can you feel it? I wanna feel it

I'm diggin' on your scene
But music gets the best of me
I'm so addicted

No need to save my seat
I'm not gonna miss a beat
I wanna freak it

Your conversation's fine
But save it for some other time
Right now I'm dancing
(She's a dancing machine)

Get with this party scene
If you know what I mean
I wanna do it, do it, do it!

I'm just here for the music
I really didn't mean to turn you on

Boy, you know I like the way you move it
So if you wanna wait for me
I'm gonna need someone to
take me home

I'm here, I'm just here for the music
(I'm just here for the music)
Uh, can you feel it?
Uh uh, I wanna feel it
I'm just here for the music

Music, music
I really didn't mean to turn you on

Music, music
So if you wanna wait for me
I'm gonna need someone to take me home

I'm just here for the music
I really didn't mean to turn you on

Boy, you know I like the way you move it
So if you wanna wait for me
I'm gonna need someone to take me home

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Paula Abdul I'm Just Here For The Music Comments
  1. GV Games

    You can tell Paula has done some stage school dancing lessons. Moves very naturally and stylish.

  2. GV Games

    I am not ashamed to say I love synth power ballads from the 80s. Cold Hearted is one of my favorite tunes.

  3. TheRealMVP

    Paula is just like Britney, people complain about them not singing live but they're not singers, they're performers. Just as Christina aguilera cannot dance like them, they can't sing like her. That's ok, to each their own! Don't go to a Britney concert if you don't wanna hear lip syncing and auto tune.

    Payvi Baby So Damn Crazy

    TheRealMVP Paula Abdul is a professional dance choreographer. She’s not an appealing vocalist like Christina Aguilera but she still sings and performs way better than Britney Spears who doesn’t write ANY of her own songs nor create her own dance routines like Paula has for decades

  4. Terrance Mitchell

    I'm just here for the dancing.

  5. Dean Baxter

    Lip syncing

    Payvi Baby So Damn Crazy

    Dean Baxter it was either that or face eternal criticism from Simon

  6. AJ Szalla

    She always gives amazing performances! I wish she’d record new music

  7. Blue Phoenix

    Wow paula abdul is 1 of my favorites

    New albums and world tours please thank you

  8. Hans gruber

    What a shit fucking song

  9. Near Harvy

    Paul Abdul has already sucked many cocks!

  10. John Jahsen Panes

    It's a yer from me

  11. Andrew Flood


  12. Shalon Jackson

    Paula’s awesome

  13. Ivett Taboada

    WOW 👏👏👏🎼❤️

  14. brandx01

    Totally Fab!! Totally Fun!! You go girl! (In spike heels no less!)

  15. Dash LD

    In my honest opinion.. I think all the bad singers thought they had a shot because she was on the show.. They all expected to be made into stars without vocal talent. Here, she is not even singing live and if she was there is HEAVY auto tune. Bad look for a singing contest show. I think she knew it too.

    Chad Siwik

    Dash LD yeah but Paula doesn’t need to “prove” herself anymore she’s already done that for many years live. And she’s had neck surgeries that have damaged her singing ability. She’s an amazing dancer so she’s really showing that off here which is amazing with all of her debilitating pain from injuries... I mean really. Get a clue.

    Payvi Baby So Damn Crazy

    Chad Siwik not to mention her age too. At 60, Madonna can’t even keep up with her.

  16. jasper jay

    wow i love paula i got her cds and dvds im a fan since 1989

    album please

    i want new paula abdul album please please please

  17. i candy

    What i like about Paula is that when she dance she is so graceful. She executes every move flawlessly.

  18. Melissa Blody

    Singing Matters tuning at its best !

    Drew Taran13

    Melissa B she still is kicking ass

  19. justcarol9

    I give Paula so much credit for dealing with debilitating pain and dancing/singing I love her so fucking much! I am proud of her no matter what!!!!

  20. Kitten Dream

    I remember this performance. Paula is a bad bitch. ♡♡♡

  21. Doyledeth

    Pop stars always lip sync. It's annoying. Especially on a show like AI.

  22. Wolfie Mcbride

    wait is she lip singing if so it's ok because those moves probably would cause her to probably need to lip singing.

  23. Moviefan2k4

    WOW...I'd never seen this before. Its amazing she could still dance and perform like that, after all her injuries and surgeries. I was truly surprised she even did the stage dive, just like her classic AMA performance of "The Way You That You Love Me".

  24. Courtmillett94

    you people are terrible this women has gone through hell and back, she survived a plane crash and car crashes has had several surgerys on her neck and back, she suffers from nerve damage shes over come being belimic she is strong women. the fact that she was dancing that amazingly is incredible wtf cares if she lips syncs she can sing as well and she is a famous choregrapher that has done several movies and has won emmys and has had an amazing singing career. so stop being rude to a ledgend who can dance circles around you at 45 years old here and in heels !!!!!!!!!!!

