Paula Abdul - Good Night, My Love (Pleasant Dreams) Lyrics

Good night, my love
Good night, my love

Good night, my love
Pleasant dreams and sleep tight my love
May tomorrow be sunny and bright
And bring you closer to me

Before you go
There's just one thing I want to know
Is your love still warm for me
Or has it gone cold?

If you should awake
In the still of the night
Please have no fears
I'll be there
You know I care
Please give your love to me, dear
[repeat first verse]

Good night, my love

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Paula Abdul Good Night, My Love (Pleasant Dreams) Comments
  1. jeatig

    As CDs "boast" about extra and bonus tracks, how come this song is not featured on the "Spellbound" CD but featured on the LP??

  2. EightiesMusiqLover

    The smooth romanticist El DeBarge also covers this song. It's off of the 1986 album with 8 or 9 other various popular artist entitled "Rock, Rhythm & Blues". I favor this particular version best amongst the rest! Paula's version is "cute" at best.


    The other artists I mentioned b4 on the "Rock, Rhythm & Blues" album all have their own song that they covered from that same or round about time era, you know, like a 1950's/60's compilation. It's actually a pretty decent old school album covered by very popular 80's artist if you ask me.

    Natasa Komlenic

    I didn't know it was on that album but I did have it on a cassette, Spellbound album I believe or was it a best of, not sure...

    Natasa Komlenic

    But the whole song is good, she sang sweet, the gitare, male vocals...nice structure and decently sang...i like it though it couldn't be more far off from what i usually listen to...

  3. JSWiddop

    This song is also part of the "For Our Children" album by Disney.


    Me encanta, super Paula !!!!!

  5. Pavla Tronicek

    I Love it

  6. achara charnsethikul

    Thanks to Anthony Carter. Very nice song and meaning and aso many versions but I like this most. Thanks to admin. too.

  7. Jaseatx17

    OMG!!! I never knew about this song!!! This was not on my Japanese Edition! I must find a copy of it. This is such a great surprise. Thank you!

  8. luciphiah69

    I always enjoyed her tender ballads.

  9. emerson lake

    you really want to hear the bomb? listen to the original record by jesse belvin, this paula abdul version sucks


    Brittany B - Ha. You THINK you've heard all the versions of "Goodnight, my love" huh? Well I guess you missed one.....El DeBarge's version, which in my own personal opinion is THE BEST version on this cover. "Rock, Rhythm & Blues" 1986, check check check check check it out!

    Endranesta Marble and Granit

    Maybe this song has other better version, but only this Paula's version that has sweet memory that can never be replaced in my mind. 😊

  10. Ragazza Disgraziata

    Bon nit

    Joseph Lim

    Ragazza Disgraziata k

  11. Si L.

    i love it and Paula Abdul ! (:

  12. BobRenoir

    love it!