Paul Revere & The Raiders - Louie, Louie Lyrics

Louie, Louie, oh no, me gotta go
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
Louie, Louie, oh baby, me gotta go

A fine little girl, she waits for me
Me catch the ship across the sea
Me sailed the ship all alone
Me never think I'll make it home

Louie, Louie, oh no, me gotta go
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
Louie, Louie, oh baby, me gotta go

Three nights and days I sailed the sea
Me think of girl constantly
On the ship, I dream she there
I smell the rose in her hair

Louie, Louie, oh no, me gotta go
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
Louie, Louie, oh baby, me gotta go
Okay, let's give it to 'em right now

Me see

Me see Jamaica, the moon above
It won't be long me see me love
Me take her in my arms and then
I tell her I'll never leave again

Louie, Louie, oh no, me gotta go
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby
Louie, Louie, oh baby, me gotta go
I said we gotta go now

Let's step on out of here
Let's go

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Paul Revere & The Raiders Louie, Louie Comments
  1. 225 Marklin

    Sometimes you don't mess with perfection.

  2. John Molloy

    Why aren't these guys in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?  they've practically been around longer than everybody.  I think the Hall of Fame "sucks!"...

  3. Sadie Travels

    Raider kick at 2:27

  4. Lou Costello

    So talented.

  5. Debby Taylor

    Love this!

  6. Charles Watson

    Maybe the best american band of their time

  7. wtfpwnz0red

    I love how this video mocks the terribly staged performances popular at the time. You see this tradition carried on with stuff like Nirvana's "In Bloom," Against Me!s "Stop!" and many others, especially in a more Punk ecosystem.

  8. Carolyn Rivergem

    Raider Rooter from way back. Mark was my crush (still think he had some of the best vocals in the business) but OMG how I LOVED all these guys, so full of life! Fang and Drake were so good together. Fang was "funny" cool, but Drake... man, he was just natural-born stone-cold cool....

  9. José CChávez Zamora

    GRANDE PAUL RIVERE & THE RAIDERS. Saludos desde Lima Perú

  10. micki hess

    Love this, the silliness and a young Mark Lindsay and his amazing voice.

  11. Rick Laponte

    Even though the original buy Richard berry was really good I really like Paul Revere and the Raiders Verison!!

    John Molloy

    The Kingsmen probably had the most popular version, the Beach Boys and Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids both had renditions that stayed true to the "do wop" Richard Berry version. I like this version too, it's got "soul"

  12. Jett Rink

    And no feminist telling us what to do.

  13. Rick Laponte

    Just as good as The original

  14. Montana Crone

  15. George Feist

    They copied the ROCKIN ROBIN ROBERTS arrangement....

  16. Susanne Redford

    Louie Louie . . . Rockin' in Heaven!! I know they love it!

  17. kim kurtz

    Mark Lindsay!

  18. Helen Serbantes

    can you dig it...hhehehe

  19. Bob Schneider

    I love Mark Lindsay and all, but exactly how high do you think he was when they did this?

  20. Frendo Man

    one of my FAVs, Paul Revere and the Raiders

  21. mretrain

    Nobody succeeded at having fun and giving less of a crap while miming to pre-recorded tracks than Paul Revere & The Raiders! I still consider the Kingsmen's *the* version but damn if this isn't a close second, and better in some ways.

  22. Ray Main

    THE best version of Louie Louie !!!

  23. ev dallas

    they were kind of kooky in the formative days

  24. Dwight Harborne

    love it what have i misted

  25. janice hopperton

    I like this version the best.

  26. stevewestband

    I could not get my Google to work so I will give my answer here. I am Steve West and please look up my documentary video on my stevewestband Youtube account and you can see it yourself. I am the guitar player for the song Louie,Louie, Night Train, first on Sande Label and then a month later Columbia took the label. and Shake it up Part 1 and Part 2 (this song was on Gardena Label). I do not fault the person putting this video on because now I know it is out here. I was a former original Raider with the band on tour in 1962 and 1963. I left the group in the summer of 1963. I was signed on to Columbia with the group.

    Marcelle Speake

    Thanks, Steve. Hope you have some good memories of your time in Rock and Roll! Thanks for the great riffs.

  27. Guy Sharwood

    The definitive band--Paul, Mark, Phil, Smitty and Drake.

    Jannis Melius

    I totally agree with you. Nobody better than Mark, Fang, and God bless him Drake. Jannis Melius.

  28. tobygrey22

    and yes, it's LOUIE LOUIE time!