  25. TheOther

    LOL. Give it a rest old lady.

  26. Mark Vee

    I respect and admire Paula Abdul for her hard work and commitment.
    C'mon guys, this is  her first performance ever since her plane and car crash.
    Lip-sync? well who cares. She a known dancer and Choreographer who then was a singer making hits and selling 53 million records. She paved the way and is now successful .. Don't care if she was lip syncing .. Even Paula herself said that shes not a good perfect singer but she has faith in what she does.


    She's better than most people, both in her current age group and younger. If she released a whole new album now, I'd almost certainly buy it.

  27. Sharon Bass

    Paula seems like such a nice person/judge. But not so much a performer. Surprised she made it so far.

    Abby Pritt

    Sharon Bass wait a minute your surprise? Did you not just see that amazing performance. Because if you do not see her as a performer I am very concern and think you need eyeglasses. Obviously she made it this far she won a Grammy and sold over 52 million records.... so tell me again please why you are surprise she made this far???


    wow you need to learn some music history this women ruled the 80s her dancing is out of this world and you know shes survived a plane and car crashes and has had several neck and back surgeries and she suffers from nerve damage give this women a break


    As a fan, I'd love to see her do another album and a full tour to promote it....but not if its going to cause her more pain. From what I've read and seen, she's had more than her fair share.


    GENIAL !

  29. BeeBee

    Paula has still got it; she's awesome.

  30. ahhh196

    it doesn't matter whether she sings or not, her dancing is what everyone should be hot about. it's amazing!!!

  31. Mr EX

    I'm just here for the lip sync!

  32. Nominefy XXI

    Love Paula but...bored song

  33. hungup1984

    Work It Paula!

  34. Ita-chan Osborne-Panduh

    if i tried to dance like that in those heels i would die. . .that was an amazing performance

    Beautiful Woman

    Ita-chan Osborne-Panduh lol

  35. ibrahim x

    for the people who call this woman "queen of pop" there will always be one queen of pop and thats madonna.

    Tre'dez Clayton

    ibrahim x madonna ain't no queen of POP she is a legend & trend setter but she ain't the QUEEN sorry Janet will always & forever be THE QUEEN OF POP

    Julie D

    madonna my ass paula is gueen and all ways wiil be.

    Tre'dez Clayton

    +Julie D preach

    jasper jay

    ibrahim x

    queens are madonna paula abdul britney spears and janet jackson

    stop debating guys because madonna paula britney and janet are all my favorites for they are all queens

    i want them all to release a new albums and new tour concerts

    Tre'dez Clayton

    ibrahim Madonna's more like the queen of controversy Janet Jackson is The QUEEN OF POP Paula Abdul is the queem of choreography

  36. Jason Thomason

    Calling someone out for lip-syncing is overrated. With dance choreography like that, you can't sing or you'll be out of breath. It's about the experience, not the actual singing. Then again, it is a singing competition.


    yes you can


    I agree. At this point, Paula Abdul has more than proven that she can sing. Despite the use of autotune in the song, which was very much the fashion in pop music in 2009, it's obvious she is still a capable vocalist. In this performance, I was much more interested in seeing her choreography, which definitely didn't disappoint and her dancing, which considering the injuries she's sustained over the years, is still impressive. I wish she'd record a new album. The few tracks she's done over the past decade have all been good. She might need a little help bringing her visual style into the 21st century, the look of her last music video seemed kind a little outdated but she's still a performer with great vision and talent. Hope she makes use of it.


    If you can't do both good at the same time then just stick to one instead of pretending that you actually sing. I'd rather hear someone short of breath who's actually singing because I would know that it's genuine artist, human performance not a gimmick

  37. Shannon Hayes

    lip syncing? I thinks so. toooo much auto tune

    Randy Blü

    Shannon Hayes yes definately lipsynced. But thats not auto tune thats vocoder a vocal effect. That was the sound by choice.

    Abby Pritt

    Shannon Hayes yah that happens when she is incredible dance ....

  38. glitter26


    Abby Pritt

    glitter26 haha enough about you this is paula video

  39. nicknorthable

    Paula The Yum Yum Yummy Girl....*

  40. TigerFn



    This needs a ton more upvotes, though I don't know if she could handle a full tour to promote an album. She's been through a ton of surgeries and multiple crashes, plus suffering from a chronic pain disease.


    She can still release music without touring. Some artists prefer that. She can make or two live performances doing ballads instead of dance music. Leave that to the music videos and dancers. Several things she could potentially do. But it's understandable if she can't.

  41. ivoryhhh

    This song should've done SO much better than it did. Paula truly is a superstar!

  42. leonard matthews

    wow she is defintely the original queen of pop right up there with lisa lisa , pebbles , venessa williams . if there really is the queen of comedy then these are the queens of pop

    Tre'dez Clayton

    Leonard matthews what about Janet