Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary Lyrics

Mister Marks can you find for me
Someone strong and sweet fitting on my knee
She can keep her job if she gets it wrong
Ah, but Mister Marks I won't need her long
All I need is help for a little while
We can take dictation and learn to smile
And a temporary secretary is what I need for to do the job

I need a
Temporary secretary, temporary secretary
Temporary secretary, temporary secretary

Mister Marks could you send her quick
'Cause my regular has been getting sick

I need a
Temporary secretary, temporary secretary

Mister Marks I can pay her well
If she comes along and can stay a spell
I will promise now that I'll treat her right
And will rarely keep her 'til late at night

I need a

She can be a belly dancer
I don't need a true romancer
She can be a diplomat
But I don't need a girl like that
She can be a neurosurgeon
If she's doin' nothing' urgent
What I need's a temporary, temporary secretary
I need a, I need a
Temporary secretary. Temporary secretary
Temporary secretary, temporary secretary
Temporary secretary, temporary secretary

Now Mister Marks when I send her back
Will you please make sure she stays on the right track

Spoken: well I know how hard it is for young girls these days in the face of everything to stay on
The right track

What I need's a temporary, temporary secretary
Temporary secretary I need a
Temporary secretary, temporary secretary
Temporary secretary I need a
Temporary secretary. Temporary secretary
Temporary secretary

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Paul McCartney Temporary Secretary Comments
  1. J Wunder

    I think Paul might have been listening to a lot of Sparks at the time he wrote this.

  2. Vainglory 2KW8Ω

    _Man, that's wack_
    _Everybody use that_
    _Yo, w'oncha bring back that other track?_
    _Yeah, there you go, that's what I'm saying_
    _I like it when that dope stuff is playin'_
    _Real loud_
    _In your ear hole_

  3. SkittlesGalaxy

    i genuinely thought the song was called "Jerry Temporary". Thanks SiIva.

  4. A a

    This sounds like something The Residents would make.

  5. Bill C

    This song is genius. 🔥🔥

  6. jacob marley

    The beatles are so over rated its unbelievable.

    This guy could shoot someone in the middle of times square and everyone would still love him.

    Paul McCartney 2024

  7. Baptiste Allepaerts

    Temporary secretary- Riton
    For your pleasur

  8. Brett Vargas

    Love it!!!! Please Paul do meow

  9. Aristos Achaion

    a crack video led me to this song in the year of our lord 2020

  10. SpagelSmegal

    Day 35 I unironically really like this song like it just works so well

  11. Tiler Durpen

    rare faul content

  12. Smittenkitten 59

    What the fuck

  13. toxic_teaaa

    Why'd he write this, record it, produce the track, and release it for public consumption

  14. Joseph B

    Paul's 80s synth phase.

  15. CrashRocks1419

    the joke is Jerry Temporary

  16. Phil Bullen

    Great song almost ruined by practically irritating production. Also....he clearly doesn't care.

  17. G+ is terrible

    Jerry Temporary

  18. Sao Cungduoc

    Paul is ahead of his time... he was able to create a song way more annoying than the Baby Shark song.

  19. Hedgehogs Rounded

    Same guy who brought you songs like, Let it Be, Hey Jude, Yesterday, She's Leaving Home, Helter Skelter, Blackbird, Eleanor Rigby.

  20. vivienne grace

    Every once in a while I’ll listen to this and start to bob my head or tap my foot but then I’ll be jolted back into existence when the chorus comes on

  21. justmadeit2

    John was alive when this album was released, I wonder if he heard this song

  22. Ty Wagner

    better than devo

  23. skeeter

    hands down greatest song by faul, 10/10

  24. Oswald Cobblepot

    Sounds insane played at 2x

  25. LoNZA LUssuRIOsa

    I genuinely like this song

  26. askl23

    This is some Hardcore Devo Vol. 1 shit

  27. is that a real poncho?

