Paul McCartney - English Tea Lyrics

Would you care to sit with me
For a cup of English tea
Very twee
Very me
Any sunny morning

What a pleasure it would be
Chatting so delightfully
Nanny bakes
Fairy cakes
Every Sunday morning

Miles and miles of English garden
Stretching past the willow tree
Lines of hollyhocks and roses
Listen most attentively

Do you know the game croquet
Peradventure we might play
Very gay
Hip hooray
Any sunny morning

Miles and miles of English garden
Stretching past the willow tree
Lines of hollyhocks and roses
Listen most attentively

As a rule the church bells chime
When it's almost suppertime
Nanny bakes fairy cakes
On a Sunday morning

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Paul McCartney English Tea Comments
  1. Ari

    Just turned English listening to this

  2. Juan Leiva

    England in a song. Only a genius. Only Paul.

  3. John Street

    Paul McCarthy makes me even more proud to be english.

  4. Collin M

    "very gay" lmao

    T B

    Why is that funny?

    Collin M

    @T B Cause of gay

    T B

    @Collin M It means happy dumb shit

  5. camila. beatles

    The actual UK national anthem

  6. francis bertolini

    Love this guy's playful spirit. I is very child like and in that regard it speaks to everyone.

  7. Hefi23

    He is so great!! Even I do not understand a thing of GB.Thanks so much,Paul! You`re really a very great musician.

  8. Cristopher

    For no one inspiration? , beautiful song

  9. Ola By_Ola

    How many masterpieces have written Paul in less than 3 minutes .
    This is the best album of that year .

  10. Fernando Molina

    What a fine picture!!!

  11. daaaw

    I keep seeing people list this as one of Paul’s worst songs... Yeah, it’s dumb, but that melody is fucking amazing.

  12. Albert Braam


  13. Juancho Núñez

    Listening to this while enjoying a nice cuppa of Earl Grey.

  14. ddjdd wfgggb

    honey pie part 2

  15. beatleman69

    Sounds like it could have fit on the White album.

    Michael M.

    Right before or after Piggies.


    Reminds me a bit like a for no one of revolver

    Jude Connelly

    Always thought that too - he can still pull out Beatle Paul when the moons align. Queeny Eye straight of of Magical Mystery Tour - well, until the breakdown. Prime McCartney.

  16. King Adrock

    2 a girl I used 2 know

  17. Jason Lee

    The Beatles make me proud to be British....


    The Beatles make me proud that the world produced a beautiful, freakish anomaly in music which provided us so many almost magical songs to listen to.

    Emilio Zagardy

    You should we The WORLD are grateful them !!!!

  18. Jason Lee

    Paul is still a genius.   Hope he lives forever....

    Martina Linked to we

    I just spent some time in England, and Liverpool. I loved the time I spent in Liverpool, and only wish Paul could have been there so I could meet him. His music is legendary and unbelievable. I cherish my stop at "Penny Lane" while on a Beatles bus tour in Liverpool. Long live Paul McCartney.

  19. Conan Inflable

    te importaría sentarte conmigo para tomar unos matecitos, un domingo de estos, a la mañana? :P

    Diego Muñoz

    Conan Inflable pero yo también tengo que poder bailar

    Sapo Barranquero

    Ja ja saludos desde quilmes!

    Franco Diaz

    Conan Inflable Excelente traducción jaja.

  20. Aftermath

    This song makes me remember that Paul McCartney the Beatle is still among us.

  21. eslermanu47

    It takes a genius to write a song like this. so simple but just try and write one like it.

  22. Boko

    Very elegant. i could get used to this

  23. James Dunn

    Continues in the tradition of Paul's music hall music. "She Gave Me The Answer" being one example.

    idan willenchik

    You Gave Me the Answer.

  24. nschulz4537

    sharing cups and cakes with me and cakes with meeeeeee

  25. HeeroYuy911

    I am English and I have to say I could not live without my tea, coffee is for pussy's lol >.>

  26. impishenglish

    this should be our national anthem

  27. Jessie Schwarz

    I love this song, *very* British.

    John Street

    Very English

  28. Lou

    When im going to have my "tea time" I always put this amazing song.

