Paul, Billy - Am I Black Enough For You? Lyrics

Am I black enough for you
Am I black enough for you
Am I black enough for you
Am I black enough for you

We're gonna move on up
One by one
We ain't gonna stop
Until the work is done

Am I black enough
Black enough for you
Am I black
Black enough for you

We're gonna move on up
Two by two
And this whole world
Is gonna be brand new

Am I black enough for you
Am I black enough for you

Get in line
Stop marching in time
You better make up your mind
We're gonna leave you behind

We're gonna move on up
Three by three
We gotta get rid of poverty

I got to stay black
Black enough for you
I got to stay black
Black enough for you

We're gonna move on up
Four by four
We ain't never
Gonna suffer no more

I got to stay black
Black enough for you
I got to stay black
Black enough for you

Get in line
Stop marching in time
You better make up your mind
We're gonna leave you behind

Make up your mind
Stop marching in time
Get in line
You better make up your mind

We're gonna get on up
Five by five
And this whole world
Is gonna come alive

Am I black
Black enough for you
Am I black enough for you

We're gonna move on up
Six by six
I gotta use my mind
Instead of my fists

Am I black
Black enough for you
Am I black
Black enough for you

We're gonna move on up
Seven by seven
We're God's children
And we got to get to Heaven

Am I black enough for you
Am I black enough for you

We gotta move on up
Eight by eight
Without no witness
We ain't too late

Am I black
Black enough for you
Am I black
Black enough for you

Freedom, freedom
It got to be spended
I could take it
If I could spend it one time

We got to stay
Black enough for you
I gotta, gotta black
Black enough for you...

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Paul, Billy Am I Black Enough For You? Comments
  1. FOUL


  2. Luis Reyes

    Dock Ellis brought me here

  3. NoobGamer TheJokeMaker

    I like the Cleveland Show version better

  4. BEYON Media Group

    HE look like Rick Ross.. nice song.. never heard this

  5. Sean O'Dublin

    What a fake. Everything about XIAIO to him is about taking. Who is going to take credit as an AEROSMITH? Who is the Air Force creating credited to? Will the engineering be credited to Empire Builders or the MASONS? What about the Tanzanian fallen? What memorial and the truth about the ZYGOT? Was he there? What an insult. "Am I black enough for you?" Being sung to black American women? What about black African women? And as far as insults go

  6. Barack Obama

    Some would argue whites can’t get down. I can prove that wrong

  7. Kurt Adams

    Philly FUNK

  8. Kurt Adams


  9. Kyle Santos


  10. Abby Normal

    Anyone else here cause of Atlanta?

  11. MsPleasant

    This the Cut!!!!!!

  12. Mary H

    I absolutely love this song ❤️🙏🏽☮️

  13. wayne47able

    Black Panthers: Vanguard of the revolution brought me here!!!! This song is sooo dope!!!

  14. DanielleNicole

    Black Panther Documentary on Netflix brought me here ❤️


    A Black Panther documentary brought me here

  16. Manoel R.

    Conheço um cara que é da noite

  17. Skywalker00G96

    Told my girl, tonight we puttin' the F.U.K in funky baby

  18. jamie lunes

    Always BLACK!

  19. Leslie Warnell

    Deep Cover’s soundtrack did not send me here. ✊🏾🖤✊🏾

  20. Wella Bella

    Those REAL SOUL DUDES, bought this in the 70s, when it came out, or the 80s, if they spent time in d white folks prisons, lol. You shouldn't of needed to see a fucking film before you heard of such a bombastic track.

  21. Bryant Whittaker

    That sounds horrible!

  22. Titto Marazzi Só falei a Verdade!

    Som da porra maloco.....crazy very crazy....

  23. えいえい!


  24. Chyna Shaw


  25. kann meronn


  26. Carlos Henrique Rodrigues

    Magnífico, que música, som de primeira qualidade. Quem curte em 2019?


    Carlos Henrique Rodrigues ei adoro billy paul, novembro 2019

  27. John Lennon

    RIP Billy Paul

  28. Ramsey Schaefer

    The Cleveland showed

  29. magnificent reg

    wtf is "black lightning?

  30. Fraud Coward


  31. Terry Jones

    straight up gangsta soundzzz

  32. 2PACBRB2014

    yo this song is so good i cant stop playing it Black lighting very good show

  33. The Quiet Revolution

    You mean this song has actually become popular once again?  Wow!  Guess Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff were correct in promoting this song after "Me And Mrs. Jones" over "I'm Gonna Make It This Time".   Guess that's why they're Gamble & Huff.


    Nah, they really weren't. Billy Paul should've been way bigger than he was. He got robbed.

  34. keith glenn

    I never knew Billy Paul sung this! So he's not a 1 hit wonder after all. (Me and Mrs. Jones)

    mike orosz

    You musta never heard "Lets make a baby".. wooo


    This was not a hit lol.


