Paul McCartney - Summer's Day Song Lyrics

Someone's sleeping
Through a bad dream
Tomorrow it will be over
For the world will soon be waking
To a summer's day

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Paul McCartney Summer's Day Song Comments
  1. Christian Hassegawa

    Clássico de Sr PAUL McCartney ok galera

  2. Uetti

    That three part harmony... GOD!

  3. Javier Muñoz López

    Omg this song takes me to another planet 🤩

  4. Erik Hoffmann

    Life without Paul, couldn't imagine.

  5. sandinyourshoes

    It is a beautiful summer day, and this song expresses my own afternoon mood so perfectly.

  6. Hippie6400

    I used to sing this to my son when he was a baby in 1982. It will always hold a place in my heart.

  7. Jetthead18

    Exquisite music.
    Happy first day of Summer June 21 2019

  8. Eric Beaulieu

    Beautiful poetic sonG By PauL.

  9. Imelda Ennis

    We're getting there 🌤️😍living for it ❤️... Beautiful song 🎤🎶❤️🎶👌

  10. UM- No Nattys Since '47 - Wolverines

    Complete shit....

  11. Barbara Kirk

    Heard this on 'I Am The Eggpod' (Beatles and solo fans' podcast) when Beardyman was discussing McCartney 2. The mellotron flute sounds are similar to what Tomas Bodin used on his solo albums, and Jon Brion used on his productions for Eels, Aimee Mann and Fiona Apple.

  12. ColtraneTaylor

    Lennon and Harrison had become old family men and legends. McCartney was still an artist and cutting edge. He would have kept the Beatles creatively relevant with these songs.


    ColtraneTaylor , the thought of The Beatles going on much longer can baffle the mind.

  13. mystique0417

    Ultra McCartney fan hearing this for the first time at age 64.

    Hen Smithers

    64? how did you miss this one??

    Angelo C.

    Are u dead now ?

  14. Brian Christan F. Zablan

    I would consider this one of his finests. The melody is beautiful and the changes in meter/time are clever.

  15. Eoghan Lyng

    This is simply gorgeous.

  16. C MH

    Almost put me to sleep,church music!

  17. JoeTyler85


    Miguel Loeza





    all of the above

  18. jurr47

    I wonder what would I be without these underrated songs.


    1981 was such a year! and largely because of this and many other recordings by 'various artists'


    This was released in '80

  19. Miquel Segarra

    "Pop music is the classical music of now", said in 1968 nobody.

    Joy Stinson

    Miquel Segarra , yep, laughed at then for saying it, now on internet some was high when said it....may have been ...still true