Paul McCartney - Heather Lyrics

I'm gonna fly to the moon
Check in outta space
Find me a suitable plot
Build myself a place
There I will stay
For a year and a day
Until the cares of my life blow away
And I will dance to a runcible tune
With the queen of my heart


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Paul McCartney Heather Comments
  1. Robert Willey

    Such a pretty song.

  2. MORGAN5005

    Es increìble que esta joya sea desconocida por el gran pùblico. Paul es el verdadero "KING OF POP" !

  3. João Lucas Campello

    Paul fez uma música dessas para aquela mulher. Heather jamais mereceu todo amor e bondade do maior gênio da música. Enfim, uma das mais belas canções de Sr Paul McCartney. Início da década de 2000.

  4. Joy Stinson

    She, like yoko, pretended to grow up on classical songs and not know any Beatles songs...yoko pretended not to know who they were but chased Macca in London 66 as was single, met him, he said more John’s type, so she went and camped outside his home for two years. Very gifted men musically but EXTREMELY gullible to that kind of stuff, as each went around repeating story. Heather dropped her fiancé when he began showing interest in her, but she pubdowned him, spent a fortune living lavishly and taking helicopters everywhere after hot him.

    Then, when married called him a stupid old man, an old fart in front of folks that worked for him, said he had to record with new artists to stay jealous when fans asked for his and not her autograph....wasn’t surprised when she drove him to serious drinking at end..left him repeatedly with baby for weeks at time, finally left him then made public spectacle of their divorce or he might have given her more. She claimed he pushed her dead when pregnant and stabbed her with a wine glass, taunted her about her leg, all when he was very drunk but she the kind to shrew a man and drive him to drink...well, he should not have and should have instead gotten away from her.,.he tried to reconcile but then she left him....

    She lost her leg because upset over a breakup, ran straight into traffic because she’s a borderline personality, her friends said she boasted when pregnant that really had him....he was a financial commodity for her to mistreat? I read where a few years ago, she had gone through half her settlement taking friends on lavish ski vacations and shopping trips. She was an escort to rich London shiek, did soft, was White trash and Macca a horney and lonely old man and a romantic fool not to do pre nuptial with her or latest wealthy wife. Due to loss of mom’s in teens, John and Paul had stable good first wives but their insecurities made them prey to vulture women.

  5. mayaadobe

    Man that drumming !


    Abe Laboriel Jr.

  6. 마이에

    Is Paul McCartney regretting the title of this song?

  7. Ross Hauler

    Ten thousand miles over the ocean
    Ten thousand miles over the ocean

    I get up in the morning
    In the evening I get up

  8. Cândido José Silva Neto

    Also sounds to me like a new Rockestra Theme

  9. roberto carranza

    Todos los dias la escucho

  10. fhorquin

    tan mccartney que emociona

  11. BennyGoodTips

    It is not an instrumental, it is a song with a very long intro


    Exactly :)

  12. John Alello

    Just beautiful !!! Sir Paul take me to the moon this song has wings so uplifting put this on the radio please like this entire album driving rain !!

  13. Strath Man

    Lots of plausible speculation concerning which Heather this must have been written "for" or "about" based on evidence like dates and circumstances. Actually the truth could well be "both and neither". It's possible that Paul had an unused fragment of a Wings era tune kicking around in the back of his mind for many years, with a nursery rhyme lyric influence coming from times spent singing sung to the kids - perhaps Heather. Maybe years later when a second Heather came into his life with the prospect of new kids he was reminded of it. Maybe he toyed with finishing it. When Heather2 heard it and liked it he could have repurposed it, thinking it was quite fitting. Things like that happen all the time. McCartney is one of those writers (like most writers actually) who rarely write directly from current experience like a journalist but rather mix all kinds of ideas and influences, which then may, or may not, be hung on the hook of some current opinion or person or event to make a song.

