Paul Kelly - It's All Downhill From Here Lyrics

I was born in a crowded taxi
Daddy scooped me right up off the floor
And he carried me up the path through the big, swinging doors

I was taught not to speak to strangers
But strangers always seemed to know my name
And they bought and sold my pleasure, my disgust and my shame

Now I've got debts to pay
I've got scores to settle
Dreams at break of day
Long nights in the saddle
It's all downhill from here

Every day brings changes in the mirror
Every hand that touches me is kind
When I think of home it sparkles and so brightly shines

But I've got debts to pay
I've got scores to settle
Dreams at break of day
Long nights in the saddle
It's all downhill from here

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Paul Kelly It's All Downhill From Here Comments
  1. User Error

    is this fornite ad?

  2. Brandon SwansonII

    2004 year ago

  3. Rizzle Dizzle

    i just love that sun

  4. William Kelly

    Now I know you guys are doing some shows. Come to Canada EH 🇨🇦

  5. Autistic Boiii

    Somewhat watching this video makes me feel weird

  6. CluelessGmer

    32 years old and still enjoy this epic song I first heard on Much Loud channel.

  7. Torcidɑ que cɑntɑ e vibrɑ

    Bons tempos de MTV e colégio.


    Torcidɑ que cɑntɑ e vibrɑ pois é, o tempo passa e a gente nem vê.
    Mas são esses pequenos momentos que fazem a vida valer a pena.

  8. Leon Del solar

    I remember at age 17 listening to new found glory before surfing and skateboarding.

  9. Logan Griffin

    Take me back

  10. Kent M

    Who's up dec2019?

  11. Ezra the-Succubus

    I'm 17 gonna be 18 next Saturday I wish I was a teen in 2004.I hatr being a teen in 2019#rawring20s#rawringtwenties

  12. Mac Williams

    I hate how smart phone oriented our society is now. I miss the genuine conversations


    Mac Williams I miss watching music on tv

  13. Slothnuggets

    this melody just randomly popped in my head today, so good

  14. A Swift530

    High school freshman year haha 2004

  15. Pashkinodji

    such a good song. Hello from 2019

  16. Project ID

    Man. I remember this song. Holy shit, its still as awesome and trippy as i remember

  17. ShorttMX

    I remember being 8 years old in 2004, skateboarding at this massive indoor skatepark. No A/C, 100+ degrees it felt like inside that warehouse skatepark. Before puking my guts out from heat exhaustion, I remember hearing this when paying to skate for the day while standing in line with my mom lol

  18. ken karwoski

    Song From What 2016 Did To Me!

  19. Mike Tiger

    Is it just me or does anyone else also heard "pikachu erecting out your butt"

  20. Okky Siswanto

    This is 2019
    And I still hear this song...

  21. bored7743

    They just really missed the mark with the music videos on this album

  22. Sydney Nonya

    Still my jam 15 years later

  23. James

    American music is better than French music. Thumbs up if you agree?

  24. Corey Hannigan

    Wow a flashback from my teen years if I could only go back and do some stuff different.

  25. patrick miller

    Does anyone else think Jordan looks like a punk rock Morrissey?

  26. Joe Sutherland

    Is this guy intentionally trying to sing like dog shit? Seriously, Quentin Tarantino's little brother should never have been allowed to sing in a band. The instrumental sound of the band is not too bad, but this singer just murdered any goodness that might come through.

  27. sycamorepoppunk

    Hey, everyone! I hope you're doing well and having a great day, week & month! My name's Dylan Angel & I'm a DiY (Do It Yourself) musician from around the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I write, sing and play absolutely everything that you hear in my music (SYCAMORE) myself with the help of my good friend and producer "Eric Tuffendsam" from Moonlight Studios in Fairfield, Ohio. I do my best to create that Pop Punk & Alternative vibe in my music that sounds like the music I grew up with in the 90's and early 2000's. For the fans of the earlier days of Blink-182, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Bowling For Soup, Good Charlotte, Green Day, The Starting Line, Sum-41 & more. If you could take a few minutes of your day and give my music a chance.. That would be so greatly appreciated! If you end up enjoying it, please help me out by sharing it on any social media site & spreading it around to friends, family and whoever you can! That would help me out tremendously and mean the absolute world to me. Thank you for your time & support! Much love & happy listening. :)

  28. Naz

    yeah still listening till now and i’m 34 already.. time flies =\

  29. Alyssa Schuler

    Remember this song always being on TRL. I was in 6th grade and it was better times

  30. Auzamir Talis

    2019 😍💪 Brazuca

  31. EP D

    I was humming this song while I was having my tooth out.

  32. Crawdaddy Cruff

    2019 still here

    Auzamir Talis

    Eu Tambem 💪💪

  33. Spondoolie

    If you are from Coral Springs and you don't blast NFG then you are a disgrace! \m/

  34. king nick

    Diversity is beautiful and interesting

    John Johnson

    How about diversity of thought?

    king nick

    John Johnson of course!! However it’s our thoughts that create conflict or peace.

  35. Francisco Reyes

    2019 and still jamming!

  36. Si Rivers

    I'm sorry this shit sucks

  37. A little razzle dazzle


  38. Selena Rivas

    It was so cool to see them live

  39. ภูวดล รอตโกมิล

    2019 😘😘

  40. varmint tank

    My high school days

  41. Joey Wheeler

    11 when I heard this the first time. Now I'm 26, and the song is still just as fresh.

  42. Nick Santos

    Such an iconic punk voice second only to Tom Delong.

  43. Christian Cb

    Alguien _2050_ 🎧🔥🇵🇪🤘

  44. The monkey king son Goku

    YouTube : New Found Glory
    Me: Yes!!

