Paul Weller - Dust And Rocks Lyrics

Well she's waiting, by the window
With a fading tear
That will slip in to tomorrow
And have no fear.

She may look back and blame you
But you only blame yourself,
And what good would it all do you
If you thought she blamed herself-

It's a lonely life, as bits of dust and rocks
When you shake it off - it's all you have

In the time it takes, to find another space
Get to live again - she'll run and run
Still she's waiting, by the window - with a fading tear.

Well she looks upon, high - flying silver dream-
How she wishes how
She could climb aboard, never coming back
Turn on it all
Still she's waiting, by the window
She has no fear.

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Paul Weller Dust And Rocks Comments
  1. Tim Arnold

    Very moving, this track. Something else, on a different level. Melancholy.

  2. scarcam

    A masterpiece, Weller at his very best! First time I heard this all those years ago I was completely floored, still am now as I listen and write this.

  3. Tim Arnold

    A favourite song from my favourite Weller solo album

  4. dalgais1

    Heliocentric is fine album imo.

  5. lightninghector

    This album was the first ever CD I purchased in the year 2000, when I turned 40. I thought it was awesome and really coloured my attitude re Paul Weller as a solo artist. I never looked back!

  6. Karl Heavybreizhad

    What a great songwriter. This album really shows his talent for writing superb songs.

    Sir. Mark fleming

    He is the finest British songwriter since the late great John Lennon.

  7. settingson4

    aw man genious...

  8. Amanda Weller


  9. The Soul Sailor

    Who's the idiot who put the unlike

    Tim Arnold

    Someone with no soul.