Paul Williams - Loneliness Lyrics

Takes the romance out of falling stars
Fills the wishing wells and fills the bars
Run and hide the scars of loneliness

Makes the winter's night seem twice as long
Makes the summer sunlight much too strong
Nothin's really wrong
It's only loneliness

So stay awhile
We both have stories that are hungry to be told
Your eyes are warm but I can feel your hands are cold
Still they're nice to hold
It only takes a simple yes
The time we spend leaves that much less for

Like a love song or an old cliche
Has its hideouts but it's never far away
Look around you've found
It's only loneliness

So stay awhile
We've worn the night away and now it's almost done
If you could stay a bit of breakfast might be fun
It's too much work for one
And though it's just a simple guess
We're stronger now we've made the best of

Waits in silence while the shadows grow
Waits and wonders if it's finally time to go
The yes in our hello said no to

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Paul Williams Loneliness Comments
  1. Isobel Brunt

    Since first hearing him in the early '70's Paul Williams has been my favourite artist for his wonderful words and melodies and Loneliness has always been one of my favourite songs. I never tire of listening to my collection of his albums. A true genius.

  2. Julia Read

    I can really relate to this beautiful song at the moment.

  3. Bruce H

    I grew up knowing of him, and some of his songs (I am was born in 67). Listening to many of his songs tonight. I think he may have been a bit of an optimistic tortured soul.

  4. jim fortaleza

    Nice lyrics. Recognized Paul in a Star Trek Voyager episode about music last night... thought I'd check him out.

  5. Chester Fields

    He was the musical version of Cousin IT from the Adams Family.

  6. Jorge Espinosa

    Must have been hurtin' when he wrote this. Ouch.

  7. Roland Manreal

    poetic, hauntingly beautiful.. no words to express the depth of sadness felt within..

  8. Paul Booyse

    His best material ever was his contribution and singing on the Michel Colombier albu,m "Wings"

  9. Robyn Findley

    One of the greatest song Writer's ever. I am feeling loneliness now. So i feel this song to the core.

  10. Butterlevi

    They don’t write songs like this anymore heartfelt and with meaning,,

  11. Ventura Easy Rider

    Sonido de los 70 que grande Paúl Williams que maravilloso tema y que manera tan estupenda de cantarlo ☮️

  12. acoustic61

    Great song. Relatively unknown.

  13. Omber Oni Link

    I can relate to this song so much.
    I can’t make friends; I have social anxiety; every attempt to interact with people is rejected; the few friends I make ghost on me; I never have anything to look forward to.

  14. 2019 DE

    Moved to tears lost my sister and mother to cancer and remembered them during this beautiful song, thanks Paul. ;)

  15. Marcelo Faria


  16. Craig Kaiser

    Sure is good today as yesteryears ...... should be in a movie....

  17. MrVampiredog


  18. Mick Perkins

    Logging championships

  19. elsa elsa valencia parra

    you gave hapiness and emotion

  20. Mark Walker

    What a wonderfully talented guy. Always amazed at his work.

  21. Miguel Herrera

    Te most beautiful song!

  22. Brett Nigocs

    Paul sure crank out great hit after hit. And most don't realize he played Little Enos Bernett in Smokey and the Bandit

  23. Fábio Trombetti

    I love this song. Tks.

  24. Jorge Genel

    Alguien me.puede decir donde encuentro. Este hermoso tema.subtitulado. desde ya.muchas gracias

  25. manggu zeren

    Unforgettable songs.

  26. Mizpah Fanaa

    Amd why this video is mot available??????!!!!!!!!!!! 😠

  27. Greg Jewell

    Has to be a song for Barry Manilow.

  28. copelarry

    This song gets better eveytime you hear it.

  29. Marie

    Class of a gone-by era. Always blown away listening to his tracks particularly this. Brings back old memories of 70s and 80s. Thanks for the upload.

  30. suavebrizna

    Touched my heart!!!

  31. alaiat attalai

    a talented songwriter and singer,also he is the best voice of penguin for me.

  32. April Fried


  33. rodney middleton

    The little man with who is undoubtedly one of America's Greatest Singer/Songwriter/Actor & producers. I have nothing but pure admiration as to this man's boundless talents and to his silky tones . I wished i still had my only album of his cause it would not take much to buy a record player and sit down with a nice drink and play and sing along to his wonderful songs. So nice to see others out there that remember this man and his music............................. Enjoy :-)

  34. Patch

    So amazing

  35. nivmar68

    Anyone want to end my lonliness...ahh but tis just a dream

  36. Honest Abe

    Not only is paul Williams an amazing musician, he can also be noted as a powerful poet!

  37. Ana Maria Merayo

    I also grew up listening to his music, I loved all his collections of records and still listen to them, a great singer and the lyrics teach us an excellent lesson for life. Tahnk you for sharing this song and them all.

  38. Terri D

    He's a very talented song writer!

