Paul Kelly - Won't You Come Around Lyrics

Well, I know it's getting kinda late
I guess I should turn out the light and bide my time
Tomorrow eight o'clock, you said, would be just fine
But tomorrow's so far away
And only you can make this brain shut down
Oh, won't you come around?

Now, I think I'm getting much too fond
I know you got a lot of stuff going on
You got your rules and you need your beauty sleep as well
But time moves like glue
And in my head it's you I'm always talking to
I've been found! Oh, won't you come around
With your long hair down?
Won't you come around?

Well, I don't want to move too fast
I'm hoping this is gonna last-the way you smile
When you catch me coming makes me ten foot high
No, I don't want to rush you now
But maybe tonight you can break your rule somehow
Oh, won't you come around
With your long hair down?
Won't you come around?
And shut my thinking down?
Oh, won't you come around?

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Paul Kelly Won't You Come Around Comments
  1. Tanya Beznec

    I got this song from the sunday paper at gerringong new south wales..a free cd.i think the hoodu gurus were on there as well.

  2. ChrisHallett83

    Poor Mick Molloy - not only is he lonely and sad, but these to arseholes are fucking up the store he's trying to keep clean and organised.

  3. Greatest

    shit is fire

  4. Daniel Cropp

    What a beautiful song and video!

  5. Officer620

    This really should be an ad for IGA supermarkets.

  6. Fielding Mellish

    Will somebody please PLEASE make/post a video of Curly Red???? Anyone??

  7. tommotd

    Think this is from the "Ways and Means" album: a good collection of songs. "Heavy Thing," on that album, is a great nasty old rock n' roll song. -- G'day from the USA.

  8. Erik Pohl

    1:17 - as an Australian living in London can I just say FUCKING CHEETOS! I NEED SOME!

  9. Ade Miller

    It's those darn buttons and what could be done with them! Thanks Paul this is such an addictive and classic pop song and the video is so funny...oh, and there's another one on the end, cheers from England

  10. EyepopTheSailorMan

    I do believe I'm love with the young lassy in this. I do like a girl in (misappropriated) uniform.

  11. BillyJack85

    @garyh1967 i would posit that "shimmy shimmy ya" by Ol' Dirty Bastard is he best song for new love.

  12. bigseer

    This song is great, the video is pretty good. I am waiting for some half talent to make it a hit in North America. Until then I will just enjoy this wicked combo.

  13. A Watt

    Young lovers are idiots--glad I've been there!

  14. Ryan

    these are both cool clips, it seemed to end a little early though. I wonder if we will see the full clip for sure got me

  15. Hector Pascals

    I agree dude ... you just don't mess with a man's potatoe chips or tomatoe sauce!

  16. Hector Pascals

    @49barfly I dunno ... she seems like a bit of a quirky babe, but Beanie Boy comes across as a prize prick ...

  17. Nately22

    I'm English and I think Paul Kelly is a legend.

  18. Charlie Wells

    Love aint it grand. Thanks for "coming round again" shellpot. We love ya.

  19. dave1234u

    This song is feckin great.

  20. Michelle Fraser

    love the ending

  21. abna84

    i love this clip! i so relate to both sides!

  22. vinnyd91

    Customers from hell.

  23. Hector Pascals

    I want an alternate ending where Paul chases them out with a baseball bat!

  24. Fully Loaded Man

    LOVE this song

  25. Hector Pascals

    I think a chain saw would have been cool!

  26. Angie Fenton

    Aww...just love it!
    new love ;)

  27. stardusty

    Beautiful Song, Ahhhhhh

  28. Valenciano1967

    Vicky: Muy pocos españoles conocen a Paul Kelly. Es australiano. Considerate una privilegiada. Si tienes tiempo mira los videos:
    Started with a kiss y To her door. Son bonitas canciones

  29. FlyersRights

    Great song off a terrific CD. Love all of Paul's stuff.

  30. EggZackery

    god this is the most beautiful, sweet adorable song.
    he's great with words and beats that make you tap your knee.

  31. luvs2trvl

    LOVE IT it made me laugh which I needed thanks for all of the songs you have written by chance do you have a video of WINTERCOAT ???