Paul Kelly - Feelings Of Grief Lyrics

Feelings of grief
Breaking over me
Wave after wave like the rolling sea
These feelings of grief

Time without end
I’m gonna miss you, my friend
How do you suppose this world will ever mend
Or this heart play again?

I go about my day
There’s always somebody to pay
And they just won’t go away
Nor will these feelings of grief

Feelings of grief
Blinding me with tears
All that’s dear piece by piece disappears
And all that remains are these feelings of grief

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Paul Kelly Feelings Of Grief Comments
  1. Paul Kelly

    Mankind will come together as one. The animals will no longer be expected to fulfill our needs. These are our gifts of truth. Exceptance holds the reward of peace everlasting in the garden of Eden. In a word; Humanity. Battle on.


    Thankyou Paul Kelly and band for a beautiful poignantly sung and played song.x

  3. greenisnice

    Ten years ago Stolen Apples was released. Just before my Mum passed away. This song brings tears to my eyes to this very day.


    My mum passed in November 07 & this song always brings a tear to my eyes.

  4. Sid Gould

    Brilliant ... Fat Tony & Co brought me here :)

  5. Adam Sandaver

    Timeless masterpiece.

  6. heatherdaydream

    Great great performance.... utterly in it

  7. TheEagerManiac

    I love listening to this song. The vocals, the drums and the way it builds makes the hair on my neck stand & gives me goosebumps every time. Hearing it live in Wollongong a few years was a highlight along with the hippies dancing to From Little Things Big Things Grow

  8. Ken Walkington

    Great usual Paul sounds just as good live as on CD.