  39. Shem Mariano

    Thank you so, Claudine for sharing this beautiful song. I love his songs.

    C. Eleazar

    You're welcome, Shem. I'm happy to know people who appreciate Mr.Paul William's talent. :)

  40. Captain Nice

    Written in a era when words meant something. I hope one day the world returns to a time when lyrics mean something. Words have the ability to move you....if you let them

  41. daniela marina Ruiz

    Inolvidable!!!!! cuando te ví en Argentina.!!!!!

  42. barry white

    Love this song and all of Paul,s Music I grew up on all his songs and they touched my heart and soul over many years and growing pains love and losses and feelings .

  43. 888juancarlos

    José José cantando en inglés

  44. Mahogany Marie

    Hey Check my video #independentartist Unite!!Please subscribe:) I will definitely return the favor!!

  45. Paula Javiera F.

    Beautiful, I love Paul Williams..!

  46. Linnie Upton

    I adore Paul and his music.

  47. Joe Conti

    superb.... thank you, Mr. Williams

  48. gacj2010

    What a fantastic definition of the feeling known as loneliness....we are all lonely

  49. J.P. Kallio

    Hi. Liked your Video! Continue the good job

    C. Eleazar

    Thank you, J.P :)

  50. Edouard LEENAERT


    joe alanouf

    Edouard LEENAERT glad you mention that movie. Amazing sound track and story

  51. Max Melis

    yes, best singer/songwriter/artist of all time...


    Well, if he isn't the best, he's a first rate songwriter, that's for darn sure...

  52. Ako si Darna

    I agree. His songs tug at my heartstrings. To this day I never tire lif listening to his songs. Reminds me of my childhood. Growing up in faraway Southeast Asia. Thank you for posting!

    C. Eleazar

    You're welcome, Binibining Darna :) .

  53. Patrick Edgington

    This is art that needs to be discovered again

    C. Eleazar

    I agree..


    I agree wholeheartedly

    Silvia Bravo

    Patrick Edgington you are absolutely right :)

    Graciela Aguirre

    For the sake of sanity

  54. L C Clark

    Claudine I thought you might like this

  55. Tito r

    This is a beautiful poem converted into a song. . . . .. . . very nice and touching !

  56. Juan Carlos Crespi


  57. Patrick McCrossan

    Possibly one of the saddest songs I've ever heard. Paul Williams has to be recognised for what he is - an enormous talent!

    Patrick McCrossan

    +Claudine I've been following Paul since my older brother introduced me to him with the release of 'Here Comes Inspiration' back in 1974. Terrible admission but i used to woo girls with some of his lyrics I borrowed lol!!

    C. Eleazar

    +Patrick McCrossan Hahahaha! I hope none of those girls knew the lyrics of Paul Williams' songs! It would have been hilarious if she started singing along with you.. Well, at least you have something in common. Funny though :)

    Patrick McCrossan

    +Claudine You know, I never thought of that, one was a German girl, imagine me in my Irish accent saying "Here comes inspiration, Walking through the door" and she starts singing ♫Bringin Rück tausend Träume, Ich dachte, ichwürde auf jeden Fall verloren♫ lol


    Tja, so ist

    Patrick McCrossan


  58. Keith Pieterse

    Have a good day, today, Claudine E. "...We both have stories to be told......"

    C. Eleazar

    Thank you, Keith! I hope you have a beautiful day! 😃

  59. lorfalconswan

    I had a crush on him too when I was a kid back in the 70's... lol.... he had such a lovely way of putting himself out there through song. I'm glad to know I wasn't alone!! <3

    Linnie Upton

    +lorfalconswan huge crush here, too.


    I thought I was the only one!!!

  60. Fader Official

    This song is so accurate.

  61. Charles Williams

    Song writing genius right here.
    I'm blown away every time.
    Paul Williams is amazing.

  62. Branner

    When she was still with the 5th Dimension, Marilyn McCoo used to sing this in their live act as a solo. It's a tragedy that she never recorded it. 

    C. Eleazar

    Oh, I never knew that. Thanks for the info, Branner!

  63. David P

    Beautiful song, very timely in an age where our company is too often shared not with another person, but with a cell phone.

    David P

    Just beautiful,

  64. fafoosnick6839

    Wow, what a beautiful song!  I've never heard this song from Paul Williams until today.  He's so awesome!

    Antonio Milinković

    Same here <3

    Linnie Upton

    +fafoosnick6839 Check out his other stuff. You won't be disappointed.

  65. Keith Pieterse

    Thanks for the upload Claudine E. It's greatly appreciated. Keep well.

    C. Eleazar

    You're welcome Keith. :)

  66. copelarry

    Neil Diamond would have a huge hit if he did this one!!!


    oh god i love neil too and barbra what a trio

    C. Eleazar

    I agree, Copelarry! :)

  67. Kelly O'Reilly

    Swan stole my music and framed me!


    lol.... it was that movie that turned me onto Paul Williams.....

