Paul, Sean - Gimme The Light Lyrics

Jus Gimme the light
yea yeah
Jus Gimme the light
yo yo
Jus Gimme the light
dont say it
jus gime the light
sean paul

Jus gimme the ligh
and pass the dro
Bust another bottle of moe
Gal dem in a me sight
and I gots o know
Which one is gonna catch my flow
Causle i'm in a the vibes
and i got my dough
Bust another botte of moe
Gurl dem lookin hype
and i gots to know

[Verse 1 & 3]
Could I be your protector
your buff in every sector
Everyman around dem
wanna turn your inspector
but u no let them sweat ya
No grill you with no lecture
But dem power drill
or dem feul injector
Dem a infector
Disease collector
Nuff of dem a gon on
like dem wan come wreck ya
Done out the part
where you got in your center
But u know
u dont let themn guy affect ya


[Verse 2 & 4]
One / Two / Three / Four / Five of them
Situation gettinh really live again
Girl dem wanna Fi hang out with
The players and the riders de
Beside of them and dem say
Dem tired of the liars
Dem friars and connivers
will never get inseide of dem
Dem clyder dem
Especially the money hider dem
Watchie watchie girl bout dem
A try fi make bride of dem
Denied again
some of them move like a spiderman
Girl dem say nah
open wide again

[Chorus til fade]

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Paul, Sean Gimme The Light Comments
  1. Jose Osorio

    Jamming Dec 2019. Great memories

  2. Sergei Fitzgerald Fih

    Dec 27 2019, Welcome 2020!

  3. Tam me

    may i remix this beat @seanpaul

  4. Jasmine Pinsent 19 (STUDENT)

    I'm here because of superwoman!

  5. jeny Morin

    Anyone here after watching Royals Family 😅

  6. Mekbib

    2.3 is director x dancing lol


    Still one of the greatest videos ever made.
    The camera work is pretty good.

  8. franco mac

    Just gimme the light and follow the show, better than playing bingo...

  9. Shenyae T

    African/Jamaican men always put chocolate women in they’re videos. American black men need to take some muthafucking notes 📝

  10. Jaherra Brooks

    My parents from Jamaica and I listed to this alot

  11. Shelly Maynard

    Wish I still had the Cd

  12. Carollynn Joice Porter

    Hopa Bailey Facebook your Santander payroll is Boston Public Health Commission label at 794 Mass Ave Boston Mass 02118 and we all went to court under the Boston Police Department

  13. Carollynn Joice Porter

    Hopa Bailey is Jamaican not a Haitian only Jamaican work fir the restaurant in Dorchester Mass Massachusetts Bank of America Carollynn Porter addresses on the card Statement

  14. Carollynn Joice Porter

    Alfred Porter dont like Erwing and Daphnee they are both Haitian he dont like Haitian he said they do witch craft

  15. Hoosain ibne Ali


  16. Noony JW

    To this day I still don’t know whether they gave him the light 😔

  17. KaayDaG Tv

    Lmfaooo korporate got me here☠️😂

  18. isaiah samuel

    When the lights go out:

  19. Know Your Role Boulevard

    This video was done better than Hotline Bling (Views).

  20. Rodrigo Mardones

    Gracias power seleccion ...

  21. ana maria montoya velasquez

    La mejor

  22. Thedeadridinghood

    Sean Paul was never there to gimme the light

  23. Honey Dubey


  24. chovver

    I don’t know what he said but damn I can’t stop dancing 😃🕺🏾

  25. kingkevboi67

    Is it just me or are the girls in old videos wayyy better

  26. Tobias Hermansson

    I was here

  27. Aaron Worrell

    The Hispanic drake years before drake

  28. mja12685

    I know people love this guy, but he sounds like a stroke victim.

  29. sam bkl

    Magic of cuty dark skinned girls woooooooow

  30. DragunzDen Productions

    One word (classic)

  31. Dj Caron

    After all these years anyone know what he is sayin?

  32. Shonny’s Lab

    This was my shit in the early 2000’s, remember they danced to this in the movie “Honey” lol

    Ps. I know Sean Paul is making racks off his royalties, you can’t go to any club or any radio station that don’t play his hits & he has allot of them.

  33. Roland Welsch

    Mr. Paul sorry we don't have that beer, but....

    Sean: Just give me the light😉🤣😂

  34. Jesseka Chi

    That girl in the yellow top dope asf....Nostalgic!

  35. Sam A

    2019 November

  36. J. Rambo

    Never heard of this song now its starting to play on radio few times ahahahha

  37. Josh

    This is more popular in 2019 than it’s ever been.. it’s now in the top charts 2019

  38. Shayla mole

    Yes my baby so fine ❤️

  39. Roland Welsch

    you're in😉

  40. White Alliance

    1:39 harder than it looks lmao still cant do it. Whats the name of this dance?

