Paul Revere & The Raiders - Steppin' Out Lyrics

Well, I had to leave town because of Uncle Sam's deal, ha ha ha yeah
Well, I guess my good lovin' done lost its appeal
Because when I come back I heard the bad bad news
They say our big romance has been gettin' abused
Now tell me true, don't lie to me
Have you been step, step, step, step, step, step, steppin' out on me?
I've got ways of findin' out if you've been steppin' out on me
It'll do me good and I'll give you a piece of my mind

I told you once, I told you twice
Stop your cattin' around or else I'll put you on ice
I'm tellin' you baby what I want you to do
Stop your messin' 'round, I'm gonna step out on you
Hey! Hey! Hey hey hey!

If I can't be your one & only man
Well I'm goin' to your dad and give him back your hand yeah
Then I'll call the preacher, tell the choir stay home
Ha I guess you're the kind of woman that's just bound to roam
Now tell me true, don't lie to me
Have you been step, step, step, step, step, step, steppin' out on me?
Tell the truth, child; you've been steppin' out on me
I gotta know in my heart if you've been steppin' out on me
I'll be checkin' with all your friends if you've been steppin' out on me
Better tell me the truth honey; have you been steppin' out on me?
Yeah I'm gonna check; no more stuff or I'll be steppin' out on you
(more talk, fading out)

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Paul Revere & The Raiders Steppin' Out Comments
  1. Derek M. Theriault


    This is why I'm happy and proud to write these notes for the album. We live in an age of groups, and by the time this album is tattered and worn out with playing, many of the Raiders' contemporaries will have dissolved and vanished.
    But Paul and the boys will still be around, rocking big auditoriums from coast to coast. it's nice to be associated with honest excitement like this." Dick Clark

  2. Mad Ashell

    great fucking american rock pop band. dig that assholes.

  3. Tony Carver

    Mark Lindsay's LIVE vocals (with recorded track)! A rocker!

  4. ndogg20

    I remember the time when you had to choose between Gay Puckett & The Union Gap versus Paul Revere & The Raiders.
    It was The Gap for me, cooler uniforms and better songs in my pre-teen opinion.

    Cab Terrot

    Such a simple mind.

  5. eyes2see333

    I remember as a kid we would gather together at a friends house to watch PRATR. I would go barefoot all summer and the souls of my feet would get leather tough. They had a large barrel full of beautiful soft rain water to clean up with. I feel like crying

  6. Bill Jackson

    They should of retired those corny uniforms, they would been taking more seriously. ☮

  7. Jose Moreno

    Music was fun back in the day's. Love the 60s.

  8. Steven Tellers

    Jann wenner is sn arrogant prick, he id jealous of these great bands, so he keepd them out of tht hof

  9. stegg17

    The only time in history that the Raiders weren't lip synching! I always liked the guitar riff on this one.

    Randal Morris

    It was lip- synched. Guitarist came out on dance floor & played w/o a cord attached.

  10. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1965 {September 27th} Paul Revere and the Raiders performed "Steppin' Out" on the ABC-TV week-day afternoon program, 'Where The Action Is'...
    At the time "Steppin' Out" was at position #63 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, four weeks later it would peak at #46 {for 2 weeks} and it spent nine weeks on the Top 100...
    Between 1961 and 1973 the group had twenty-four records on the Top 100 chart, five* made the Top 10 with one reaching #1, "Indian Reservation", for one week in 1971...
    With their last seven charted records they were known simply as 'The Raiders'...
    Paul Revere, born Paul Revere Dick, passed away on October 4th, 2014 at the age of 76...
    May he R.I.P.
    * They just missed having a sixth Top 10 record when their "Just Like Me" peaked at #11 for two weeks on January 16th, 1966...

  11. Dylan A. Kent

    My life is missing backup go-go dancers doing the shimmy in coordinating colorblock Mondrian minis!

  12. david hollingsworth

    Anybody who loves birds know that it is VERY stressful for them to be put in such an environment. Those people cared nothing for the was just a gimmick for the phony shtick of those type of shows...

  13. liselle sloan

    I didn't realize they had had a number of black go-go dancers on this show, and that one of them in the back, along with a white, blonde girl has wide hips! Most TV shows, especially major network shows would not have allowed this back then in the mid-Sixties. You had to be a slender, white girl to be on TV back then, unless you were a star or in a character part. Remember, that show "Julia," with Diahann Caroll as the black R.N. did not come out til several years later, and was considered a break-through in Lily-white TV land!

