Paul Simon - The Vampires Lyrics

Well, did you bring me my money,
My cab fare
My new shoes?
I got expenses, you know
Where's my weekly dues?

I ain't giving you my fucking money.

Oye, mother fucker, where's this jibaro from?
You go when I say.

I call, you come.
You know it takes a strong man to survive.
It ain't no accident that you're still alive.

We stand for the neighborhood

He still lives with his mami, but he sneaks down,
A coolie in the shadow of the playground
You want to fight for your people, don't you, Sal?

Well, yeah, if I got to.

Oh, you got to. Come here, I want to show
you something.
This is the cave of The Vampires,
Count Dracula's castle,
The very sight could turn a white man grey.
Made in the shade, use my umbrella
Black like the night we fly in.
That blade is all you need to keep the dogs away.
So, you want to be a vampire, man! That's good.
We always looking for young blood in the
neighborhood now

Carlos Apache collects the dues
So you bring us something that we can use

If you got the balls, then come on, mette mano.
If you got the balls, then come on, mette mano.

Frenchy Cordero goes down to Hell's Kitchen
To sell the Irish some weed
So this Paddy boy's mother on the stoop
starts bitchin'
'Bout spies is a mongrel breed
Now here comes her son
He looks like a ton of corned beef
Floating in beer

He says
'Fucking Puerto Rican dope-dealing punk
Get your shit-brown ass out of here.'

'Fucking Puerto Rican dope-dealing punk
Get your shit-brown ass out of here.'

We stand for the neighborhood.

So the shanty-town Irish they kicked his ass good.

Fractured his collar bone
Cono, all I was thinking is, 'What home of the brave?
This a fucking war zone'

If you got the balls, then come on, mette mano,

We stand for the neighborhood.

If you got cojones, come on, mette mano

We stand for the neighborhood

If you got the balls, then come on, mette mano,

We stand for the neighborhood.

If you got cojones, come on, mette mano

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Paul Simon The Vampires Comments
  1. Vickie Cook

    I think you should of our Me and Julio down by the school yard" in it....

  2. Vickie Cook

    I wish I could of seen it favorite song of his.I had to have my mom but this album because I forgot my I'D Best song.I put it in the car,and put Vampire on1st.I look at my MOM." Ist Paul Simon " Wow The credits suck.They liked CATS." I love you Paul.your my hall pass

  3. JiggleBaby501

    What home of the Brave? It's a f*ckin' war zone!

  4. nicolas legrand

    great gret song! thank you for postin'

  5. Miss Melody

    I went to the premiere on Broadway in NYC (withMarc Anthony.) I thought it was excellent! I can't understand why it got such poor reviews!! I still listen to the album from time to time. It still holds up! I love it!

  6. Miss Melody

    "Patty Boy- looks like a ton of corned beed floating in beer."

  7. Pamela Barnes

    Why is this album so good?

    Pamela Barnes


  8. Андрей Горбатов


  9. Patrick Lopez

    Gotta admit, I always thought he was saying "Ven te, 'mano".

  10. Francisco Bernal

    mete mano. Del verbo Meter.

  11. Evaldo Arruda de Assis

    I believe that Paul Simon tried to explain why and how Salvador got envolved in that kind of life, to a point to become a murderer without having any conciousness of his acts. Paul never said he was innocent, but maybe unaware about what he had done. Maybe he had the evil inside him, what is a possibility, 'cause some people are evil by nature. In my opinion Paul Simon believe that Salvador was a kind of slave of some kind of gangue and had no option but to obbey to their "superiors" or "bosses" in a way to remain alive. He had the "bad luck" to be cautch and, of course, had to pay for his crimes.

    You can see his apparent coldness when asked about his crimes, but that reflects only his lack of maturity and, perhaps, the fact that he is protecting the real criminal behind his acts. I'm not defending him and I think his acts were heiniuos, abominable and had to be paid according to the law. But, others surelly should also be involved and prosecuted as well.

    Paul Simon speaks allways in first person when talkin with Salvador "Well, did you bring me my money..." "fucking puerto rican dope-dealing punk, get your shit brown ass out of here". This means submition to someone powerfull, to whom Salvador couldn't do anything but simply obbey. Otherwise he would face death.

