Paul McCartney - Follow Me Lyrics

You lift up my spirits
You shine on my soul
Whenever I'm empty
You make me feel whole
I can rely on you
To guide me through
Any situation
You hold up a sign that reads, follow me

You give me direction
You show me the way
You give me a reason
To face every day
I can depend on you
To send me to
Any destination
You hold up a sign that reads, follow me, follow me

Down the track of loneliness
Down the path of love
Through the woods of heartache to the end
On the shores of sorrow
Where the waves of hope crash in
The perfect place for me to find a friend
ahh yeah yeah yeah, oh

You lead me to places
That I've never been
Uncovering secrets
That I've never seen
I can rely on you
To guide me through
Any situation
You hold up a sign that reads
Follow me, follow me
Follow me, follow me
Follow me, follow me
Follow me, follow me

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Paul McCartney Follow Me Comments
  1. Joy Stinson

    This is a beautiful spiritual song.

  2. Maria Lucia Leone

    Great Paulie, as he's always ever been ❤️

  3. Jeff Davis

    All these quotes about religion,all mind concepts

  4. Michael M.

    Beautiful song.

  5. Mike Fuller

    Classic Song!

  6. Lenilson D. Brito

    Follow him!

  7. bjoybeads

    What a beautiful song -   We can only take people at their word - in the end, only God can judge, only God really knows about anyone.

  8. bjoybeads

    yes, Paul said in one interview that he is a Christian and a Catholic....his music comes from God because God is Love !

    Shannon Smith

    no, Paul is most certainly not a Christian nor a Catholic. far from it. I've listened to hundreds of hours of interviews and read dozens of books on paul. i can assure you that he is not a catholic nor christian.... more hippie new age

    Corsham Viton

    Rhubarb! Man-made, bullcrap, religion has NOTHING to do with it.

  9. MooseBreath Mints

    Fact / FYI: John was going to church in New York city for a short time before Ono had him get away from the U.S.   Fact / FYI: While abroad John used to visit Mission Organizations and encouraged the staff. Fact / FYI: John, a short time before he died, said in an interview that he still read the Bible and was recently encouraged by the Sermon on the Mt. (Was he a "Christian?" I do not know.)

    La Co

    MooseBreath Mints I'll have to confirm what your talking about here. Undeniable facts: John was a Communist, a Fabian Socialist and they are NOT Christian, and in fact are despised of Jesus and Christianity. John's Imagine song (though Yoko may have written it) was pure Commie propaganda and is the socialist anthem to this day (often forced on us and is extremely, vastly overrated as a song). And John highly touted Primal Scream Therapy which is the most discredited "therapy" ever! He was a mixed up dude, not the genius and I doubt he returned or ever admitted any affinity to Christ. Yoko would have killed him (wait, hmmmm). The socialists would have killed him. Starting Over can be seen as Born Again and having a redemption experience, but from John and because of the political world he was in, I seriously doubt it.

    Can you prove anything you say??

    Millard Fillmore

    MooseBreath Mints
    It doesn’t do any good to slap a label on someone based on which religious organization they happen to be involved in. Christian, Buddish, Hinduism, Protestant , Jewish , Islamic, whatever, God chose for different religions to exist, because they all matter. Each are a key piece of the pie, (sort of speak)


    Artists draw their inspiration from everything and everywhere then apply them in their craft. That’s what keeps them going. It would be difficult to assume their Faith or Belief for one thing.

  10. C. A. Price

    Linda McCartney was Jewish....Paul McCartney stated he was raise Catholic and Anglican...Linda's funeral was Christian both in United States and in England.


    +C. A. Price - yes, thank you for the truth.

    C. A. Price

    Your welcome.

    Joy Stinson

    C. A. Price , yes, Macca dad was personally agnostic but raised Catholic per mom’s came from Protestant tradition and folks. What you say is true

  11. Jack Jones

    You're wrong, "Not really. I have a kind of personal faith in something good, but it doesn't really go much further than that. It's certainly not subscribing to any organised religion. I think that is the cause of a lot of trouble – 'My god is better than yours'." - Paul McCartney in Late 2011.

  12. elchicoguapo777

    he never was and never will be. yes, But that's not important.

  13. TCfoxs

    Yes he is. But that's not important.

  14. elchicoguapo777

    Paul wasn't a christian. only ringo.

    Pedro ignacio Cruz mac-kellar

    Si era cristiano .

    Joy Stinson

    elchicoguapo777 , I didn’t know ringo was..probably helped him through alcoholism

  15. andrea R Grange

    george was a very religious person

  16. Shajan Kozegary

    Stop that bull about them being religious. They weren't. George, close to his death, believed in god, not in any religious forms of communication or rules. Ringo isn't religious. John wasn't. And Paul isn't. He's said in recent interviews that when people think he's mentioning "mother mary" it's his OWN mother, not that one. He mentioned it in an interview before his South American tour this past year.

