Paul McCartney - Too Much Rain Lyrics

Laugh when your eyes are burning
Smile when your heart is filled with pain
Sigh as you brush away your sorrow
Make a vow
That it's not going to happen again
It's not right, in one life
Too much rain

You know the wheels keep turning
Why do the tears run down your face
We used to hide away our feelings
But for now
Tell yourself it won't happen again
It's not right, in one life
Too much rain

It's too much, for anyone
Too hard, for anyone
Who wants, a happy and peaceful life
You've got to learn to laugh

Smile when you're spinning round and round
Sigh as you think about tomorrow
Make a vow
That you're going to be happy again
It's all right, in your life
No more rain

It's too much, for anyone
Too hard, for anyone
Who wants, a happy and peaceful life
You've got to learn to laugh

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Paul McCartney Too Much Rain Comments
  1. the Pink Kitty

    Such a great song from the legend Paul McCartney

  2. Rodrigo Arteaga

    Love you forever, Dear Paul!

  3. Virginia

    Love this song and love Sir Paul...❤️

  4. Mariano Rossi

    Es una maquina de fabricar melodias!!!!!

  5. Truthmonster

    *Too Much Rain - Paul McCartney*

  6. roy levanony

    Laugh when your eyes are burning
    Smile when your heart is filled with pain
    That's great advice! Thanks Paul.

  7. brywool

    WHY does this song not get more attention??

  8. Joy Stinson

    Great album

  9. steve fraser27

    'Sad paul,he should show it more often

  10. Synesio Cônsolo Filho


  11. steve fraser27

    Paul does have a sad side,he always did to us kindred souls

  12. steve fraser27

    He can emote! ,this is great,,,,,,

  13. Kingsize Music

    The genius of Paul...that melody and chord sequence around "Who wants a happy and peaceful life ...You've gotta learn to laugh" gives me goosebumps and just keeps you wanting for more :-)

  14. DADDY Albert

    It’s awesome that this album came out the same year I was born wow 13 years old. Lol 😂 I’m not mad I’m actually glad this is such an amazing album I LOVE IT🥰.

  15. Senbis

    Nigel, thanks for press Paul

  16. Lionheart Roar

    Gorgeous song..takes a music wiz to think of something like this...of course its Paul!

  17. day tripper


  18. Lex

    Remind me of George Harrison

  19. Carl Baumeister

    A great song from a great album!

  20. Stefania Giustini

    A Peggie1 puoi farmi ascoltare tutto questo album ? Non so neanche il titolo

  21. anfiscka

    I feel, like this song is about John.. Paul loved him and still misses him.. like all of us

  22. Marten Dekker

    So, Paul is counselling us to suppress our feelings ?
    & there's an artificialness / lack of musicality / lack of feeling in his voice now. This is bad. & singing in a happy tone about sadness ?

  23. Kevin Lloyd

    Listened to this many times in my car, for months as I was going through a divorce.

    Nana noperoncha


    Jhon Lemon16

    Kevin Lloyd sorry Kevin we’re here for you brother ✊

  24. Rodrigo Almeida

    A very beautiful song. Simple, sophisticated and precise.

    Joy Stinson

    Rodrigo Almeida , lyrics like idea behind don’t let the sun catch you crying

  25. S&DH

    Beautiful song we can all probably relate to in some personal way...Perhaps his most beautiful song?

  26. andres callero ruiz

    Impossible not to cry with this song.

    josh james

    Read The Present on the site bigpictureproject . net for the truth about life and death, which is life-changing from the start. It is a must-read.

  27. Baqgft

    Awesome music, brilliant arrangement!

    (P.S Am I the only odd one that hears metronome click at 1:44?)

    Lemon Station

    Baqgft i don't think it's the metro. I think it's part of the percussion

  28. Frédéric Cioni

    Fantastic track!There are so many great tunes on Chaos.....

  29. Jason Lee

    Hes still a genius; this is a john style song; emotional.


    This isn't a "John style" song. This is very much a Paul style song, in every way.

    La Co

    John was so emotional that he went yo Primal Scream Therapy a ridiculed, untested, cult therapy. He was so emotional he screamed publicly , "I will never listen to Paul's music again!" when he first heard Live And Let Die. Lol. Emotional tizzy. Yoko admitted that John would cry, "...why does everyone cover Paul's songs but not mine?" John was emotional cuz he so desired to be noticed. He wasn't wired up as good as the other lads, everyone knows that. He was fake. Jealous. Scared. Emotional is right.


    @La Co and he is a legend

  30. Jack Jammen

    It came to me. The old feeling I used to get as a young man when hearing a very good song and finding myself willfully getting lost in. The kind that tells you it's confirmed amazingly good, since it just made your spine tingle to your brain enveloping you. When I heard it at first I missed it. I might have missed this feeling all together, if I just went on with my busy day and hadn't listened again. There are songs that grow on you, but this is more. It's a song that you hear it right as rain and don't even realize it. It's initial sound and carefully laid lyrics, are as if they always had their place, explaining in simple explanation, perfectly balanced with the feeling flowing through the song. But, That's Paul. He is a professionally interpretative, artistical genius.

