Paul McCartney - Mistress And Maid Lyrics

She Said
Come In My Dear,
You're Looking Tired Tonight.
Your Bath Is Drawn, Let Me Loosen Your Tie
And Fix You Your Usual Drink.

He Settles Back,
Takes A Magazine,
Kicks Off His Shoes, As He Studies The Form
Of Every Appealing Soubrette.
But Where Are The Flowers That He Used To Bring?
Every Endearing Remark
Reminds Her Of Passionarte Promises,
That He Only Made In The Dark.

In Her Bed,
She Wants To Shout At The Back Of His Head
Look At Me, Look At Me, Look At Me I'm Afraid
See What It's Come To,
I'm Just Your Mistress And Maid.

The Wine Is Warm
But The Dinner Is Cold.
The Look In His Eye Tells Her It Won't Be Long
'Till The Girls On The Page Come To Life.
And They'll Get The Flowers That He Used To Bring
With Every Endearing Remark,
And All Of The Passionate Promises
He'll Never Fulfil In The Dark.

In Their Bed,
She Wants To Shout At The Back Of His Head
Look At Me, Look At Me, Now That I'm Not Afraid.
See What It's Come To,
I'm Not Your Mistress And Maid.

See What It's Come To,
I'm Not Your Mistress Annf Maid.

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Paul McCartney Mistress And Maid Comments
  1. Rémy Macca

    Frankly, guys who treat women badly, or even beat them, are cowards and fuckers who don't know how lucky they are to have a woman in their life.

  2. Rainiero Guerrero

    A lyric like this could only be written by Elvis Costello ... so dark, so beauty.


    Off the Ground is so underrated. I love each song, but Mistress and The lovers we never were are two masterpieces

  4. Laszlo A. Voros

    I have this album and that was one of my favorite songs. Paul McCartney is always great. They are coming out with the digitally remastered White Album. Should be awesome. The Beatles always were.

  5. Lucretius

    bless this man

  6. Laszlo A. Voros

    Mistress and Maid is a fantastic song.

  7. Starship Trooper

    Heard someone say this is a bit of a response to Paul's Beatle tune For No One. What do you think?


    Jane Asher related?

    Starship Trooper


  8. MeloLand

    This song is fantastic!!

  9. Ricardo da Costa

    I LOVE this music!

  10. Erazm Klimoo

    Awesome completely and totally awesome!!!!!

  11. Merseyrock

    Here, Paul reminds me of Ingmar Bergman, when the latter directed "Kvinno Dröm". Which is a study in feminine psychology — ranging from dreams, hopes, despair, and disappointment. But Paul concentrates here on one aspect. Disappointment of the housewife. And this is not a new theme in Paul. 22 years earlier, in 1971, he was probably thinking of the same housewife-to-be of this story, when he wrote "Another day". On that occasion, our protagonist was searching for a husband — following a string of one-night stands that led to none. She was unhappy over this. ...By 1993, we find her finally settled into a marriage! But the marriage did not turn out what she had hoped it ought to be. Both in 1971, and in 1993, she feels "something is still missing" in her life. (Even though she ultimately got what she wanted.) Paul seems to be exploring this "sense of incompleteness", in the woman she writes about. So sad. On some level. "Never getting" what one wants....


    there is no such thing as "feminine psychology" but if you still want to use that phrase, pls write female since feminine is nothing but a female is a human being.


    I see your point.

  12. Bulmaro Montoya

    fantastic Paul forever

  13. A. C.

    una de las mejores canciones del disco!

  14. Paulie V !

    I hope I'll never go through a relationship like this one... But we never know what the future has for us.

  15. UltimateMusicFan 1812

    Great Mccartney/Costello song, funny from late 80's but fits 90s so well, masterpiece!

  16. Ron Slack

    The guy in this song is an arrogant thoughtless jerk.Sad part is that she chose him.

  17. Farrah Teague

    One of my favorite songs from "Off The Ground."  The lyrics are very profound.  Believe you me.  I wouldn't want to be the woman in this song.

    Daniel Jonathan Muñoz

    Farrah Teague Exactly!, nobody Wants...


    but if youre the woman in the song that just means Paul wrote a song about you


    What is this song about? Sorry, I'm not English.

    Mau Ferrusca

    @FULVIA ZITO About a woman that's been forgetten and neglected by her husband or partner and, in the end, just became his mistress and maid.

  18. Karlarai Larirari Larai Larai

    Esta letra es muy pal loly D:!

  19. alphadogstudio

    Co-written with Elvis Costello

  20. felsacha

    this song is fantastic

  21. Dany Zamora Linares

    This Album and Flowers in the dirt are my favourites!

    Joy Stinson

    Dany Zamora Linares , interesting but good selections...

  22. EscuchaYcalla

    Paul is so underrated. He will always be the best.

  23. dewy200884

    i think this is one of Paul's underrated albums.

  24. selvagem76

    Paul <3