  14. Vonwra

    Michael Landon of "Bonanza", "Little House on the Prairie" announcing - quite the surprise there.

  15. Sam Morreale

    Drake & Fang are both playing epiphones!

  16. Robert Reed

    Released 1966

  17. Rb Bain

    Stop your WHAT or I'll have to put you on ice

  18. Wil Robles

    Little Joe, I didn't realize the whiskey a-go-go was that close to the Ponderosa.

  19. Mona Toney

    ALWAYS loved them. was fortunate to see them

  20. Kornami

    Isn't that Michael Landon hosting?

  21. ev dallas

    The most televised group in history

  22. ma turner

    Damn these guys made some great tunes.

  23. Dan Sm

    Don't click on the link above. It's malware.

  24. Jeffrey Dunn

    A lot of people don't know that these guys recorded and released "Louie Louie" months before The Kingsmen....they also recorded and released "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone" before the Monkees but since The Monkees were the happenin' TV 'prefab four" , top 40 radio jumped on it. Thr Raiders version is better- I never could stand Micky Dolenz's voice

  25. gblueslover2

    OMG that blonde @1:36 hubba hubba hubba😎😎😎.

  26. Susanne Redford

    You played at the Crazy Horse and we will always remember you! Thanks for all the good music!

  27. Stella Ercolani

    Works both ways.

  28. Doug Helms

    Sort of like they're doing karaoke to their own music. Works tho'.

  29. Paul Metzler


  30. frank ferro

    Anybody out there got a time machine out there ? Get me out of here and back to the days when girls knew how to dance and being in a band was fun and not a damn job .

  31. Steve Paul

    RIP Drake, Smitty , and Paul

  32. Jett Rink

    Love it all... did they really need the queer male type dancers?

  33. casesusa

    Some fat legs back there! ..... GREAT SONG.

  34. Sue Gilbert

    Yes that is Michael

  35. Clyde Carlson

    Is that Michael Landon as the host??

  36. wink 55

    Hard to tell if the band was actually good live because every clip here is them lipsyncing. The newer bands only had Paul and he barely played at all live

  37. CASPER ken bergeron


  38. MAD N BAD

    The dancers are supercool to watch.

  39. Joe Easter


  40. AdmiralAveil

    At the 2:51 mark left side dancing with a girl in yellow dress. Is that David Crosby?

  41. Thomas S. Furlan

    "Well, I had to leave town because of Uncle's Sam's Deal "..anti war lyric

  42. David Wolfe

    And we thought it would always be like this...

  43. Kenneth Mars

    Woefully underrated band, man.

  44. nello pinello

    Mythical group!

  45. R.A. Smith

    Love The Monkees, but Mark Lindsay's snarl has it all over Dolenz.

  46. Lydia Mansfield

    Anybody else notice that Mark Lindsay just decides to climb on Paul Revere's shoulders towards the end of the song? These guys are amazing hahaa.

  47. ancientsgate

    Michael Landon? lololol Oh, boy, those were the days, my friend. Michael Landon, hullaballoo dancers and Mark Lindsay next to Fang getting their groove on. Listening to all of their hits really brings me back. Hey, hey... hey, hey.... HEY!

  48. Mark Solarz

    Michal Landon looking very hip! the partridge family bus colored dresses!

  49. AK Thunder

    and I want one of those dresses lol

  50. AK Thunder

    wow I'm very grateful I can watch this

  51. Daniel Mantey

    Please go to 1:10 and you tell me what he is saying?

  52. Daniel Mantey

    I loved this band way back then. So happy to see these great videos, and hear the songs. Tune in right at 1:14 and tell me what you hear him saying!?!? Wow. They got away with it! (When he sings 'stop your messin' round' the second time, he smiles...he knew what he had sung the first time!)...

  53. Yolonda M Browm

    Wow. Check out Michael Landon!

  54. Mark Solarz

    Great moves! the blonde on the left!....

  55. Garry Hall

    Is the host Michael Landon , sure looks like him

  56. Northern Lights

    Wow look at a young Michael Landon!

  57. Susanne Redford

    Play that organ!!!! I love it!!