  29. impishenglish

    once is never enough....go on play again.

  30. impishenglish

    Paul, i love you!

  31. irving bfhhf

    happy birthday, sir paul mccartney

  32. Luc Baudouin

    Intro inspired by "La ballade de Johnny Jane" (Gainsbourg)?

    Strath Man

    The brief melodic figure at about 0:14-0:20 is similar to a phrase in La Ballade, but not the same, and the feeling of it is different. It could conceivably be an echo, but it seems unlikely to me. I don't think it's a distinctive enough phrase to claim direct descent anyway. More likely just the usual 'convergent evolution' that throws up similar phrases over and over.

  33. Isaiah Rocha


  34. Viviana Emily Cosimetti02

    Paul?? you and me...English tea!!!!

  35. Holdington

    A bit Cups and Cakes by Spinal Tap about this :)

  36. Scarreaux

    every time i listen to this i imagine michael caine, jude law, and the beatles in a tea club in england

    T B

    Eating Fairy cakes

  37. Ojel Sansan Yusandi

    so am i ;)

  38. Stu Art

    Mansion Tax

  39. Daniel Ford

    The jam to go on the scones, when they're sitting in an English garden waiting for the Sun, drinking English tea, you mean ?

  40. Colin Santee

    I'm sure all the pot helps too. Love ya Mac

  41. wen B

    I fell obsessed with "My Valentine", the song was stuck in my head, and also "English Tea"

  42. wen B

    Oh Paul, the songs you write, never bore me (not even close).Don't ever be doubtful about your music, because its beautiful, and you my friend, its like you have the magic touch, when it comes to music.But that magic, comes naturally from you.Rock on.

  43. Dani 8a

    forever replay

  44. Erik Kla

    "For no one"

  45. PogieJoe

    Such a brilliant song. :)

  46. NicolleWith2Ls

    I am kind of obsessed with this song at the moment. Paul McCartney is fantastic! He is the best songwriter ever, in my opinion!

  47. Shanna Romay

    my brother wants to lay down a fresh jam with you paul

  48. Graham Clark

    The best Skylarking-era XTC song that XTC never wrote.

  49. scarletpimpernel100

    love this song! and i would LOVE if i could drink tea with Paul McCartney!!! :)

  50. ftsjr

    A very enjoyable little song.

  51. angelcake318

    i would love to meet paul :D

  52. Philippe Viau

    English tea for no one...

  53. angelcake318

    i love paul :3

  54. BeatleFreak2000

    I was drinking tea when I first heard this song. Coincidence I think not.

  55. Bronx Silver Age Comics

    Almost Like "Martha My Dear"

  56. Dave the dude 1

    Is there a way to dwonload this song legally free.

  57. Dave the dude 1

    I hate how the world screwed up the original word gay, it used mean happy now it liking the same sex. Sir Paul McCartney is a proper englishmen.

  58. FriendlyShadow1

    I would love to have tea with the great Paul. :) I wonder what kind he likes.

  59. Carrie Page

    I would LOVE to have a cup of tea with you Paul :)

  60. Beth Trueman

    he's such a beast. rock on, paul

  61. Jude Starkey McCartney

    i think everytime im about to drink tea, im gonna have to listen to this song first. especially if its a sunday morning :) yes paul, i think i can do that with you :) i even have croquet!! but, as long as the tea is involved, its all good :)

  62. SuperEdwardfan1

    yess paulie, we can sit in the backyard and drink tea well making chaos creation, then we can play croquet, then look at the miles and miles of english gardens, then we can go back home and eat farrie cakes wat a delightful afternoon i had with u pauliepaul

  63. Beth Trueman

    Yes, Paul, I WOULD care to sit with you. I would drink oil sludge if you asked me to.

  64. Beth Trueman

    Yes, Paul, I WOULD care to sit with you

  65. twosoulsup

    I've never had English tea, but who cares! It's Paul McCartney with a nice tune!

  66. Fantony - FramboiseLFC -

    Lovely song! Simple but cute!! :)
    Always brings a smile to my face!

  67. PulseProject

    I was drinking my tea when i encountered this song ;3 Coincidence, non?