    Joy Stinson

    Shajan Kozegary , paul was was raised by mom Catholic, dad was agnostic, but we don’t know his personal beliefs

    Joy Stinson

    They were spiritual, not necessarily religious and there is a difference. Spiritualness is of God, but religion is of man. However, until just before he died when he realized they were gathered awaiting his death and he willed them a lot, George Hare Krishna, ringo Christian.

  17. TCfoxs

    He wasn't?

  18. John Winston

    John wasn't an Atheist.

    Joy Stinson

    John Winston , we don’t really know

  19. thebolMoose

    but the simple fact that your hear claiming something so ridiclous as this has truly offended me and I'm sure im not the only one.

    Good day to you sir, and when your burning in hell I hope you ask God, Where in the hell are YOU!?!?!

  20. thebolMoose

    and if thats not it this is exactly how you sound. While your sitting here pretending to 'preach the word of god' chances are god is watching you, laughing, at how ridiculous you sound. John and George are lucky. They don't have to live in a world with idiots such as yourself.

    And I'm not here telling you your wrong for believing in your religion, because that is not the case. Everyone is entitled to their own belief

  21. thebolMoose

    Yes mark because George Harrison preached another word than 'god's' he was given throat cancer.. not because he was a smoker, well of course not that would be preposterous!! And yes john lennon was shot, not because of some religious psychopath similar to yourself, but he was shot because God wanted him to die.

    The fact that you said 'then that is your pathetic little problem' shows u believe anyone that doesn't believe in your religion is obviously below you,

  22. TCfoxs

    I've read a few books and watched a lot of documentaries.
    The Beatles Anthology is great!

  23. Gabriel Lopes

    I think he don't need to answer this questions either... When you listen to a song such as "follow me" you can see that the emotions in the music goes beyond any religion can provide

    Joy Stinson

    Gabriel Lopes regions are of man....

  24. Truthmonster

    No, idiot. An Athiest is one that KNOWS God, yet still denies Him. John was NOT that way.

    As for should know what God has said will happen to anyone that preaches any other word, than that of His own. It is written. know what happened to George......throat Cancer. You don't belive it? Then that is your pathetic little (BIG) problem. SO in that case, feel free to preach another word than God's.....and see what happens to you. Your choice.

    Joy Stinson

    Truthmonster , MANY Christians die of cancer and all kinds of ways, accidental, wars, murdered, you are not preaching scripture here. Bible says judge not that ye be not judged. Only God knows the heart and you are not God. Paul’s mom was a devout Catholic and died of cancer.

    I am a SPIRIT FILLED CHRISTIAN and know that YOUR kind of preaching runs people away. Much is written about folks who run people better that a millstone be tied around their neck and cast into the sea, the little ones or new possible believers should not be discouraged or condemned. At one time John was interested in Christianity, but folks started telling him he had to do this, couldn’t do that and discouraged him.

    Donna G

    That is ridiculous. People of all beliefs get cancer. George did believe in God and sang about it in many songs including his last album Brainwashed. Speaking of brainwashed, most people in organized religions are brainwashed. Nothing in the Bible says organized religion is necessary or that any religion is the one true religion. The Catholic Church is an abomination and I grew up Catholic. It is being run by a Jesuit (Jewish) Pope who believes in communism and a one world government. This according to the Bible is wrong. The Vatican is just another NWO organization that has nothing to do with Christianity. It's all based on lies and made up doctrine. Your rigid and judgemental beliefs are why there are wars all over the world in the name of religion. Religion is just another tool used by globalists, besides politics, to keep people divided and fighting. As for George, he was at peace with himself and his life and died peacefully. He didn't not get wrapped up in fame or materialism. He knew it was all temporary. He was wide awake when it came to what was going on in the world, even ahead of his time. Listen to his song brainwashed. It's far worse today then when he wrote that song.

  25. Truthmonster

    Paul does. need to admit it, Paul ;-)

    Joy Stinson

    Truthmonster , yes, if Paul believes, he does need to admit to it. I have prayed for him to, have you? With the crazy Paul is dead online kooks, I have also prayed his personal safety. You do not KNOW WHY PEOPLE DIE THE WAY THEY DO, as we all die, but you do not KNOW because you are NOT GOD.

  26. TCfoxs

    Well, he has never answered that question. And I don't want him to do so because most people would change the view of him then.
    Ringo believes in Jesus and heaven. But it's not really clear if Paul does.

    La Co

    TCfoxs Paul uses all muses, and has the greatest heart and soul and had the greatest life because

    Donna G

    I don't know if Paul believes in Jesus but he definitely believes in a God. He has talked about praying when things in his life were tough. I've also heard him mention God in an interview in relation to how he was blessed. I also like to think the song Motor of Love is about God. Some think it's about Linda. I think it's about both because Paul liked dual meanings in songs. In any case, it's a beautiful song.