  58. towringer

    The hotel mentioned at the end is still there in Los Angeles. It's now known as the Andaz West Hollywood, and it has a storied history with rock & roll bands.

  59. John Stone

    Michael Landon dancing with a bird - priceless. :)

  60. IwshIcldstrtover

    Where are the lyrics?

  61. gk10002000

    fxxxxxck. we got to put a show with gogo dancers like this and music from this era together. Do it two times a week and you will need police for crowd control as the lines to get in would go around the block

    blank page

    ha ha :)

  62. Shaye Sims

    Sure didn't give them much room on that stage! But love it - had the hugest crush on Mark Lindsey!!!

  63. Don Black

    My old girlfriend was one of the floor dancers, short dark hair and I was sitting on the side at the show. It was a great time in the '60's


    She's to the right of Michael Landon when this starts? That is so cool Everytime I watch this clip, I think she is so pretty!

    Andreas C.

    Don Black Such a lucky guy. Seems like a really groovy show. They had some of the best bands play, I know that.

  64. John Stone

    Michael Landon doesn't take himself too seriously. :)

  65. beverly kristy

    What a great look-back!

    Tim Sears

    I agree , they sure had a good time playing music.

  66. Mary McCauley

    The dresses that the girls on the have were called Modian dresses paying to the abstract artist. Yves Saint Laurent put this dresses out. I had a neighbor who owned one. Wore to high school.

    T J Scannell

    Piet Mondrian was the artist.

  67. John W 1711 Stock

    Intro by, Michael Landon, from Bonanza!

    Julie D.

    THAT really blew me away! Totally unexpected.

  68. christopher getts

    It's so nice to see the old go-go dancers when dancers weren't strippers. you -tube is so cool. There was nothing like this in the 60's, 70's, 80's---you get the drift.

  69. Mark Roberts

    You just gotta love Lindsay singing "stop your cuntin' around or else I'll put you on ice" on TV just as he did on the single. The Stones had to censor "break my ass everyday" on "The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man".

    Mark Roberts

    Hey dickwad, listen to the single.


    Definitely NOT lip-synched. This is very different from the album cut.

  70. Mickie Gaffke

    ... and that LA flyaway's going to be my home.  LOVE the Great Airplane Strike!  Still have my 33 1/3 album!! AND fan club pictures and stuff!


    +Mickie Gaffke eve of destruction , come in ,you'll get -- , the turkey ect..

  71. Ron Stewart

    Man I wish the Raiders had made a complete concert video back from their heydays. They kicked butt live. And a ton of fun

    Marc Sawatzki

    Was that blonde Goldie Hawn?

    Marc Sawatzki

    Wow black and white folks dancing on the same floor about 50 years ago.  This stuff really happened?  Isnt present day thinking all effed up?

    Philip Howard

    Back in the 1960”s video equipment was very expensive to take on the road and mabye they couldn’t afford it it’s to bad it could have been great in color 4K

    Kevin Larkin

    Saw Mark Lindsey about 3 years ago with Flo and Eddie from the Turtles... Gary Pucket from the Union Gap ... and the Drummer from THE Monkees... in Branson Mo ...

    Kevin Larkin

    I remember Hullabaloo and Shindig .... but I dontremember seeing them .... Ithink my parents made the choices and we watched a lot of NBC ... I remember Dean Martin Show ... Red Skelton ...Dinah Shore ... Bonamza Ed Sullivan on Sunday night ...
    And late 60s ...The Wild Wild West on Friday nights ...

  72. Monte Barrett

    Paul and the raiders really made some good music!

  73. Rufus

    RIP Paul

  74. david james


  75. FA Barragan

    Raw Proto Punk at it's best. This is the original line up!

  76. Spyninjas

    Is the m.c michael landon fron little house in the prairie! !!!!!

    John Jarou

    @tamegomait yes(and bonanza,of course).

    FA Barragan

    +tamegomait Also "Little Joe" From Bonanza!

    Mark Solarz

    tamegomait thanks for noticing..............long way from the ponderosa!

  77. John Golofit

    They all come and pass and then they're gone-but their recorded music can live on forever! Long live the 60s and Paul Revere & The Raiders! They certainly gave us some 'kicks'.

    Sally Pope

    John Golofit no

  78. oldiesgeek1

    i bought this video when it first came out. of course then i had no idea there would a thing called youtube in the near future.