  41. el crack fabuloso

    mmmmmmmmmmmm oky

  42. Gukuthegreat

    Good Song!!!!!

  43. Leon Harpley

    All knowing

  44. Leon Harpley

    Fuck you al

  45. Aryan Ranger

    Man I was looking for this song, did my head trying to remember this song, damn took me a long time! God Bleas Sean Paul (hope he doesn't do R Kelly-if R Kelly is guilty).

  46. No quema Cuuuh

    Ryan higa?

  47. Ruthless CutThroat

    Everytime I come to a red light, I start singing "just gimme tha light so i can cross the street"

  48. janine s

    There's some sexy ass women in this video good laaawd. Still watching in 2019.

  49. Leon Harpley

    Fauda Ted's blue eyez

  50. Leon Harpley

    Mr abdul latif

  51. Shantana Mowatt

    Prince pine sent me 🤣🤣

  52. Emily Cam

    Came here after prince pine

    Trey Todd

    looool he was right

  53. yay or nay 2


  54. Floke Emanuel Eriksson


  55. victoria Cisneros

    one of my favorite hip hop songs

  56. Huggy Bear

    2019 & forever can you FEEL IT!!!!!

  57. boltspeedman21

    Still a BANGER in Oct 2019 boyyyy!!!!

    Jennifer North

    boltspeedman21 word 🙌🏻

  58. Vvalter ivar vera castro Vera castro

    flou flou flou

  59. Joseph Acosta

    Is this shaggy....ha 💀

  60. C'Trill Beatz

    Yo this really slap tho

  61. dredaylarue

    at 1;40 that woman is dancing her ass off and i just wish she could had got the love like the lady did in the lemon song video, i could just watch her do that same dance all day

  62. Shannon Freeman

    Sped up is insane

  63. Marv B.

    Homie killed the early 2000s.

    His run is criminally underrated

    Lee Roy

    We recognize

    Norma Jinete

    He was everything man...brings back so many happy days. My younger days ::sigh:: lol

  64. Sophie Doosaah

    This song reminds me of honey man

  65. speedemon44

    Still bumping these jams

  66. Tameka Womack-Jean

    My daughter is 9 and she is wildin off this song right now. Teaching the young ones whats good. #2019

  67. Josh Jacob

    20 years later and I still don’t know what he’s saying.


    17 not 20

    White Alliance

    @skurinski haha someone is feeling old

    Ciannah Rowland

    I’m acc dead

    Oyinlola Oladipo

    🤣🤣🤣 same here

    sam bkl

    Just gimme a like

  68. young lawd

    Dem tune yah mek u wan dance like crazy but dance hall different yah now

  69. Rooney Mara

    Charlie Puth Men's Health?

  70. Darnell Thompson

    Just gimme the light then start the show

  71. Ella luvs21 Suarez

    lol I thought it was just give it a lie

  72. محمد ياس الشمري

    Anyone in September?

  73. Ke Ke

    " just give me a bite of your sloppy joes..... Lol. My cousin, and brothers have always said this, lol


    Atlantic records reach me to make some money..

  75. petros PsY

    fuck man i miss these years..


    Anyone jamming to this in 2020?

  77. Night Star

    STILL HERE IN 2019

  78. Mr. Reptur

    I just realized this dude was the first Pitbull

  79. Brian BriBri


  80. Federica Gerichievich

    Uuuuhhhh 😍😍😍 scoperta con "Honey"! Amore puro (naturalmente parlo di anni e anni fa 😍)
    Me sento vecia! 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  81. ervin ervo

    Early Sean Paul was unmatched.

  82. Bull Shit

    2019!!! ❤️ Netherlands 🇳🇱

  83. Violet Pinkbubblegum

    God I'm old in words tho life was better bk then x

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    The girl in the yellow top.....good dancer, wowwww

  88. DeathKid Gaming

    Camills camills... alexa play gimme the light

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  90. lestat sylk

    If only Mr Wacky was in this song

  91. curtis riley

    The girl at 1:41 is KILLIN IT!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Nykey Cookie


  92. Jonathan Walker

    Lap dance on my 27th birthday brought me here

  93. fekstar127

    when women looks hot and not like prostitutes.

  94. Chelsea Ibe

    What's the name of that dance 1:41-1:50

    Don't Haveone

    Chelsea Ibe Ponytail

    Chelsea Ibe

    @Don't Haveone hahaha for real. Or are u just joking 🤣🤣

  95. Abdullah Bugiş

    2019 🇹🇷

  96. Charles Crimes

    NATURAL WOMEN!!!!! I was a junior in HS when this dropped and I still can't get enough of this record and video...CLASSIC

  97. New Ish

    3:15 Still best Heel Toe Ever !!!

  98. New Ish

    2019 still my hips still can’t control themselves