    Robert Willey

    Actually it his about Heather the ex. I heard him say he was playing this just sitting at his piano playing one early morn and he was playing with the piano hit and hearher heard him playing it, was amazed and said he should turn it onto a song, so he did. sweet. Lol

    But, yea, its about.......her.

  14. Andrew Flood

    good song !!!

  15. Bruce Beatlefan

    "There will I stay for a year and a day". That's just about how long it was, was it not? Shame that such a soaring, majestic melody, one of the best of Sir Paul's career, is sort of relegated to the dump bin.

    Martina Linked to we

    Not my dump bin...still a great melody. I'll listen for a year and a day!

  16. MORGAN5005



    True that!

  17. Carl Baumeister

    The bad wife who inspired a good song!

  18. Forasec

    The lyrics wouldn't make sense to be about his daughter (especially non biological) over his own, as being the queen of his heart.

  19. Justin Pullin

    Heather & Justin
    Danielle & Luis
    Misty & Scott
    Megan and Mike
    Michelle and Kevin
    Melissa and Mike

  20. Renaud Renard

    This song has one inperfection.......The Title :)

  21. Bill W

    i bet he'd like to make some changes to this song lol

  22. Dan L

    This song has been re titled to Cunt

  23. trfesok

    Nice song, but he probably doesn't play it much anymore..

  24. Samuel dos Santos

    Linda e apaixonante canção! Muito bom sentir esse humor romântico influenciado por essa grande figura cultural do Rock Britânico: Paul McCartney. =D

  25. Rafael Fernandes de Abreu

    Gosto muito dessa música!

  26. George Martin

    This is about a real beautiful love to Heather - not to daughter. You should be a man of Paul's age to understand it so clearly... Such a beautiful song can't be dedicated to non -perfect woman... 'Russian guy George Martin :)'.

  27. jowy-2001

    favorite instrumental music

  28. Noga Steinmetz

    One of the most moving songs I've heard in my life. McCartney is a legend.

  29. Solomongrundy11

    Guys, this is about the Gold Digger one, not about his step daughter, when are you going to get it ?

    Tim Jackson

    he adopted Heather so she is his actual daughter and not his step daughter :)

    Alexis Baltazar

    Tim Jackson no he adopted her when he married Linda

  30. Jim Richards

    this is a GREAT song written about the only woman who ever stood up to this pompous ass.

    Daniel Achille

    He did not write this in 1969. That was a different song about his daughter. This is about his wife at the time.

    Daniel Achille

    How many of Paul's albums have you bought since the split?

    Daniel Achille

    Or at least he wrote it while they were in a relationship. He has never said it is about Heather Mills so it could be about his daughter. But the 1969 song Heather was about his daughter.

    Charles Wartelle

    Think about how much better he would have been if he’d have taken life lessons from you Jim.

  31. C. A. Price

    Heather Mills a gold digger is so old description...does not really apply.. what type of Lady is Heather Mills was not the issue with Sir Paul McCartney...He wanted and could not do was to repair Heather Mills...he felt like all men, she never had tenderness from a man only a rough touch..he was willingly to give her the gold...he knew it was coming her demands would become stronger and stronger...he has the best of their relationship Beatrice... Heather Mills sees once or twice or three times a week...Nancy is her step-mother this who Beatrice runs too...when she is sleepy and wants a bedtime story.

  32. C. A. Price

    His daughter who he adopted when he married Linda, her name is Heather McCartney...she was four years old, when he had adopted legally...Her biological father did not complain or protest...this is who he was writing about.

  33. Enigmatized

    actually one of Sir Paul's Best simple notes ever written and recorded. 

  34. Tania Barrios

    I just hear this song and I fly away....

  35. trfesok

    LOL. Well, I don't think we'll ever hear it live now!

  36. MORGAN5005

    Master of the Melody .

  37. huarachudo47

    One legged cunt.

  38. Enigmatized

    Personally, I would think that at the time of this recording this song was made for his then girlfriend, not his daughter. Album came out in 2001. He Married In 2002. Who am I to say. I wish we could hear from Paul himself and get the story straight.