  79. ZigzagWanderer

    We would make guitars out of scrap wood with kite cord for strings and pantomime to these guys either in the woods or on a friends back porch for a few girls in the neighborhood. The show included doing their little dance step. I taped a couple of coffee cans together for bongo drums and got into it. I was always practicing dancing in my room. Of course, one of the older boys didn't like the attention I got. People always want to piss on your dreams, don't they


    +ZigzagWanderer How cool! When I turned 12 I received several 45's for my birthday, one was Paul Revere and the Raiders, "Hungry". My brothers and I "built" our guitars out of cardboard attached to the slats from our bunkbeds we found some bushel baskets to use as drums. Then just like you we would lip-synch to the records out in the back yard. We would invite the neighborhood kids over to watch us perform on our "stage" a couple of blankets draped over the swingset....Those were the days!

    Russell Crawford

    ZigzagWanderer that's because he was jealous and wanted to f*** some of those little girls

  80. Katie Kintner

    The dancers were just an irritant. They were in the way!  Hated them then, hate them now.

    Mark Pierce

    @Katie Kintner Absolutely!

    Lynda Dickerson

    +Katie Kintner   Well put.

  81. altfactor

    This is one of the few shows/segments of "Hullabaloo" to have survived in full color.

    (It also appears to be one of a handful of episodes taped in Burbank; most episodes were taped in New York)

    Looks like it could have been taped yesterday!


    isn't it crazy that NBC didn't put the original video tapes like this one in the vault? but no, they just erased them and used them again. i suppose this was to save money since video tape was quite expensive at the time. i've never understood why they made black and white kinescope copies either. but at least they did that much, otherwise we'd really be screwed.

    Mark Pierce

    @oldiesgeek1 No, it's not crazy. The show was never that popular.

    oldies geek

    +Mark Pierce i think you may have misunderstood my point. the reason i said it's crazy is because they made an additional black and white kinescope copy and saved all of those. but they got rid of or erased the originals like the one shown here. how this one happened to survive is anyone's guess. but with that said, if the show didn't have good ratings in the first place, then why bother making (and saving) a second kinescope copy? as far as i know, every Hullabaloo kinescope copy was saved...that's the real "crazy" part i don't understand.

  82. altfactor

    Might be my favorite Paul Revere and the Raiders song (and yes, I was about nine-and-a-half years old when they first shot to fame in 1965 on "Where The Action Is").

    My Mom (R.I.P.) loved their costumes, but liked the group's music somewhat less.....

    Mark Pierce

    @altfactor John Lennon had this on his jukebox at the Dakota.

  83. Charles Chandler

    Yeah, Yeah! 
    Well, I had to leave town because of Uncle Sam's deal, ha ha ha yeah 
    Well, I guess my good lovin' done lost its appeal 
    Because when I called back I heard a-bad bad news 
    They say our big romance has been gettin' abuse 
    Now tell the truth, don't lie to me 
    Have you been step, step, step, step, step, step, steppin' out on me? 
    I've got ways of findin' out if you've been steppin' out on me 
    It's my turn, let me give you a piece of my mind 
    I told you once, I told you twice 
    You're kind of rowdy after walkin' on ice 
    Turn your loop in, do what I want you to do 
    Stop your messin' now or I'm gonna step out on you 
    Hey! Hey! Hey hey hey hey! 
    If I can't be your one & only man 
    I'm gonna call your daddy to give him back your hand 
    I'm gonna call the preacher, tell the choir stay home 
    I guess you're the kind of woman that's just 'bout to roam 
    Now tell me true, don't lie to me 
    Have you been step, step, step, step, step, step, steppin' out on me? 
    Tell the truth, child; you've been steppin' out on me 
    I gotta know in my heart if you've been steppin' out on me 
    I'll be checkin' with all your friends if you've been steppin' out on me 
    Better tell me the truth honey; have you been steppin' out on me? 
    Yeah I'm gonna check; no more stuff or I'll be steppin' out on you...etc...


    Charles Chandler

    I just loved the way they made these groups lip sync to alternate cuts!!!...hehehe...:)O(:...

    Charles Chandler

    Or they were probably just singing along in balance?!?...hehehe...:)O(:...


    thanks for that...would you happen to know who wrote the song?

    Charles Chandler

    Never researched it oldies dude???...:)O(:

    david james


  84. smokiebird06

    What's really funny is that all those girls are now in their late 60's and early 70's. Are you still laughing?