  45. Hannes The Melon

    Yo this song heckin' sLAPS
    The stop motion of the tall lanky dude gives me a huge sense of nostalgia, and I absolutely adore it


    I am now going to add the word "slaps" to my daily vernacular.

  46. Puppet Master Sasori

    Still jamming and listening to this album. I still remember buying the album when kt dropped. Truth of my youth

  47. Manuel Manick

    " found can fucking keep him!" Anybody get that?


  48. nicoleshibby

    Still bangs

  49. Princesa Lunar

    740 people only listen reggaeton ad trap

  50. Austin After Dark

    2:00 what we’re really going to find at Area 51

  51. Alex Allen

    Pikachu is still erecting out his butt

  52. Misheard rock and metal Lyrics

    0:27 pikachu were working on you barf

  53. Matrix Morton

    Is it just me or is this guy singing like he has an extremely stuffed nose?

  54. Mark Barlow

    Man who remembers TRL

  55. MisterSir

    2019 crew still strong

  56. Matt Swaggz

    Its 2019 and I still love this song. Also I still cant not hear pikachu erecting out your butt

    Zachariah Nicholson

    I hear.. "you're writing out your part" no Pikachus Dx

  57. ryan odendahl

    These guys are amazing and inspired my favorite band adtr to become a band

  58. Matthew Castillo

    Guys guys guys... And it's all downhill from hereeeeeeeee!

  59. NoImaginationMarc

    is this considered emo or nah

  60. Melanie Thurman

    This is one of my favorite childhood songs ❤️❤️❤️ still a banger!

  61. CluelessGmer

    My 17 years self at that time will always remember this song.

  62. Ed Frost

    I insist I pull you're nob

  63. Christine Moore-McPeak

    2019. Stilll lovvvvvvve

  64. Milkman

    This to me is their best song. Miss when music was good like this. I’m only 29 and it’s crazy how much it’s changed just in my lifetime

  65. Jeff Eastling

    This video doesn't get the credit it deserves.The song is great...but this video is a much to look much going a Tim Burton flick mixed with a Tool video doesn't get much better as far as I'm concerned!!!

  66. Alicia Sexton

    I've always thought of the expression "It's all down hill from here" to mean it gets easier from here. Like riding a bike, uphill vs downhill. Someone introduced this song to me and now I'm rethinking 😂 Guess it depends on context, because it makes sense here.

  67. Cahuide VC

    morrisey and tarantino

  68. Leon en el Tren Fantasma


  69. DaBurntToaster

    wow 2.4.3 theme song

  70. Wesly Danzig

    Ternyata sudah 9 tahun berlalu.. punya kaset nyaa nih... Jaman masih abg dulu kwkwwk 🤓✌️🤘

  71. Speedruns for charity USA

    um...the spider mastermind is off his meds. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!

  72. Eben Serrano

    I was 12 when this came out. Still a banger!

  73. megaman5125

    Busted my ass for years trying to find song - just found the CD in storage--- MTV days....


    When MTV actually played music

  74. TC Swag

    So turtle from entrouge was the rhythm guitarist for these clown before his acting career took off .

  75. TC Swag

    Sounds like the "singer" could use some benadryl . B-real is the only nasaley front man I can tolerate . These guys sucked then and do now . Sorry

  76. Professional Degenerate

    Memories of waking up in the summer and seeing this video on tv, glory days of my childhood...

  77. Kate Blue

    Anybody here from 2019?

  78. Ammia Andrade

    fav b v . ksmoamlams

  79. Emily Iannielli

    Awesome song! Cool band from Florida! I wonder where they are now!

  80. The Beat Freezer

    2019? Ask me where my care face is

  81. Austin Oldfield

    2019 and I still can’t get this song out of my head

  82. willard delapus

    i was 8 when I've been heard this song. That's why I called it childhood song. Everytime i heard this song my past flashback when i was a lil kid playing with my friends. i miss everything.

  83. RNG_B3AnZ

    My pp hard

  84. Achang Sangtam

    2019 anyone

  85. Achang Sangtam

    1:04 Best Drum beat :)

  86. Beni Fern Sianipar

    Watch this 2019? 👍

  87. Josh Nelson

    To me this is the most amazing art for a punk band ever. They created some amazing characters. I wish they would’ve had a mini series depicting them. Even the art work in the album sleeve was incredible!

  88. Kyle Reyes

    I bet there isn't a single comment involving any Pokemon for this video........

  89. Jesse Stevenson

    Sonive loved this song my whole life. But i recently googled what a catalyst was.. and with that. It totally changed my mind. I suppose its different for any and every person. Given there life circumstances. But a catalyst is a chemical voluntarily taken to speed up a chemical reaction in the brain... like meth, or cocaine, and if u actually read the lyrics. This song is about someones significant other struggling with abuse. And he’s speaking to her... like i said. Take it for a grain of salt. But if you’ve ever been down that road(yeah you! You know that road i speak of, been there done that). Think about if ur significant other was using. Then read the lyrics. Then read the song. So much more emotion to this song now that I’m older. Just a thought... smoke some herb, google catalyst meaning, play the song and read the lyrics.

  90. Austin Shipman

    I'm 28 I have a theory this music and singers are why most of us around my age group are so tattooed. They were just so damn cool.

  91. Nina S

    Ahhhh... Teenage life... Takes me back.

  92. Natalie Taylor


    Happy Being Miserable

    Let's shoot for 2020!

  93. Franklin Jackson

    “Pikachu erected out your butt” is actually “Figured you were writing out your part”

    Happy Being Miserable

    "Acting out your part."

  94. Wesley Pollard


  95. AWD :

    I came from "It's 2005 and it's cool as hell" group

  96. Amber Iyanna

    Wish artists these days could still make music like this