Paula Abdul - Get Your Groove On Lyrics

I can feel this energy building up inside of me
It wants to get out
It wants to let go
Do you feel the way I feel with your little sex appeal baby, baby
Now we move left to right side to side and grind
We can do it all night
There really ain't nothing to it but to do it boy
So let me show you how to move your body baby
I know we can work it out feel the sense of chemistry
We can do it anyway, anyway you like
Can you feel it, 'cause it's so strong
So you better get, get your groove on
'Cause it's funky, don't wait too long
Or you won't get, get that groove on
Just feel the rhythm flow
Feel it run through your veins
It's a rush baby (and no one can take it away)
I'm so attracted to you (so come here close to me)
Boy you know how I like it
I like it physical
I like it sexual baby, baby
There ain't no holding back now
So let me show you how I'm gonna give it to you
Baby we can dance all night
Boy there really ain't nothing to it
Well I'm steppin' so you better catch on 'cause there ain't nothing to it
Baby move here close if you want to keep your groove on with me

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Paula Abdul Get Your Groove On Comments
  1. jal b

    This song just didn't fit into the 95 music scene. It's fun, dance song. But probably should have been cut and kept the more urban sounding songs on the Album.

  2. Marvin Williams

    Shoulda been the first single bruh

  3. Marc Darcy

    I think this album was better than Spellbound. I thought and still think Spellbound sounded like somebody else's album not a Paula Abdul effort.

    Catriona Stokes

    I completely agree with you. There were only a few songs on Spellbound that were actually worth listening to. I thought the writing on Spellbound was atrocious, compared to Forever Your Girl and Head Over Heels. This album is fantastic, and should've performed a lot better in sales and the charts etc. It's hard to believe that this album was her flop album, as they say!!!

  4. Jimmy Ray

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS ALBUM! This was my jam in Jr. High! <3 xoxoxoxox


    +Jimmy Ray (J.R.) Must have been a lousy school.

    Jimmy Ray

    +toyoscio well no, I was in jr. high when the album came out & being a fan of pop n' artist's that had talent & could dance I was an abdul fan since childhood.