Paul Revere & The Raiders - I Had A Dream Lyrics

I had a dream
I had a dream
Had myself a dream today
The same one
Havin' it most every day now
Since you been gone
Wake up in the mornin' and I find
You're not in my room
You're in my mind
Suddenly the sun has lost its shine
Baby, baby, baby
I had a dream
I had a dream

I had a dream
I had a dream
Had myself a dream tonight
The same one
Havin' it most every day now
Since you been gone
All alone upon a mountain high
Lookin' at your pictures in the sky
Turned around and looked into your eyes
Baby, baby, baby
I had a dream
I had a dream

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Paul Revere & The Raiders I Had A Dream Comments
  1. jody8526937

    I always loved the wrapping part at th he end of the song..

  2. Don Doucette

    Next to Mr. Sun Mr. Moon..this is my favorite song.

  3. scottystrider

    Makes me yearn for the culture of the 60's again. Life was so simple.

  4. jillian clark

    Thankyew, Sir!



  6. Ako si Wokkawokka

    Epic group .. unbeleivable that they are not in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ...

  7. gary morrison

    This bass line.....UNNGH!!! Can anyone name the bass player?

    jillian clark

    Ummmm, Phil Volk, maybe?


    @jillian clark True. Though Terry Melcher used some studio musicians to 'supplement' the recordings (keyboards, guitars)... it was Phil Volk on bass!

  8. Ron Wells

    This really is a cool song! Thanks Chris for sharing it!

  9. Alan Young

    Lovely laid-back song. How this band never had success in the UK is one of life's mysteries.

  10. michael peterson

    great group. love them 4-ever.

  11. John Golofit

    Fall 1967. With songs like this, beginning 7th grade was memorable and fun...

  12. Laura Peace Stafford

    Love this group..played the heck out there albums

  13. RockinProfessor

    Obviously their tribute to The Monkees....this sucks bigtime

    Robert Pattison

    RockinProfessor ..and now there touring together. .. gtfo. ...Psychedelic baby!

    Curt Brennan old are you anyway??? This was a GREAT song!!! Always one of my favorites!!!
    Read the comments below..........YOU LOSE!!!

  14. Inbal Egoz

    wonderfull my opinion one of their best.

  15. charles brown

    I love the harmony on this! Thos guys could sing!

  16. thingamabob90

    Forgot I ever heard this. Thank you.

    Jeremy Dunn

    alright, we'll disregard your comment. you're welcome

  17. Marty Ross

    The bass line in the verses is the cool moment in this one

  18. FA Barragan

    Love Paul's key boards on this hit!

  19. Bonnie Baker

    Al rite

  20. daisykyo1

    Not a problem :)

  21. 60s70sVintageRock

    Thanks for watching and for the nice comments! :D

  22. daisykyo1

    Awesome..the link was fabulous too!

  23. daisykyo1

    Freddy Weller, so handsome then :)

  24. FA Barragan

    Love the key boards on this song!

  25. TigerTrak

    I remember when this song game out in my Soph year. Oh the great memories. They dont make great songs like this any more. Miss the 60,s

  26. 60s70sVintageRock

    @rwells47 You're welcome Ron! Sorry if the link doesn't work for you :(

  27. Lynn Harvey

    Thank you Chris ;) What a great song!! And love your link too!!! Dean I agree with you too- We need a LOVE button. That Mark Lindsay -mmm-I wish I had one of his clones!! LOL :D

  28. "Wild Man" Dean

    Too bad YouTube doesn't have a "Love" button. To say that I like this is the biggest understatement of the year. I LOVE This!!!


    What does someone with a "Metallica" avatar know about music ?

  29. "Wild Man" Dean

    Just added this to my favorites!!!

  30. "Wild Man" Dean

    This is definately a treat. Thanks Chris for this great post :)

  31. "Wild Man" Dean

    Cool song!! Slide show is great too!!! Thanks for posting this :)
    Long Live Paul Revere & The Raiders!!!