Paul McCartney - The Fool On The Hill Lyrics

Day after day alone on the hill,
The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still,
But nobody wants to know him,
They can see that he's just a fool,
And he never gives an answer,
But the fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down,
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning around.

Well on his way his head in a cloud,
The man of a thousand voices talking percetly loud
But nobody ever hears him,
Or the sound he appears to make,
And he never seems to notice,
But the fool on the hill . . .
Nobody seems to like him
They can tell what he wants to do.
And he never shows his feelings,
But the fool on the hill . . .

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Paul McCartney The Fool On The Hill Comments
  1. MrJJackFLASH

    Did he ask for permission and pay a fee to record his own song again ? :\

  2. Надежда Понамарева


  3. Chad Herrin

    Which wrote this one? it sounds like something John would write. lol


    Sounds like it actually, but its a McCartney special

  4. mary viccaro

    No earjacks

  5. gary bagnall

    What a brilliant musician sir Paul is. A real songwriter musician inspiration and general noice guy.

  6. Ana Rene

    the most beautiful song ive ever heard

  7. Nikola Vlasic

    very reggae ending

  8. agustina navea

    loviu for ever my dear Paul.

  9. Suicidal Expenses

    This song is me


    Sometimes we all see the world differently. Not such a bad thing.

  10. José Santos

    I AM the Fool On The Hill

  11. Old Crow

    I find this song to be very reassuring somehow.

  12. Pedro Tankivo

    That's me at the moment, the fool on the hill, felling blue, and lonely! But always keep my head up, every thing is just a phase! Be strong and fight!

  13. Ane grasielle diniz santana Linda

    gosto muito

  14. nyjetsmets1016

    The voice that shaped a generation.

  15. AeroDynamic

    I once tried to have my own  favorite Beatle songs, but it was impossible from the get go because it's like counting snowflakes in a blizzard.

  16. Ane grasielle linda


  17. Ane grasielle linda

    Jack e bela são pais de karolinefofa

  18. Ane grasielle linda

    Jack e bela

  19. Ane grasielle linda


  20. Татьяна Шомина

    пустое место . Никто и звать никем

  21. david lewis

    the fool on the hill sees the world spinning round.very true words today very sad world

  22. Live Free Or die

    An absolute master at work.

  23. Nad Afro

    Day after day
    Alone on a hill
    The man with the foolish grin
    Is keeping perfectly still
    But nobody wants to know him
    They can see that he's just a fool
    And he never gives an answer

    But the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning 'round

    Well on the way
    Head in a cloud
    The man of a thousand voices
    Talking perfectly loud

    But nobody ever hears him
    Or the sound he appears to make
    And he never seems to notice

    But the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down
    And the eyes in his head
    See the world spinning 'round

    And nobody seems to like him
    They can tell what he wants to do
    And he never shows his feelings

    But the fool on the hill
    Sees the sun going down

  24. Andrew

    Who knew Tom Cruise played drums?

  25. Javier Fueyo

    Desde la primera vez que la oî el yo era.... tenía menos edad

  26. jean carlos abaji rodriguez

    Awesome. Messi is on the drums.

  27. nicholas cole jones

    one off the best they did briil writing

  28. elizabeth hoare


  29. Berenice Vellinho Tondo

    Beautiful! It works well on the Kundalini.

  30. Dauphin

    When I have kids
    I’m going to raise them on classics like this
    beautiful, well written music

    Tyler And Leah Canadian

    They are gonna listen to lilxxxanaxbarz

    Smoke juuls and wear beanies in the summertime

    I'm just kidding buddy! Lol

    Jun Jon

    you can't do that ... i'll bet $1000 ... you can't ..

    Keith Wayne Jones

    my 4yo is obsessed w the beatles right now haha


    Jun Jon I raised myself off this music. I bet I can do it with kids haha

  31. alias

    Anyone else get a sorta carnival feel from this song, kinda like Mr. Kite?

  32. alias

    i was playing this in the background and looked up to see 1:26 and was NOT prepared omg

    Mia Alicea


  33. Jason S.

    I’m told this song is about an encounter with a man on Primrose Hill. My sister lives nearby today.

  34. Ram Bo

    He is the God of music.

  35. Si Fi

    Simplest lyrics speaking deepest truths. Genius MccA

  36. kristi schrittwieser

    I love this.

  37. Bryson Clark

    Lol this song is from the dinner with the schmucks

  38. Emilio García

    Qué belleza

  39. rob carson

    1.Things we said today
    2.While my guitar gently weeps
    3.In my life.

  40. Philippa Cowhig-Morris

    He dont need my like but by god.. he deserves every 1 of these...

  41. Franziska Schortz

    A Man, from Church of Satan.

  42. Julio Aranton

    LOVE, the highest spiritual vibration.

  43. Ariel O.K

    I am a fool and the world is my hill.

  44. Sherie Brodigan

    When I hear this in my head it's the one and only Paul McCartney who sounds relaxed and peaceful. Nothing like a, charlatan spirit. And screw you Linda for being a lez and believing an image from the video tucked in, a baby corb.(India).

  45. Rose Amethyst

    loved what he did in the end, bravo my man

  46. Beatle Stories


  47. ian f

    Can ANYBODY please tell me why Youtube keep trying to ram Grammarly down our throats ? I don't get it. Everything you try to watch you get Grammarly, Grammarly, Grammarly in between it. If it's supposed to be a free programme, why are they spending what must be inordinate amounts of money on advertising it ? Is there something I'm missing here ? I know they need advertising revenue to run. I get that bit. But why is it the same irritating ads every time ?

  48. Jay Sewall

    Excellent sound too!

