Paul McCartney - Winedark Open Sea Lyrics

Open Up Your Heart
If You Want To Set Me Free
Full Of Love, Your Love.
Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.
Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.

Lighten Up, My Heart.
Leave It To The Evening Breeze.
Give Me Love, Your Love.
Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.
Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.

Oh My, I Feel Love For You
Spreading Through My Body,
I Remember How
We Can Be So Loving.
I Feel Love For You Now,
I Feel Love For You Right Now.

Loosen Up, My Heart.
Let Me Have Some Time To Be
With A Love, My Love.
Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.
Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.

Oh My, I Feel Love For You
Spreading Through My Body,
I Remember How
We Can Be So Loving.
I Feel Love For You Now,
I Feel Love For You Right Now.

Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.
Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.

Oh, I Feel Love For You Now.
I Feel Love For You Right Now.
I Feel Love For You Now.
Baby I Feel Love For You Right Now,

We're Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.
Sailing On A Winedark Open Sea.

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Paul McCartney Winedark Open Sea Comments
  1. Tarmant Mustapha

    Laprimauté de Sir pul Magnificat avec le Souvrein Potiff à Pau avnt les militaire de LLozere !

  2. Ebenezer Stooge

    Without a doubt Paul McCartney's best song.

  3. TheSpock23

    How does one man come up with so many great melodies over the span of many decades?

  4. Tarmant Mustapha


  5. Patrick Power

    Another classic from the Master.

  6. Patrick Power

    No limits to the masters brilliance

  7. Aqualung A

    Four simple chords. Macca - genius.The best melodic autor. And that's all.

  8. Tim Williams

    For a man that is virtually known by almost everyone on planet earth, it escapes me how much of his music is almost unknown. I don’t think he could write a stinker if he tried. His less popular tunes are not bad music, they are just not equal to the extremely high standards he, and his fellow Beatle band mates set for themselves back in the beginning. I appreciate Off theGround for what it is. Paul never quits evolving musicaly. U can hear this in his every album. Each one different than the one before. Similarly the Beatles were also always evolving and a new Beatle album was always something that seemed overdue but well worth waiting for. I have been listening to Beatles music since 1963 and will never cease to be amazed at the musical and spiritual impact they have made on my life.


    I also ponder this. My theory is that so much of his really great, lesser known music is obscured by the hits. I went to a show last year of a guy doing McCartney covers. Because it was at an art festival I thought the show might explore some of the lesser known wonders, but no - there was barely a song that wasn't a No. 1 hit. And it was a 2 hour show. This song, and others like it are forced into obscurity.

    Joy Stinson

    Tim Williams , great analysis...guy is SO prolific..I’ve been going through his YouTubes, albums and can’t begin to get through his TREMENDOUS bootlegs, so very many...astonishing stuff..

    Rémy Macca

    Wonderful comment...:)

  9. Joey Albertson

    where can you buy and find the 2 cd of off the ground and ringo the 4th cd hope someone can help me big beatle fan

    emptyspotlight (official account)

    Discogs. Or ebay

  10. RaeDean Kendall

    This song calms me. I don’t know why, but when I close me eyes I just feel a calm wash over me.

  11. luca passeroni


  12. ElTarotMx

    My fav Paul McC's song ever!!!

  13. Martina Linked to we

    I feel love for you right that this song!

  14. Martina Linked to we

    Songs like this are so does Paul McCartney come up with so many of them in his illustrious career? AMAZING COMPOSER.

  15. Dan Guereque

    This song is awesome !!

  16. seronymus

    "Winedark" is a translation of Homeric Greek οἶνοψ (oinops).


    wondered when that would come up.

  17. Frédéric Cioni

    Best song on Off The Ground!A hidden gem...

    Martina Linked to we

    I agree

    Joy Stinson

    Frédéric Cioni , interesting choice but beautiful song, great lyrics...

  18. George Doty-Williams

    Simply the most beautiful song in the album

  19. Neptunes Net

    Off the Ground is hit and miss, but this song is amazing.


    Def some cherry picking on this album. Not bad for this stage in his long career.

    Martina Linked to we

    His creativity in this song still shines for all of humanity forever!!

  20. Mary Warner

    "Off The Ground" is certainly NOT one of my favourite McCartney records, but it does have some good moments. This is one of them....if I have one complaint about this track it's that the song is a bit too long.


    Meditate on who or what you really love, slow down and flow with it and you'll wish it continues indefinitely, which is really what the song is about, transcendence.

  21. Elisia Raybould

    This is absolutely beautiful

    Martina Linked to we

    So beautiful, you are so correct!

  22. UltimateMusicFan 1812

    Very touching song. Reminds me of the water and sailing the quest for love.

  23. Luiz Caniza

    I just love this album!

  24. Erika Fiore

    Why is there a girl screaming in the end?

    Jodi Stephenson

    Erika Fiore I have been wondering that also. I can't find the answer.

    emptyspotlight (official account)

    omg the scariest thing happened, i was listening to Pure McCartney Deluxe Edition (which also has this song) at work during lunch and I'm like the only one in the break room and it was literally days before Halloween, I literally thought someone in the office had screamed, it sounded so realistic listening to it on my Beats Solo HD. I was frightened or i thought someone did it as a joke, so i rewind the song, nope it was the song

  25. dewy200884

    This is one of this much underrated album. Almost all songs from this album is awesome.

    Marcelo Fer

    nice song.i like it.i like paul's voice.this song is amazing¡ winedark open sea.the best band of the world the beatles.nobady will be better than them.regards Marcelo from Argentina

  26. beestonpoet

    first time I heard this one .. INSTANT CLASSIC for my ears

  27. Luiz Caniza

    It's really appreciated by me!

  28. Daniel Schweizer

    Dieser Mann ist und war eine LEGENDE für sich selber und er wird es in unseren Herzen auch noch lange bleiben!!
    Lg. DaniCH

  29. Andrew Flood

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!

  30. dede mccartney

    I listen this music all night before sleep,I have sweet dreams,Ilove this music!

    Martina Linked to we

    I feel love for you...spreading through my body! Great song! Uplifting, and so full of optimism! Can't believe this songwriting capacity of this man named Paul McCartney!

  31. Rosa Rubiginosa

    Oh my, I feel love for you!

  32. dede mccartney

    I love the Paul's voice!! this music!!is beautiful!! specially when Paul say :ahh,ahhh,aahhh,Paul is the BEST!!!4EVER!!!

  33. Desitka

    Напомня ми годината на моя бал - 1993 - и "глава, пълна с мечти" .....)))) Невероятен албум, всичките парчета са супер-яки!

  34. EXEveryNote

    I just realized how great this song is and how sad it is that it's not as recognized as much as the many other popular songs of today.

  35. Gasoline85

    I just bought his "Off the ground" album today, and this is one of my favourites on that album. :D

  36. rockologo

    One of the most underrated songs from Paul

  37. PolarBear

    i love this song!!!! :D so beautiful!! Macca rocks!!!

  38. vkdee44

    Love this song. Thanks for uploading! :)

  39. RBtoobsalot

    Can't believe this song is not more widely appreciated.

  40. bigsoundp

    Great tune.