    I can't tell if people genuinely like this song or they're just shitposting


    shitposting I think


    It begins as shitpost then it turns into true love

  28. huey2k2

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  29. That man in your basement

    Holy bad song

  30. Devin Favel

    This is the song you play when you want people to leave your house after a party

  31. Dragon Infernal :v



    al habla

  32. Michael H.

    My little chihuahua loves this song! Not sure why?

  33. igotashake

    this is a song gary numan would make if he was shit

  34. nisen3140

    This may be the LoadOfHunting's theme for me.

  35. fish stick

    Who is mr. Marx?


    His agent or something.

  36. ann marie

    guys i love this SO MUCH
    Macca's weird songs are something i live for. they're so creative, weird, funny. he's so free minded. he experiments and has fun while doing it. and he does it brilliantly. i mean who else could came up with lyrics about a fucking secretary and have this?? only our paul

    i genuinly love this song.
    she can be a neurosurgeon if she's doing nothing urgent!

    paul is so creative like WOW HIS MIND
    i wonder what john, george and ringo thought of this

  37. Cabboose21

    I wonder what he was on when he wrote this song

  38. Culprit LA

    this is one of those songs that proves that there was more to McCartney's solo career than met the eye.

  39. Heorge Garrison

    This is pauls reaction to John dying

  40. Itz_Gamer 2099

    Oh god I asked my teacher to put this and he was like "does it have bad language" And I giggled and said "nope but it's from the greatest artist" And he played it for the whole class 🤣

    ann marie

    what was the reaction??

  41. Rémy Macca

    Even when Paul is goofing around it's still gold:)

  42. Adam Stringer

    fuck the haters. this song is great.

  43. Newt Dexistion

    You ever just look at an album cover and be all like:


    Chris Dimaculangan

    same indescribable emotion as miles smiles

  44. TheCheshireLion

    Someone should recut the scene in Civil War where Zimo activates Bucky with this song.

  45. Elizabeth

    In the history of war songs this is number one

  46. Michael Kitchin

    At 0.25, this sounds like the end of mankind.

  47. Pete Asick

    this made my dog leave the room

  48. RocketPunches

    Maybe the worst song ever created. Absolutely brilliant.

  49. Jered Satterwhite

    This makes me smile from ear to ear

  50. BrHarley054

    why do people hate this? It's not that experimental

  51. Asylumrunner8

    Jeff was right

  52. MustardFuelledVengeance

    Thanks Jeff

  53. Mechanized

    Play this song multiple times at once to experience true nirvana.

  54. Dr. Mel

    I think Paul's actually writing about a time he needed a temporary secretary because his regular was on sick leave. If you read between the lines, the context is clear.

  55. Michael Sternberg

    Giant Bomb brought me here

  56. LEO ̊

    im scared—?

  57. hughesie27

    Giantbomb brought me here.

  58. VulpiusFox

    Giant Bomb sent me.

    Luca Hibbard-Curto

    VulpiusFox Jeff screaming I LOVE THIS SOOOOOOOOOONG gives me life

  59. Dave Rivera

    #1 Song of the 80's as voted by Giant Bomb


    Threat Level: Gerstmann


    I don't mind the verse... that delivery on the chorus though is weird.

    Lady in red is worse.

    Aaron Swain


    Thamshavn Tapper

    It was voted #1 worst song of the 80's. Obviously


    It was only voted to the top because it is most representative of the 80's which everyone knows is one of the most egregious decades of all time. This song is the perfect embodiment of that insane period of time.

  60. Agustin Arias Vargas

    This song sounds like something from Mother 3

  61. Grahame Baker

    This is just after he was in prison in Japan hence the rhythms ..very inventive ahead of its time..

  62. Jomppe Jompesteri

    Paul the genius.

  63. Ruby

    i genuinely like this, like not even as a joke, it's not something i would have expected paul to make but it's fun

  64. Nicky Raccoon

    Mc Punk.