  31. VCI

    You guys should check out D. A Wallach! I wrote a letter to Paul about D. A

  32. Roger Snow

    Thank you Sir Paul for writing this song. Even though I'm sitting here now with my own tears running down my face. :(

  33. zephyrquartz

    I LOVE this song and always have, since it first came out.


    zephyr............Optimism is tough these days, but listening to Paul give us hope!

  34. Raymond Faron

    Thank you Paul from here in Stafford County, Virginia...My direct ancestry is British and Irish, they have both been here in Virginia since the 1600's .....I reckon I feel every note you play.

  35. bunny fish

    What a beautiful song

  36. Wlodek Pawlowski

    dziękuję za to że po 10 latach usłyszałem w całości ten utwór. dziwna zbieżnośc dwóch bohaterow dwoch w grup o podobnych korzeniach i laurach
    Midem w . w Canes 1969. Tym razem rok 2005 powstają w tym samym czasie jeden kompozycji i o poulu i w polsce -ballada o kamieniu milowym kompozycja Jerzego skrzypczyka -- u Poula - za dużo lez jak na jedno życie a u Czerwonych Gitar w tekscie- ref Płakał jak deszcz śmiał się do łez i nie wiedział że życie taki jest.. Chodzi o kamień milowy --- Seweryna Krajewsjkiego ktory mysle że slyszał ten utwór a możei ten drugi Poula . .

  37. J Bermingham

    I reckon this is the last good song McCartney has written.

    Ground Beefed

    Daniel Achille The Firemen. Finally someone who knows.

    Daniel Achille

    Charlotte Taylor hope for the future it's a great track I agree.

    Nahuel Martínez

    Some post chaos and creation songs are masterpieces. House of wax. The end of the end. Two magpies. Only our hearts. The hidden track on NEW, "scared", is terrific. He always hides those.


    ever present past!!

    Kuba Galiński

    Johnny McGorish I agree. His last two albums were awful. But that's not suprising considering he's influenced by people like Kanye West.

  38. alex mcallister

    What a musical genius.

  39. gayle hal

    Everyday you wake up, a new day, your new life begins...Shine!

  40. Boko

    man i love Paul this song is sad but his voice is so awesome!

  41. privatspace

    Perfect genius.

  42. theeasybeats

    I need this after 3 weeks of rain in the Carolinas

  43. winstonscottify

    Tremendous song from my favourite Macca solo album.

  44. RisaLinx93

    I always cry listening to this song.. It's so full of real feel, real paul's feels... I really love it

  45. The Life

    The best solo album he has released, i'm also a Bowie fan, his new one is terrific too.

  46. Bronx Silver Age Comics

    Great listing. Tug of War maybe #7?

  47. Flashbacks Hamilton

    This song is just so great. Couldnt be any more perfect. That chorus with the piano and symbols is just to powerful for one man to compose.

  48. Gabriel Lopes

    This hapeens to me too, it's awesome! That's the magic of Beatles and Paul McCartney

  49. Bronx Silver Age Comics

    A well crafted and yet another sign of Mccartney's musical genius.

  50. dede mccartney

    Como alguem pode nao gostar de Paul?deve ser louco!!

  51. sergio barros

    Esta musica é muito linda.Caberia em qualquer album dos Beatles.

  52. Jazzy Jones

    @Mactar86 I partially agree. But it's not this that proves it. It's his entire life.

  53. Diego Cabrera

    This thing, it's called art.

  54. crazybatmantopaz

    I have been writing songs since I was 9 and I have some good ones but I smack myself for not thinking of this song it's SOOOOO my style.

  55. Caulin Sheridan

    I think it's wonderful how Paul, at almost 40 years into his career, was still rivaling, if not doing better, than all the other greats. Paul is definitely the best there ever was and will be.

  56. Paolo Olianas

    beatifull song. Questo brano è un esempio per i giovani musicisti di oggi.

  57. John Dickinson

    How possible. A song like this and so few viewers while Rebbeca Black millions of views? Naturally bread and circus are for common people.
    Art is for few.

  58. Dave the dude 1

    I love this song, I thought at first it was going to be crappy, but instead its another classic

  59. blachubear

    Another great song from Macca.

  60. magicalmysterygirl

    By far, one of his greatest solo albums. It was so refreshing to hear after Driving Rain, which wasn't quite my cup of tea. He needs to work with Nigel again! Nigel is the sad to Paul's happy.

  61. Anna Mkrtchian

    I adore you Paul <3

  62. Tessa Weber

    Laugh when you hear this song.

  63. Sky'sANDJeffs VideoNation

    I love this song when i'm happy, crazy, sly, sad, silly, crying, befuddled, confused, shocked, jealous, embarrised, cool, revenge-full, when i need direction, and when im mad

  64. Dios67

    Too much rain? Don't complain!

    The Rain Comes Falling From The Sky,
    To Fill The Stream That Fills The Sea
    And That's Where Life Began For You And Me
    So The Next Time You See Rain It Ain't Bad,
    Don't Complain It Rains For You,
    The Next Time You See L.A. Rainclouds,
    Don't Complain It Rains For You And Me

  65. Fazg Macca

    @cinebeatl I would say the fivebest are
    flaming pie
    chaos and creationn the backyard
    mccartney 2
    off the ground
    electric arguments

  66. Eric McDowell

    One of his best solo albums in several years!

  67. Tobunshi

    They all had wonderful solo works after The Beatles. They were all working in different directions, and I think it's a good thing.