Paul McCartney - Anyway Lyrics

If you love me, won't you call me
I've been waiting, waiting too long
In my soul is constant yearning
Always singing, singing this song

Only love is strong enough
To take it on the chin
When did I begin, to fall

Anyway, Anyway
You can make, that call
You feel free, to make yourself at home - woh-oh, ahhhhhh, ohhhhh

If we could be, closer longer
That would help me, help me so much
We can cure each other's sorrow
Won't you please, please, please get in touch

If a love is strong enough, it may never end
Why would I pretend, to fall, woo-ew

Anyway, Anyway
You can make, that call
You feel free, to make yourself at home - woh-oh, ahhhhhh

Anyway, Anyway
Anyway, at all
Anyway that you can make that call

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Paul McCartney Anyway Comments
  1. TheSpock23

    How is it possible that one single man has so many great melodies in his head? Most pop writers have a few good years of creative output and then the muse departs. In Paul's case he somehow convinced the muse to say for the duration.

  2. Jaime VilBar

    1:38 This moment 😍

  3. Joy Stinson

    Top drawer Macca, older vocal....beautiful lyrics and tune...

  4. Joy Stinson

    Outdid himself on this album and he has such a fine repertoire, that’s saying a lot. This song is positively beautiful. This album was a masterpiece.

  5. Eric Campbell

    14 thumbs down?! Wtf!
    Some folks should be barred from listening to music , they obviously don't appreciate it.

    Joy Stinson

    Eric Campbell , it’s the Paul is dead kook conspiracies kids who love to hit every Paul and Beatles video and many times first to out troll comments but pitiful Paul and Beatles addictions as their lives and GENERATION so bereft of heroes snd music to levels of Paul and Beatles.

  6. Vincin

    piggies1: please put the tracks in the right order; this album has a story to tell.

  7. Fabien Sfes

    Un très grand album de Paul avec flaming pie

  8. sergino vaser


  9. michavandam

    This start of song has a John Hiatt feel, doesn't it?

    Joy Stinson

    michavandam , yes, Paul swooped genres and borrowed and reinterpreted styles well.

  10. Corsham Viton

    Over-recorded - distortion.

  11. Kildare Rios

    One more classic... like Yesterday, Hey Jude, Let It Be and others.... luv it!

  12. Darren Bethell

    If ever there is a perfect song this is it!

  13. Cat

    Beautiful just like the person I want to hear this, Anyway...

    Martina Linked to we

    Yes...just so beautiful a song!

  14. Darren Bethell

    One of his best

  15. Lionheart Roar

    Beautiful and stark. This is magic.

  16. Lautaro Zejan

    Curtis called. He wants his song back.

    Joy Stinson

    Lautaro Zejan , mayfield? Paul borrower and reinterpreted his whole life as were Beatles from early days. This is Paul not Curtis.

  17. BlueEyes 1970

    "People get ready, there's a train a-comin''"...

    Love Paul, but this is not a very original melody.


    Thought that from the first listen!

    Joy Stinson

    BlueEyes 1970 , I found this a VERY original, church sounding melody.. this is a MEMORABLE favorite from that great album.

  18. Knial Piper

    This song got me through several very hard times

  19. zephyrquartz

    I absolutely fell in love with this song when I first heard it. Wish he were singing about me.

  20. Canadian Studmuffin

    One of my favorite of Paul's songs.

    Billy Handshakes

    Canadian Studmuffin came from your video!!

    Joseph Cahalan

    Canadian Studmuffin I watch your videos!

  21. Mario Varraut

    Sublime chanson!

  22. Matias Juran

    Beautiful. My favourite album of Paul.

    Chris E

    Matias Juran me too. Helped me through dark times

    Matt Bar

    Mine too

    Kevin Oscar

    My favorites are RAM and Band on The run

  23. IndyDefense

    Desperado, why don't you come to your senses / You been out out ridin' fences for so long now

    Matt Fraim

    My first thought too!

  24. Peter Saletti

    Anybody else think this sounds a bit like "People Get Ready"??

    Peter May

    Yes at the start of the song i was thinking exactly the same!

  25. TheInnerSense1

    First time I've heard this I would love to cover it. that's a 10 from me not that means a lot but I really like this song.

  26. Wayne Walcoff

    newyorktown, Couldn't agree more. I thought it was his best work since the Beatles and Paul's first solo album.

  27. newyorktown

    This is in my eyes one of his best albums!

    Joy Stinson

    newyorktown , one of his best recent ones...been going through solo stuff, astoundingly varied, many excellent albums, gems. This one of his best more recent ones, as is a masterpiece.

  28. Susan Vallee

    une tres belle chanson ,, j aime presque tout ce qu il fait ,, anyway it's all good,, xooxoxox love ya,,, oxoxox

  29. needanewlifenow

    Io lo amo.

  30. heah hoo

    man this is underrated ://

  31. Carlos Ibarra

    right on!!

  32. dede mccartney

    Paul é perfeito!todos os dias tenho de ver-lo e ouvir sua voz,ele é um anjo da musica!I love Paul 4 ever!!