  39. Rik T

    Truly despising how someone like Mills takes advantage of the wealth of a great, great guy as Sir Paul McCartney is. On top of that, she left him heartbroken and her parting gift were two horrendous years of lawyers and everything connected to that. So glad that this song is about one of Paul's beautiful daughters. May Paul be happy with Nancy.

  40. Wandering Wonderer

    @superman11978 Actually the song you were talking about is "Your Loving Flame". He was in NYC in his hotel looking out over Central Park and just playing the piano. So Heather Mills grabbed a cassette and recorded it. Both that song and this one are written for Heather Mills.

  41. Paolo Olianas

    Fantastico rock anni '70

  42. MagiMysteryTour

    His "little child Heather" is 48 years old. This was 2001, he was engaged to Heather Mills, he thought it was going to last. Just because you're looking back with the knowledge of what happened later with the "gold digger", don't try to rewrite the past. "Queen of my heart" was meant for the mother of his daughter Beatrice.

  43. Lothar Steinwedel

    Call it "WEATHER" :-)

  44. Jon Stammers

    @superman11978 I think you've confused it for a much earlier song he wrote with the same title, in 1969 v=YDAO15rrshk .

  45. MrRocked123

    notice hes barefoot on this album cover aswell just like abbey road maybe hes dead again XD ;)

    Lisa Lentile

    MrRocked123 lol yeah he dies with his shoes off

  46. Penny Lane

    @PeaceNYC2011 So what? The song is beautiful.

  47. Coco Loko

    @superman11978 Where did you get this information ? At this time, he was in love with Heather Mills and if you listen the lyrics, he is singing about the "queen of my heart"... I don't think it's about his daughter IN LAW...

  48. Matt Koester

    I think it's better when John sings about the ocean over it.


    Matt Koester i get that that reference

  49. entubadao

    Inspiring. Beautiful. Uplifting. Could only come from Paul.

  50. ttmoran

    Frigin love this tune. Excellent piano.

  51. Magda Negrete

    mala mujer no te la mereces pero en fin el tema es muy bello te amamos paul

  52. Magda Negrete

    que tema mas bello lastima que esa mujer se haya portado tan mal con el no se la merece pero en fin te amamos a ti paul

  53. Uetti

    I know you hate her, but you have to accept the fact that Paul loved her.
    So, it's quite a normal thing for him to dedicate a song to her.

    Paul made another song titled Heather for his daughter with Donovan in 1969.
    So, don't mess facts up.

  54. Uetti

    No, this song was written for Heather Mills.
    The "Heather" Paul refers while talking about how the song was born -Messing at the piano and then asked about which Beatle tune was he playing- is her at time fiancee.
    The prove is that this song was actually played at their marriage in 2002.

  55. Fantony - FramboiseLFC -

    A very underrated song. One of my fav Macca's solo songs, actually. Thanks for posting and Long Live Paul! :)

  56. Robert J. Williamson

    Can you believe how few views he get on youtube? Some have 500 views. Some random baby talking crap gets a million. A little sad really. Anyway this is a very good song thanks for posting.

  57. Patricio

    uffff que canción!!! tengo todo lo de Paul, y sin duda es una d las mejores!


    track 10?

  59. piggies1

    That's a nice anecdote. TY very much!!!

  60. superman11978

    Paul said he was just messing around on the piano and came up with this tune, and Heather (McCartney, his daughter, NOT Mills) urged him to get it on tape because she thought it was a really nice tune. So he called the song Heather. It's a really catchy tune...

  61. piggies1

    If this song was meant to be for the gold digger i would mind posting it, hahaha.

  62. txeire

    ahhhhh...ok. my bad.

  63. piggies1

    He didint write this for the gold digger, he wrote it for his little child Heather.

    random person

    Heather must've been what , 40 when this was written?

  64. txeire

    i'm thinking that if he could he would change this song to Linda...Gertrude, Zelda..anything but Heather