    +tobygrey22 the only version

  29. John Robertson

    a great band

  30. Ryan C

    Loved This ...

  31. james waibel

    Love the sunglasses on the geetar players

  32. flyingrabbit76

    I'd like to thank the Federal Bureau of Investigation for making me subversive for listening to this song!.lol

  33. Bretta O'Rourke

    We have a local reunion band who gets together every year to raise money for a local food pantry and they sing this song every year, They played back in the 60s when I was in high school!

    Debby Taylor

    My niece didn't sign out and didn't realize it when I posted the above. LOL!

  34. FA Barragan

    They appeared on Johnny Carson and did this raw version of "Big Boy Pete" great raw clip posted on YouTube after Paul's death under "Rest In Peace Paul Revere"

  35. stevewestband

    Not sure where this video originated but it shows someone different than the guitar player for the song "Louie, Louie" who is me...Steve West.  This video shows Drake Levin doing the solo and guitar parts.   I did the whole guitar part of this song and somehow it is showing differently just for stage.   I just wanted to set the record straight.   Steve West

    John Duval

    Steve West indeed played guitar on the Raiders original recording which was released on the small local NW label Sandi records before Columbia picked up their contract and
    before Drake joined the band. Anyone who was in a band in Portland Oregon at that time knows Steve was the guitar player who recorded that solo; it’s NW Rock&Roll historical fact. If Drake we’re still alive he would tell you the same thing. Oh, and Steve was only fifteen years old at the time.

    james cobern

    @stevewestband I`ve seen your video about louie,louie. You said Mark Lindsay played Bass? Well, who played sax? Because wasn`t it cut live in the studio? Just some questions I had. But besides that, your story rings true.

    Marcelle Speake

    @stevewestband Thanks for setting the "record" straight. They almost always lipsynked on TV. Think there must have been about a hundred members in the group over the years. Heard that Paul basically got all the money and then paid the guys a small salary to play. Think Mark got more though. Of course you would know the truth of that. Anyway, thanks for the great "sticks!"

    Marcelle Speake

    @John Duval Wow, only 15, awesome! Liked Drake, but it sounds as if they may have made a big mistake not staying with Steve. Of course that is all ancient history now. Just hope he has some good memories of his time in music. Did he play in any groups after the Raiders?

    John Duval

    Marcelle Speake Steve spent many long years on the country music circuit alternating between guitar and bass. Occasionally we would run into each other at the local music store hangout where we both bought Gibson Barney Kessel guitars around the same time period. After that I lost track of him for many decades. He finally got his propers in an issue of Vintage Guitar magazine a number of years ago.

  36. MusicDude86

    Had they received the proper promotion from Columbia Records when this was released, this version might have been the bigger hit over the Kingsmen's version. Buuuuuut seeing as how Mitch Miller despised rock and roll, and failed to take the time to have his people promote it, it bubbled under the Hot 100 charts. On another note, this recording did outsell the Kingsmen's version in the Pacific Northwest and even Louisiana.

    also aswell

    @Steve Murray the reason its the best is everything you hear is so closet what you think you imagined you thought you herd what you wanted to hear. And the fbi agreed after a legenthy examination.


    I'm not sure it wasn't bigger. At least it was around the Pacific NW, where I grew up and saw them perform this live in North Bend Oregon

    Marian Rohrbach

    @Steve Murray I've always preferred this version. PR & The Raiders knocked it out of the park along with a string of hit records that stand the test of time as good rock and roll. Did The Kingsmen even do anything besides this one song? If they did, it's obviously forgettable. No snark intended. :-)


    +MusicDude86 This was the first version I heard on WMEX in Boston in the spring of 1963. I still think it is better than the Kingsmen's version.

    Will Law

    Love both! Kingsmen for the sloppy rock and roll spirit and the Raiders for the tightness. Both are just fun!

  37. Aubry Owen

    who knows every single word
    that below the age of fifty

    I'm fifteen 
    respond and tell me how old you are if you are younger than me i applaud you and your parents knowing they probably influenced you

    i'd like to thank my dad for all my musical influence

    biggy fries

    I don't think any two bands played it alike--no one knows the lyrics--its purposely garbled, slurred, which is how they ALL did it--thats the way you're supposed to do it!

  38. Majestic Flexx Entertainment

    Damn the version is hittin on 6! Even got the James Brown dance steps... Go head -  git on down fellas!

    rocknroller 77

    Danny Whitfield ugh, yes us "whiteys," can dance and we have rhythm. In fact i have a few friends who aren't white,vand they e
    Tell me i have more rhythm than them. But, i never went there 'cause music was just a pleasure and still id.