  33. Anais Denigot

    Cette chanson est superbe

  34. Rosa Rubiginosa

    This song came to comfort me just at the right time

  35. Mauro Paolucci


  36. jurr47

    Very good track from the best album made by Paul after the beatles.

    Joy Stinson

    jurr47 , in the top five solo...just gone through all his solo albums and many of his endless bootlegs and outtakes....He has SEVERAL top albums

  37. athaatha1

    Great song. Sounds a little bit like "people get ready".

  38. Graham Clark

    But there are! He's still writing them!

    Gary Shaffer


  39. philcoolman

    One of his best

  40. Jamihaus

    This is the kind of song you would hear at Children in Need.

  41. juan sebastian delgado

    1 person dosent know what good music is

  42. Ivan Valdivia

    Where did we go wrong? Why isn't there any songs like this one anymore D:!

  43. ryan brown

    Incredible how similar this sounds to "Midnight Train To Georgia"

    Joy Stinson

    ryan brown , I don’t hear that, but he and Beatles brilliant at lifting enough but not to much of best from other songs.

  44. Alexandra Camenita

    this makes me cry

  45. ftsjr

    Somehow it seems appropriate that Paul ended the album with this tune.

  46. Javier Galindo

    Nice song, paul your amazing

  47. Paolo Olianas

    This is The great McCartney è quello che ha scritto le più grandi canzoni dei beatles qui è veramente ispirato

  48. doublefantasy77

    @ezktime7 Well you know in this case they called it inspiration: a riff is only a riff and goes nowhere without an armony and a melody. I mean that Anyway is better than Peaple get ready which becomes boring after a while 'cause is made all around that riff...

  49. Dave the dude 1

    @TheSGTNicolai Nah but I wish

  50. Dave the dude 1

    @TheSGTNicolai Hope you enjot, HOPE there is no hope when your at a McCartney you WILL

  51. Lucas Matias Arias

    my girlfriend love

  52. angelcake318

    @McLen194042 that is so true

  53. Dave the dude 1

    @MrMoviemaster26 Forget that man 1 dis and 82 likes

  54. Dave the dude 1

    @TheSpreader94 Same here I wish I could go see Paul live tho

  55. Russell Steele

    What a great song. Paul rules.

  56. Camilo Iezzi

    i only listen to the beatles (and some others) but mainly beatles.. and their solo performances.. they say im an ignorant.. i can't find the same feeling in ANY other band/artist/etc... its like i was meant to be hearing their songs, its so weird..

    im 16 and when im saw paul live i cried so hard...
    i love u paul

    Martina Linked to we

    Same here , friend


    Camilo Iezzi the same happen to me when I first saw paul for my first Time in 2002 I was 24 yrs old and I felt the same way

    Joy Stinson

    Camilo Iezzi , good taste, kid

  57. Fabro Paciarotti

    hermosa canción de mi álbum favorito

  58. McLen194042

    It's sad that this beautiful song has so few views and comments. I wish more people would get into Paul's new stuff and realize how AMAZING it is!

  59. ezktime7

    good song, but the piano riff theme is right off People Get Ready, written by Curtis Mayfield.. a gospel song he wrote originally in 1965....when he was with the Impressions....this song is widely very widely covered.....well known in circles...Paul is well respected since then the song takes on another direction but the PIANO THEME is IDENTICAL....everyone in music is a copycat...

  60. Jude Starkey McCartney

    and they say perfection is impossible... <3

  61. Truthmonster

    What is the definition of an asshole? I'll tell you.......... ANYone that hates Paul McCartney.

    Joy Stinson

    Truthmonster , Paul is dead, Beatles are fakes tavistocked conspiracies basement dweller kids are definition of assholes. They are ADDICTED to him, though as troll him on every video but LOVE THOSE PAUL VIDEOS AND WATCH OR LISTEN TO THEM ALL.

  62. LoopMusicman

    Hey where is the final instrumental part??

  63. maccagenius

    Love this song!

  64. Krarongthong

    And I still use my iPhone 'till last breath...:) kiss... kiss...

  65. Krarongthong

    Listening to this song several times last night, finally I made decision not to sell my iPhone. I will keep it with me as my precious memory.

  66. Krarongthong

    hee hee ... Will you?

  67. Krarongthong

    Anyway! I've told my friend about this... " If I read a comment like this I want to kill the poster ... Said my friend ... :)

  68. Krarongthong

    I am going to sell my iPhone. I know I will get good price cuz it has the best ring tone...

  69. Janloy Yoyonzin W

    yeah!!! The Great Paul McCartney..... super video ... i like it so much!!! i dont Know.I believe that if Lennon and Harrison they view it , also like it ,

  70. Krarongthong

    I made "custom ringtone" for my iPhone of this song (0:00 - 0:37)
    It's so lovely ... I'm happy to hear it.
    People also smiled when they heard my ringtone too...

    ".... If you love me, won't you call me ?
    I've been waiting... waiting too long
    In my soul is constant yarning
    Always singing... singing this song ..."

    Thank you Paul McCartney and Godrich. You made the most wonderful song. A very happy one !!!