    @smokiebird06 Yeah - that's life. we all get older. If you're not getting older, the only alternative is death.

    Mickie Gaffke

    +smokiebird06 I can STILL dance like that and I AM proudly 61.

  85. Jim Nesta

    Needs more go go.

  86. Wayne Cameron

    Their best song.

  87. tjarley

    This was so typical of the day. In order of priorities, it was #1 music, #2 go-go dancers, #3 an annoying non-musical host and finally #4 the group itself.

  88. Vic Damico

    Drake Levin was one great lead guitarist. Jumping all over the place and still playing inventive solos. He's gone, Paul's gone and even Michael Landon is gone. Christ it is tough to get old. 

    Mark Pierce

    Len - go fuck your collie. Useless Crackhead.


    +Mark Pierce ....any other posters reading posts by +Mark Pierce should report the piece of sh-it to YT.....he likes to pick on women and call them names.

    Mark Pierce

    Any legal authorities should be on the watch for lenspaulding. In addition to dealing in crack-cocaine (and using same), he molests dogs and other animals. He is a public nuisance and should be removed from our  midst.


    +Mark Pierce ...+Mark Pierce likes to make up the most vulgar stories about other posters......and downgrade Women just so that he can get his "rocks off"....His position in Life is quite sad actually, the old fart smokes pot, still to this day, and listens to the most stupid rock music ever perpetrated on mankind.

    Mark Pierce

    Aw, lenny's got his panties in a twist. What? No collie this morning?  Go smoke your crack and you'll feel better. 

  89. John Hintz

    In Living Color...circa 1965..Drake.Mike.and Paul.Fang.i think Mark is next..Michael Landon Brought it 20yrs or so...i still Groove to the Raider's.. And Bonanza.. Rest in Peace to all.O:-)

  90. Brian Washington

    If you look closely, you can see a certain blonde cutie by the name of Goldie Hawn dancing in front of the stage.


    Are you sure about that? 

    Brian Washington

    As I said, it looks like her to me.  I'll check the IMDB.


    @Brian Washington  Where was Lada Edmund, Jr. in this clip??

    Wasn't she one of the dancers in one of the cages during this segment of the show??

    Brian Washington

    Sorry, I don't know who she is.

    Mark Pierce

    @Brian Washington If you look REALLY closely, you see that's not her at all...
    (standing next to Landon while he's introducing PR&TR. Not even close.)

  91. Larry Reid

    Paul Revere will be missed by all who were moved by his infectious, fun music. Thank you for bringing a smile to so many faces.

  92. DougCameraman

    Is that a young Michael Landon introducing the band? Looks like him.

    Ortaiηe Ðeviaη

    Yes it is.

    Herc takes five

    Little a Joe Joe

    Ortaiηe Ðeviaη

    Tell me true, don't lie to  me,
    have you been step, step, step, step,
    step, step, steppin' out on me

    Marc Sawatzki

    No I think it was Hoss

  93. SouthBayRick

    I love the COLOR video on this fantastic clip from Hullabulo!  This aired  on Tuesday 7:30 PM Nov 29, 1965 on NBC.    VERY NICE :-)  

  94. Arjunga Yoga

    Dammit!  Mark Lindsay had a hell of a set of pipes!  Great rock singer.  RIP Paul Revere (legal name Paul Revere Dick).  January 7, 1938 — October 4, 2014.  Gone to the big concert stadium in the sky to perform along with Mike "Smitty" Smith and Drake "The Kid" Levin.

  95. Shade Jefferson Ford

    Rest in peace, Paul. 

  96. M T

    My mother began to do one of those dances one day and it totally floored me. It hit me how she was one of those young chicks shaking her booty, wow!!

    Donny Moose

    were 66 years and plus old now and still young at heart


    Yep, we old folks used to be the young folks, how 'bout that.....

    jennifur sun

    good exercise. couldn't do it now if my life depended on it

    Kevin Larkin

    @ancientsgate 65 here ..
    Sharing the 60s music here in Rehab ... Car wreck ... physical rehab ...


    @jennifur sun..funny but exactly too

  97. CJWorth1


  98. John Jarou

    one of the best by the raiders!

  99. Michael Di Cera

    Love these guys. Fantastic band, and performers.