Paul McCartney - Riding Into Jaipur Lyrics

Riding to Jaipur
Riding through the night
Riding with my baby
Oh what a delight
Oh what a delight
It is


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Paul McCartney Riding Into Jaipur Comments
  1. David G

    So interesting that Paul had (has) a better grasp of Indian music than George, who was an advocate of it. The instrumental part stands on it's own. Bravo, Paul.

  2. Joy Stinson

    Love his great experimentalism and different songs on this album...much dissed by Macca and Beatles fans.....wanted traditional Macca like previous flaming pie....alternative Macca always throws trades fans.

  3. dominic boulanger

    take orange pecoe tea put ghaam salada spice put some bay leaves and cinnamon and put honney and oak milk and you've got a good chai tea like in jipoor try it ti's good but be carefull when you filter it...

  4. dominic boulanger

    my brother went to india and a very good trip and remind's me his trip

  5. michavandam

    So Paul finally caught up with George, eh?

  6. Andrew Flood

    GOOD SONG !!!!

  7. N C

    Listening to this song sitting in Jaipur. Love Macca

    Brian Herrington

    kiwirk c That must have been a special and unique feeling.

  8. oliounidizlove

    Best tribute to George , beautiful !.

    Brian Herrington

    oliounidizlove It’s quite a subliminal message I feeling coming shortly before George’s passing.

  9. Brandon Knox

    Been looking for this song for literally four years thanks for uploading

  10. Ezequiel Álvarez Andrade

    the sound in this song remember me to george harrison

  11. trfesok

    There's no sitar, so I assume it's the Tampura that causes the Indian string sounds (zingg..)?

  12. TheAileenarteaha

    its magnificent

  13. TheAileenarteaha

    weed is the album

    Joy Stinson

    TheAileenarteaha , probably to George but you WIN the thread...comedy gold..

  14. James McKeon

    "Driving Rain" was the album McCartney did after "Run Devil Run." I always thought that only the people who like EVERYTHING McCartney does would think "Driving Rain" is a great album. Not sure if that's true, but to me the album was a bit of a letdown after "Run Devil Run."

  15. HeartInThe60s


  16. Penny Lane

    @RonaldVaughan Listen to "India" by Paul Mccartney.

  17. Ronald Vaughan

    On that radio show, Jaipur was said to be the "Pink City" of East India.

    Ayu Patel

    Jaipur is in the west of India.


    @Ayu Patel its in north west

  18. Ronald Vaughan

    I just heard this song 2 days ago on Les Perry's radio show, "MEET THE BEATLES"
    (KCSN-FM,Los Angeles). I thought that only George Harrison had done
    East Indian-type songs....I was really surprisedl!

  19. Lightavion

    This song has always creeped the hell out of me.

  20. Harris Miller