    Anyway, although Salvador had been a murderer, he was nothing but another victim of the unfair social conditions imposed by the lack of support to the immigrants to the USA at that time. If I'm wrong, I apologize, but that's what I think..

    Miss Melody

    Good synopsis!!

  12. Jennifer Goossen

    @tim s ... Back at ya, With respect to your comment

  13. googlymoogly64

    Paul Simon just showed up in the hood and shook everyone down. Christ, how am I gonna make rent?

  14. andres acevedo

    There is a typo it should be mete with only one t. It is the imperative of the verb meter which means to put. In this context is an idiomatic expression that is used to challenge the other to carry out the threat. Mete mano can also be used in other contexts like to have sex: Ellos estaban en el carro metiendo mano (They were having sex in the car) or to express  the feeling that work was done diligently, decisively and intensly like in: Todos pensaron que era imposible llegar a la luna pero los americanos "metieron mano" y lo lograron(everybody thougt that it was imposible to get to the moon but the americans "put themselves into it {work diligently, intensly and decisively}" and succeded.

    M Lynn


  15. seemore glass


  16. Ryan Spears

    So very awesome

  17. Elise Dash

    Grew up listening to this album. love it! 

  18. callmemisterT

    I love this shit. beautiful.

  19. ashy

    I think he's saying put your balls in your hands

  20. Lorenzo Haire

    Unfortunately, like most comment sections on YT.....just a bunch of opinionated boys spewing their unclutured opinions back and forth in the form of pissing contests. Sad.

  21. Jannehaps

    What does "mette" mean? Should it be "vete"?

    Kaiden's adventure

    Jannehaps no mete meaning get in get your hands dirty

  22. jurian0101

    Your hearing experience, I'm afraid, is far biased. A genuine rock' n' roll piece is always about social phenomenon. Try not to mistake it for those made just to entertain.

  23. Matt Steeves

    What a complete non-fan thing to say....blaming an artist for telling a TRUE story and embracing the language that would take place within the story, would be a discredit to Paul Simon, artist and art lovers everywhere. So, Fuckin anti-paul simon, puke spewing scum!, get your bullshit ass outta here! .

  24. Tim Roxborogh

    As a mammoth Paul Simon fan, this song is distressing. I'm not a prude, but hearing the greatest lyricist of all-time who also happens to have one of the sweetest voices in popular music history drop f-bombs is cringetastic. In fact, I cannot think of a singer in the history of popular music who sounds more out of place singing f-words than Paul Simon, not even Art Garfunkel. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Luckily every other album excepting "You're The One" is magic.


    It's part of what makes it great. It's from his heart, his head, his hands and his life. His uncompromising voice, not catered to the end user. It's perfect.

    A S

    Tim Roxborogh so I know that your comment is old and you may not even feel this way anymore but I think it's relevant. Paul Simon uses profanity on this album in exactly the way I think profanity should be used. to demonstrate passion and conviction, not just for shock value or vulgarity. I don't believe it detracts from his artist ability or integrity in the least.

    Geofanny Yohanes

    You'll be disappointed listening to Paul's new album "Stranger to Stranger"

    Brim Fyshin

    I assume you're an adult which makes it even funnier that you won't even type fuck out in text form. This albums is fantastic and shows Simon's vast ability to write and preform any type of music he chooses. Listening to songs from "The Capeman" then immediately listening to something like "Bookends" is incredible. He's one of the most diverse artist alive. Sounds like you don't really know what you're even upset about. Lyrics in a song meant to convey the rough street life of a drug dealing gang member are't going to be nice and sweet.

  25. Roger Monk

    Love this. Thanks.

  26. Liz Ropes

    i would like to dance with this, black like the night we fly in ... lovin you pauly


    Vampires doing the Cha-Cha-Cha!!! Only Paul Simon could provide us with these!

  28. iTube2b2

    @ujmzhntgb1 & @mekanik85 you are all very welcome :)

  29. De beunhaas

    Me and my parents always listen to this when where on vacantion :D

  30. iTube2b2

    @BleedTheFreak1992 You're Welcome! :D

  31. BleedTheFreak1992

    Thank you so much for uploading this!!! :D