  39. No Mess, No Fuss Just Pure Impact !

    Really Hot Garage Mod

  40. Aubrey Reid

    I'm sad to hear about Paul Revere passing. He was an honorable man and a true performer who knew in his heart what rock & roll is about. RIP my friend!

  41. Susie196921

    I always looked forward to watching them play on Where The Action Is. They never disappointed!

  42. Sandra Dziedziula

    WONDERFUL !!!  love their rendition..... thanks for the memories, PAUL.  RIP.  LOVE YA, Mark ! Rest well, Smitty and Drake...................

  43. libertarianation1

    The bad news is I won't get to hang out with him in Vegas anymore. The good news is I will have his music forever.

  44. Daniel Bonilla-Beatlemania 1799

    I'm glad I got to see them in concert a while ago
    R.I.P Paul

  45. libertarianation1

    Love this natural sound that is missing in today's music.....awesome..

  46. feb091964

     I always thought that this was the definitive version thanks to Mark Lindsays raw r  & b vocal and the Raiders hard edge delivery...the drum beat is driving and tight as hell.

    Chasbo Daniels

    Yeah, they’ve got a great rhythm base going on this.

  47. kasotarat

    back about 25 years ago while in early high school I had this "various artist " album , orange non-descript cover, I acquired from my parents along with some other gems.(along with a bang and olefson turntable and bose 901s....and I used to complain about not having anything....sheeeesh.)   the only song I played was this insane version louie louie. I nor anybody I knew ever heard this version and I would blow peoples minds with it.  this sounds almost exactly like the version on that album which in fact is a live version.the only diff I can hear from memory is that the album version is cleaner.(this video of the show really might be that recording.) 3 years ago it dawned on me to check e-bay. OMG they had 3 of them and 2 were mint. bought all three.i never in a million years would of thought a video existed. I just felt the same joy I felt the first time I played that album. THANK YOU king vidiot !!!

  48. cactuseli

    R.I.P. Paul,and thanks fer da good fun times you shared with us.

  49. tom g

    RIP will not be forgotten. You left a mark on Rock and Roll forever  + showmanship. THE BEST!

  50. pictureisup1

    They wrote this song and sold it to the Kingsmen 

    John Jarou

    wrong. richard berry wrote the song.

  51. Scott Hewett

    When Mark Lindsay said "Give me a Big F Sharp", Paul did.    He gave us a Big Fantastic life full of memories.  I heard Drake and Smitty helped open the door for Paul.  Now you other guys, don't be in no rush to join them...we need ya for awhile longer

  52. Judy Willox

    It was a dark day when this Rock'n' Roll icon passed form this earth to the Home in Heaven. We will miss his great music and his fun personality, but Heaven will be richer for it. 
    He is there now  entertaining those whom have gone before us, and he will be there to entertain us once again someday. I was there from the beginning, have all of the original band's albums and have loved them from day one. Their music, their fun on stage; and, if you have ever been one of the lucky ones who had one of his three-cornered hats sent flying out to you from stage AND still have that hat, you have truly been blessed for it! Their music was always so fun to dance to also. RIP Paul and hope to see you on the other side someday. God bless you for the legacy you have left us.

  53. Julie Fields

    The 60s were the best and I was crazy for Mark Lindsey♡♡♡

  54. johnny Quick

    What  a fun band ! Roots of  Rock for  shure !  Good Times ! 

  55. Leon Allan Davis

    The bad news? Paul Revere will not be down for breakfast in the morning. The good new?. I got first dibs on his tapioca pudding!  Rip, Brother Paul...

  56. TheLarzy

    I remember watching Paul and the Raiders on "Where The Action Is" back in the 60's with my sister. She had a crush on both Mark and Fang.  Pretty sure they were a staple on the show.

  57. Duane Hanlon

    NO //  NOT UNTIL 1840 // BUT THAT OKAY

  58. Mary Lou

    Mark Lindsay could play a mean sax --wish he was playing on this clip. Loved the Raiders and so glad I was able to see Paul Revere in concert with the "new" Raiders several times in the past 10 years. You will be missed.

  59. Jamie Siple

    rip  paul revere  

  60. Ludwig Drummer

    BS video, sorry to hear about Paul.....