  27. bckm54

    For a long time i was a typical paul-basher. too pop, too shallow... Eventually I outgrew the childish chip I had on my shoulder and actually LISTENED to him talk, as well as sing. I'm a Yoko and John fan for 40 years, and in the early years I thought I would be disloyal to them if I liked McCartney. While not on a par with John in terms of what appealed to me (significant lyrics), there was a reason Paul is so highly regarded and loved. Add me to the list of Paul fans...

    Joy Stinson

    bckm54 , I preferred John and George for several decades but kept buying all Paul solo music and that was so varied and some cutting edge even, and his live performances I saw several times won me over. He encompasses the widest genre swooping styles, blends and for decades had the greatest vocal range singing in all styles. John and rock mag press and George also started all of that Paul bashing, yet Paul was dignified and it became a JOHN VS PAUL thing not evident in beatles era though folks had favorite.

    Paul has been dissed for decades and finally new set of critics have re-evaluated his earlier solo stuff and see that he was unfairly downed for a very long time. John’s heroin ranting and Klein convincing him he did things on beatles stuff didn’t do had him ranting against Paul in breakup era rolling stone interviewing owner of RS idolized him and had a crush on him. The in tragic death, Phil Norman book shout to get interviews with John before his death, author was said beatles were 3/4 John and yoko said Paul only booked studio.

    This was first serious book after 68 Hunter Davies book on Beatles in 81 and Norman was London Times music critic for a long time so really slanted public and rock fans against Paul varied solo efforts, but he was much more prolific than other solo Beatles and did the stunning wings tour that was still berated. He still has pushed forward, working hard, but carries that and though other Beatles left but came back, some several times or they left a while. Recently Norman has done biography of Paul claiming he’s a genius basically and John was jealous and lazy solo years. First amazon review someone out Norman quote after quote pail downing, telling him to retire...then Norman confessed was Paul’s age and wanted to be him, so apparently John not only one with Paul envy.

    He got bad rap for breaking them up when saw extreme tangled mess of their money and didn’t trust Klein who they all left a year or two later and John admitted cheated them. John and yoko in heroin haze. George and John wanted to leave end of touring, George fell fell out with John left, the with Paul and ready to leave and ringo left first. Klein said would get Paul and put out false story or so about him. I admire him for staying positive despite all of this. No matter what he says or does, has received a lot of criticism through years, even now.. Paul is fourth largest celeb diner to charity and supports good causes, climate and animals and other good causes like amnesty.

    John and Paul patched up some by 77, but George bitter almost till end when Paul went to him as dying and setting him up in Paul home for his comfort where he died. George was also bitter with a brother and his sister but just before died made up when they went to him. John and Paul dismissed beatles era and ringo says was in the past though does songs but in interviews says in past , but Paul more mindful of its legacy and importance to fans.

    Joy Stinson

    bckm54 , several of us went through that phase, led by John and his worshippers

  28. henk mourik

    love you paul thanks for al your music and insperation thanks bless you

  29. Christian S

    I'm giving a witness on a Men's Retreat for Christ Renews His Parish at my Church, the topic is Discipleship. I'm using this song for my closing, couldn't have picked a better one. Thanks Paul great work.

  30. Alma Hernandez

    beautiful song!!!

  31. TCfoxs

    @sinksinmud123 Yes. Ringo is a Christian too. George Harrison was Hindu and John Lennon was Atheist.

    Joy Stinson

    TCfoxs , only god knows the heart the Bible says, so though Paul does not prescribe to man’s religious designations, you don’t know. Paul May have come closet to heart of God as his lyrics throughout his life show.

  32. TCfoxs

    @angelcake318 Well, most YouTube users are very young. If YouTube would be invented in the 60:s The Beatles would have billions of views. :) (btw. they are still bigger than Justin Bieber)

  33. Sky'sANDJeffs VideoNation

    @sinksinmud123 he was raised non-demonational (or however u spell it) which means he believes in God but hes not accompained in any certain religion

    Joy Stinson

    Sky'sANDJeffs VideoNation , mom took him to mass weekly, dad was agnostic

  34. Caro lina

    Ovunque tu vada io sarò sempre lì con te!! <3

  35. angelcake318

    how come justin bieber ( not a hater) has more views than this? In my opinion I this should get a bit more than this :)

  36. Dave the dude 1

    Is Paul McCartney a christian?

    Joy Stinson

    Dave the dude 1 , between him and Jesus

  37. justsomedude777

    wow i never really followed pauls solo albums until i saw his concert, i fucking love this:)

  38. Jude Starkey McCartney

    ill follow you <3

    mark spellman

    Id follow you beautiful Jude <3

  39. Tessa Weber

    I would listen to this song.. Any situation!

  40. Vicky B

    te seguire paul. follow you. follow you xP jejejee
    te seguire el 10 de noviembre en river yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! se me DIOO CARAJOO!!

  41. Serena Sweeting

    Beautiful song <3
    This song makes me think of my Best Friend =)

  42. Krarongthong

    A perfect sound video