  68. copelarry

    Paul if you read this............let me know when you will perform again.  I will be there.

  69. copelarry

    I saw Paul in concert 3 times in the 70's.  AMAZING!!!  I would love to see him again.

  70. henry bo hawk

    i have a dream last night with him singing a song, and this morning i need to heard his voice, and found this great video, thanks for share,

  71. BillK999

    A wondrous talent. Beautiful music and one of the greatest lyricist of all time. His words have such a beauty and with a balance which is so accepting and never contrived. In this song .... The yes in our hello said no, to loneliness ...... just perfectly formed and devastatingly poignant.


    Thank you for such a beautiful comment, thought, and feeling.

  72. TheKristobald

    Only knew the Bette Davis cover. How lovely !

  73. jlovera7723

    3 people are soulless !!!

  74. jlovera7723


  75. gacj2010

    I can hear the loneliness in his voice so so beautiful

  76. Alex Tecson

    YEAH!..., BEST SINGER and SONGWRITER Of All Times!...

  77. Drunken Pirate

    yes yes...our stories, everyone of us has to tell them :) thanks paul

  78. Jinx Wilson

    I love the frailty in his voice.

  79. guenther f. Bartnik

    I just read an article in the magazine "Der Spiegel" about Paul Hamilton Williams. I did not know how many songs he had written for other singers and how many of his songs have been covered by other... thank you,Claudine. :)

  80. OvercomeLoneliness

    Thanks for posting Claudine. This is so awesome! :)

  81. Daniel Perr

    Great song! Paul Williams is a real legend!

  82. Patricia Fernandez Pais

    I lime so much

  83. C. Eleazar

    Thank you Jose Alejandro, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  84. Aldo Vargas T


  85. Jose Alejandro Fortes Crisostomo

    Just beautiful, Claudine. Much appreciated.

  86. claire haynes

    well.....this takes me waaaaaayyyyyy bak.....this is many many many of the favs he useed to play on lp when me & my sisters were babies in the 70's......fab

  87. C. Eleazar

    You're welcome John! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  88. John Henry Soto

    The yes in our hello said no to loneliness. Whoa...That's so powerful. and yes, I'm man enough to get emotional with this song. Thank you for putting this together.

    C. Eleazar

    You're welcome, John :)

  89. L C Clark

    The love of my life died in 1998. I've come half way around the world to find his grave so I can be laid next to him. Please download and read 'When Someone You Love Dies' from this link click on Books & Brochures tab and go to page 4. Hope this comforts you.

    C. Eleazar

    I'm so sorry for your loss L C Clark...

  90. GeeBee909

    Have you heard "What would that say" or "Time and Tide" by Paul?

    C. Eleazar

    GeeBee909, yes I love those songs :)

  91. GeeBee909

    The beauty of this song is that the words touch one as deep as the melody. They flow together like the moon and the stars...they'll always be together 'cause that's were they belong. Saw Paul in concert at the Uni Calif at Berkeley in the late 1970's. I took photos at the concert and recorded it on my mono cassette recorder. Paul told us he would be appearing on the Tonight Show the next day Every time I pass A&M records in Hollywood. I think of him. All his albums were recorded there.

    C. Eleazar

    Oh I would love to see Paul Williams perform live. Thanks for sharing your story, GeeBee909! :)

  92. STARZFAN31

    Not the song I needed with the mood im in.. ugggg.. pretty tho.

  93. juangenesyjazz

    soy fanatico del jazz bossa , pero esta cancion es una obra de arte , maravillosa y la incluyo en mi repertorio.....paul willians genio !

  94. Michael Pearo

    The most under-appreciated singer songwriter ever. Great voice and excellent compositions, have loved his music forever in time. Waking up Alone is my favorite though he has written for many others as well.

    C. Eleazar

    Waking Up Alone is a beautiful song! oh my.. i love that song! Thanks for the comment, Michael :)

  95. lili conser

    I still remember when he accepted my request on Nov 7th, 2000 during
    a show at the Gran Rex theater, Argentina.
    And the song was a little bit just how I felt in those days.
    A gift that It´ll be in my mind forever!!!

  96. C. Eleazar

    You're welcome :)

  97. Virginia Lionatto

    BEST... crying like a fool here.... oh boy he really touches my soul...

  98. Zel Fairorth

    As good as it gets. Thank you.

  99. bilvis48

    I really just stumbled upon this video...i had all but forgotten about this tiny man with huge talent...what a beautiful song!

  100. Harusami Harusami

    Glad I'm not the only geek that LOVES this song. 1979 at the old Turn of the Century... my fiance Sus & I watched Paul William's show, our table mates were a couple married for 40 years. Sus was killed by a drunken driver only a couple of months after. Young love, old love... love cut short, yet memories forever.