  65. Hirohiko Araki


  66. Rafael Serrano Hernández

    I’ve been thinking for lately that I never even remotely considered that McCartney is kind of a weird dude. Listening to this, now I come to confirm all my suspicions.

  67. The Mad Apples

    Everybody gangsta till you start liking this song unironically

    John Wilkes Booth

    Sometimes you just hear a song too much and...

  68. Franceseo Greco

    this song makes me laff

  69. Harry Ashcroft

    This is, upon first glance, a strange song that sounds bad. The more I listen to it, the more it gets stuck in my head. You find yourself moving to it. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s just something... not right. Everything seems off but I somehow enjoy it

  70. SchoolofRockNRoll

    I love discovering up and coming artists

  71. Pat

    *Imagine if The Beatles never broke up and this became one of their songs.*

    fluffer nutter

    it'd be regarded as a classic

    John Wilkes Booth

    Why did they not put this in everyday chemistry lmao

    Phil Bullen

    I can only imagine....George and Ringo both quit again. John and Paul argue over whether this or working class hero should be first or second in the album. George Martin adds strings? I DEFINITELY think Yoko could get in on the action with screeches and such, if anyone let her near a microphone. I'd also add in a billy preston solo in the middle...JUST for fun.

  72. Sibalomnon

    Paul is multi-dimensional. His creativity is unlimited. He is a musical genius.

  73. Epic Oxtra

    This was my wedding song.

  74. Day Dreamer

    Wtf is this bro

  75. Will Rogich

    This reminds me of peter gabriels first album

  76. Scott Sutherland


  77. Javier Muñoz López

    This is a cool song!! 🤨

  78. Classic_Rock Richards_


  79. Repomeister

    I remember hearing this song for the first time in the mid 80's and I loved it! Played it all the time for a little while then totally forgot about it as I dove deeper into stuff like Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees, etc. etc. Anyways - a few months ago this song popped back in my mind and I kept telling myself to find it on YouTube to see if it was how I remembered it. But I kept forgetting to look for it! I would be on YouTube not able to remember what it was I supposed to look up. Then a few days later I would remember again while driving but of course by the time I was back home and doing other stuff I would forget again. So frustrating to constantly have that feeling you are forgetting something in the back of your mind... ANYWAYS - today I finally did it! Whoo hooo! And the song was *NOT* how I remembered it! I still had a lot of the lyrics in my mind so it was great to hear it again. When I heard it, it seemed like a normal song like a generic pop song - but of course I was seriously into alternative/dirge music so this new wave sounding song sounded normal to me. But just now listening to it I was like WTF!?!?!?!?

  80. ElectricCookie

    It kinda slaps tho.

  81. ElectricCookie

    This is the best bad Song.

  82. piemanpie2424

    This is basically Death Grips

  83. Fred Thomas


  84. ringo starr is an e boy

    someone had to remaster this

  85. Uwewe Wawewewowe

    i guess he was like 'GUYS!!! I HAVE A SYNTH!!!!' and that's what he created

  86. Cobzah

    Hotline McCartney

  87. Alanna C

    i genuinely REALLY like this song its different yet so catchy and it has stayed in my mind since the first time i heard it.


    I genuinely really like this

  89. Like I Is

    This song is an abortion.

  90. Yalda Moghaddami

    I love it so much. what is wrong with me?

  91. Kayak Fan

    So he figured out how to use sample and hold and then put some guitar and drum on it? Okay

  92. Dan Hyatt

    When I heard this in concert it was so terrible with a couple of the other opening songs...I thought I was going to have to walk out on my $100 tickets

  93. Francis DiMenno

    Ominous, frightening, and wonderful.

  94. Joy Stinson

    He was WAY ahead with electrionica, new wave like talking heads remain in light, disco beat but new wave sound and even house music and sambas on this album. Like many macca efforts, downed by critics then. One site shows 80 review but updated realization that sound and music here so ahead of time.

  95. Slunker

    I came here expecting something like Wild Honey Pie, but I actually really like this


    So you don't like Wild Honey Pie? I LOVE IT