  61. DoNNa RPM

    So sad...RIP 
    Paul Revere
    Classic Rock Band Leader
    Dead at 76

  62. cottagechskitty

    RIP Paul Revere

  63. TBSXShooter

    That is music

    biggy fries

    Happy music too!

  64. TBSXShooter

    This was music

  65. toomanycats13

    Paul Revere and The Raiders were a great group who put out a lot of good music.  One day they will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  66. PlanetXrayV4.0

    Great version of Louie Louie, such great fun HS in the 60's.

  67. BroncosWn

    The pride of Boise, Idaho!

  68. FA Barragan

    I always preferred this version. It's a bit more jazzy!


    Shows that the USA did not really need a British Invasion to save rock and roll: just promote more of the best of the American bands, like The Raiders, of the time and we'd been fine (though I loved The Yardbirds).

    Chasbo Daniels

    The Raiders’ guitar solo is pretty cringy and awkward compared to The Kingsmen’s.

  69. dlandrews

    Love Mark Lindsay & that sexy voice of his! 

  70. mausolos8

        Best version of Louie, Louie.

    Steve Murray

    @mausolos8 I don't think so

    biggy fries

    Who did it better, the Kingsmen? Don't think so.

  71. tobygrey22

    Clearlake, 1968.

  72. gblueslover2

    Very similar to Tom Jones voice....

  73. rainmaker690

    If you want ot hear another great version of this song, check out the one by The Sonics---they really tore it up on their version of it--one of the best I've ever heard,too!

  74. Rick Ulsh

    Has anyone noticed that Paul & company are the only Group that played the song to the orginal beat that Richard Berry & Rockin Robin Roberts & the Wailers played too . The Kingsmen and every Group from that point in time have played the song to a different beat

    Marcelle Speake

    Just about every group in the Pacific Northwest recorded this song. Raiders actually recorded it before Kingsmen, but they released it first. Been a movement (don't know if stll active) to get Louie, Louie declared Washington state song!

  75. Larry Hart

    they are great

  76. Susie196921

    The Raiders always makes me smile!

  77. roughtake

    I second that .The fact that this band is not in that building is an embaressment. Jann Wenner and the rest of the corporate music jerks are a bunch of a ho---. The Hall of Shame is getting to be a joke anyway. They should have been in there within the first 10 years. But no we have Madonna and the Beastie Boys instead.

  78. Susie196921

    This Rock n' Roll Hall of Shame still has a problem recognizing excellent talent and musicians, as they continually snub Paul Revere & The Raiders! The Hall of Shame is one big joke!

  79. Rick Ulsh

    I Totally agree with you recordguy 4321 , They should be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame just for the body of work they did , more reasons they should be there , but there body of work tells the whole story

  80. roughtake

    and still arent in the Rock and roll hall of Shame. Saw them in 66. What a show , just before Drake left.

  81. george ellis

    ...and you would know

  82. AtariPizzaParty


  83. MrDozip

    it is, just know where to look

  84. Rick Ulsh

    Paul Revere & the Raiders were the best Damn American band , During the British Invasion

  85. "Wild Man" Dean

    Happy Birthday Smitty!!!

  86. Elizabeth

    I am so glad my parents raised me with an apperication for this great music what comes out today I am totally lost

  87. byron smith

    Mike was in the band from 1962 to 1965 when I worked with them in Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Bend, etc.... Sorry he has had some bad times

  88. 1FrankFan

    Love this version...unfortunately they are "singing" to the record.

  89. Denise Marie

    They're going to be playing at Seven Feathers Casino this weekend on December 15th and I wish like hell I could be there!!! I LOVE Paul Revere & The Raiders!

  90. Gary Oldroyd

    Matthew the person's name is also Mike Holiday. Check out That site could help you.

  91. Gary Oldroyd

    Check out The Sonics version. Both bands are from the Pacific North West, Tell ya they knew how to ROCK!

  92. Matthew Pease

    does anyone know when doc holladay was the bassist in this band? was he here? he is my great uncle, hes my grandmother who i live withs brother, she told me today he sued them and won in like 2000 and something haha, i think its cool since i know him very well, hes a really cool guy, he is in prison now though for about a year or two, does anybody know anything about his time in the band?

  93. makaras

    Hilarious when he's trying to repair the broken sax

  94. jamie

    hell yeah

  95. Susie196921

    I know I sound like a broken record, but this is the best version ever - and I've heard about a dozen different recordings! Mark's voice beats out all the rest!

  96. Sue Noonatic

    Love those spandex pants they used to wear. They were SOOOOO form fitting! I wonder if the surviving original members can still fit into them?