  49. gioknows

    Perhaps Faul's greatest song ever.

  50. Ahmad Alenezi

    this song about flat earth

  51. Si Fi

    He so deserves a Nobel Prize, or an entirely new award, to recognise his unique impact on the WORLD for over half a century, and hopefully many more years. His songs have depth, are uplifting, speak of the human condition and have touched millions of people. The underlying message being peace/love, who else has spread that message as elegantly??

  52. LoveFlatfootin1


  53. Geomate

    Wow, another live version. Nooooooooooo.

  54. Christine Brett

    My favourite song!!

  55. Stephen Howlett

    What a beautiful song from start to finish.

  56. Steven Binns

    What is the song about?

  57. Steven Binns

    The song Fool on The Hill is full of prejudice against the mentally ill, who can't help being the way they are. Anyone can find themselves in an asylum.

  58. Tony Wilson


  59. Jane Atyeo

    Is he telling us the Earth is Flat

  60. Steven Binns

    The song 'fool on the hill' is full of prejudice against the mentally ill, who can't help the way they are. Are you out there Sir Paul Mccartney? Anyone can find themselves in an asylum. Steven



  62. rr grr

    Wow these horrible ads are ruining all videos with obnoxious before and after garbage.

  63. Rudy Wilson

    SOMEHOW I'M AGAIN OVERWHELMED AT AMAZING THE BEATLES WERE AND HOW THEY TOOK OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD...... maybe seeing the film, YESTERDAY' got me..its weak, a bit trite,..doesn't treat the beatles seriously but some great moments.......the LADS were supernatural..... "what would the world be if the beatles hadn't happened?????"

  64. Edyta Gajewska


  65. Farouk Boughedir

    I love this song, but the lyrics seem uncomplete, please PAul , make us a better end..

  66. penny lane

    I've been thinking a lot as of late. Paul McCartney is the greatest songwriter of all time, and there are plenty others to choose from. Not looking for arguments. This is from somebody, that back in junior high, was listening to the song 'Coming Up.' Today, I'm listening to 'Fool on the Hill.' There aren't any bad songs with Paul. How do you just sit there in front of a crowd and write a song? This is all beyond me. Think for a moment, if you will. Everything, having to do with Paul, is like a brilliant ray of sunshine. It's his soul, I do believe. He is peaceful and cares about animals and the world and people. He loved Linda and created a beautiful family along with all the music of 'Wings'. You don't see him on tabloids or on the news because he is a loud mouth wanting attention. I wish the world was filled with more people like him. I'm just wanting to know if anybody agrees and sees exactly what I see. Can I get thumbs up, people? Paul's birthday was two days ago. Happy belated birthday, Paul!

  67. Oh La La!

    Legend 👏👏👏

  68. Lisa Anzardo

    Happy Birthday Sir Paul <3

  69. Venita Banerjee

    A happy birthday to Sir Paul Mccartney ...77yrs 18th June 1942....thank you for the music ...down the years ...wish him a long & healthy life.

  70. Lee Jones

    Pure genius brilliance

  71. TheGreat PaperSandwich69

    I'm sorry, bit as much as everyone is entitled to their opinion, who the HELL thumbs down this?????? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  72. Jay Vonck

    The passion .......... wow 😮

  73. Jesusito Rayala

    Still I'm playing my guitar, Fool on the Hill 🎸🎸🎸06-08-2019 😇😇😇

  74. Rob Jontay

    It's not LIVE....

    Rob Jontay

    Isn't it from "Give My Regards To Broadstreet?"?????

  75. Ronald Waynes

    Donald Trump them song

  76. Rickey Engle

    well get off the hill,,

  77. Matthew Muller

    My favorite iteration of all his bands.

  78. Phillip Lewis

    One word. Genius.

  79. jim dartouzos


  80. David Clarke

    Beautiful. One of my all-time favorite Beatles's songs. (Actually, written and sung by Paul.)

  81. Thierry Hue

    Un mec extra

  82. Marco Gubbi

    in the 1960s I didn't have the turntable and I knew the beatles very little, but a few years ago with emule I have all the fabfour songs in my ipod! thank you john, paul, george and ringo!

  83. Tony Cornejo

    One of the 4 best Beatles of all time yes!!!!

  84. nicola gorini

    con gli altri era meglio .è stupenda ma mancano ...

  85. fastrelief

    They changed the finale during the tour with a much better one

  86. Mark Haynes

    I wish Paul still Toured with this band. Much better than the current group.

  87. Helen Bostock

    he not a fool. thanks for making a hit . i am not in love. i am not confused i am not being used . i do not see spirts now do not needed too. stop drink it effect my boby too much . science say male think about it more than woman and the best thing is i do not care any more

  88. MrZurich8005

    What a wonderful song with so much meaning ...

  89. Mercury McCartney

    I love this song💛

  90. Christopher Ribaya

    Paul on the hill, the best ever...

  91. cuns

    I wonder what is in pikiran those who didn't like it

  92. helminenjuha

    Harmony genius

  93. Marcão Status

    Obra prima

  94. Belle Løve

    When this performance happened?

  95. jrb designer alliance

    Mc Cartney  never seemed the full shilling, but to compare with John Lennon, who was perhaps overloaded, by, hmm, social responsibility, a need to care and be responsible etc. and so forth, until Yoko, helped him turn into, well rather long haired soppy hippy type,, and, hmm, a less testosterone equipped, we might say a, short hand the picture,..or not?

  96. Leiann Webster

    What film was this from?

  97. Paul Christian Sonajo

    Fool on the hill by The Beatles written by Paul McCartney on the year 1967