    Great song, but it sadly wasn't a hit. Let's make a baby was the closest he had to a second hit.

    Marsha Johnson

    Check out Billy Paul's WAR OF THE GODS CD. Just trying to turn you on to some GOOD MUSIC from 1973.

  35. Deahra Shelton


    magnificent reg

    yes ma'am!

  36. Brian Barkley

    Cleveland Brown...lllmao

  37. Jack Cracker

    When I hear this guy sing it reminds me of Kermit the frog

  38. Razor blade

    it's Sad that people only know about old music when its on tv shows or movies i guess people are too lazy to find music on their own

    magnificent reg

    so damn true!!! i LIVED this stuff!

    Spirtual Gangsta

    It is but it isn't, I was raised on this music & I raised my kids on it. However not everyday was exposed to it, because they may have only been allowed to listen to gospel. I know ppl like that or they are a younger generation like my kids & their parents didn't listen to it.

    Diego Saldaña

    @Spirtual Gangsta They're lost.

  39. K.O.P King of Philly

    I hope they did Billy Paul right and paid him his money for using this song not like those thieves that stole his Mrs. Jones song where he had to sue to get his money.

  40. Mike Mike

    Black enough black enough for ya

  41. Colin Smith


  42. Gabriel Schleifer

    I feel like this is the song that was being paraphrased for "Steppin' To The Bad Side" from DreamGirls.

  43. Shockadelica

    Scandal S06E06

  44. Dr. Claw of Outpost 69

    Schoolly D brought me...

  45. Quaishaun Colbert

    What does the CW know about old school music? ⚡️#blacklightning

  46. Top Notch

    I found where Schooly D sampled this from. Now my life is complete. Almost anyway. The original is funkeh beyond belief.

    Roy Williamson

    Top Notch Those horns from Soul Power by Maseo and the Macks were sampled also

    Top Notch

    @Roy Williamson I would believe that because it's one powerful track. The horns, keys and all of its entirety. 👍

  47. Vanessa Smith

    RIP to my God Father, Billy PAUL, say hello to Blance!

    K.O.P King of Philly

    Damn, I didn’t know Billy passed away. I haven’t seen him in years but was in a program with him and his wife Blanch(a beautiful and loving woman). He was a true cool cat.

  48. Daniel Casttillo



    mom told me to listen happy mothers day 2018

  50. Natesha Clarke

    Scandal brought me here

  51. Sophisticated Dinosaur

    The song is alright, but at the time it came out it was a bad move by the record company, trying to make Billy Paul's image more threatening and masculine after "Me and Mrs Jones" came out, i like the way it builds on certain sections but it gets very repetitive.

  52. dtip4life 8472

    I remember this from 1973.

  53. zenn22

    who's black lightning? is his sidekick called colored thunder?

  54. JMJ -K

    vanguard of the revolution

  55. Brandi Holly

    ThANks Blk ⚡️... didn’t know Billy Paul got down like this!!!

  56. Rashaun Belin

    This song was sample by cross movement the Last cypha history album

  57. Charlie Dawson

    I haven't actually seen Black lightning, but it's good somebodies finally figured out the potential of Nostalgic Blaxplotation.

  58. Jake Abejero

    Yep Im one with everyone. BLACK LIGHTNING 😎🤘💣🎶🎵🎧🎷☇🌩⛈☈

  59. E R

    I didn't know about this being on the Black Lightening soundtrack. I came here to school my 10 yr old on a classic track.

    Allen Rojas

    Now, this is good parenting.

  60. Nolan Robichon

    Black lightning 👊👊👊👊

  61. Snot Aike

    Black lighting crew squad up

  62. Mistah Allworld

    Black lightning brought here

  63. Luke.S 2099

    So is this like Black Lightning's official theme now? lol :)

    Natural Remedies Coach

    It should be.

  64. bigshizzal

    Black Lightning brought me here. Also, RIP Billy Paul.

  65. Britisches Bananen Brot

    The Cleveland Show ?

    Mr mayhem The barbarian

    Britisches Bananen Brot yep

  66. Pompeeezzzyyy

    Black Lightning??

  67. Lucidly Lucid

    Door man: Black Lightning,
    MY MAN!
    Black Lightning: Lala, What floor?
    Door Man: Penthouse
    Black Lightning: "Thanks brotha."



    Oliver Queen

    I got the elevator for you.
    Black Lightning: I'll take the stairs. Just getting back into this. A brotha needs all the exercise he can get.
    Or something like that I recall. Anyways this song makes me think of the black Lightning my man scene as well.

  68. slmeucalesa1

    My Dad's old record collection brought me here.......oh, and also........Black Lightning .... "My Man".

  69. Eric Mack

    Love the black lighting soundtrack bringing all the good music back!!!!!

    Geoffrey Gibson BSc

    I started watching the show because of the stories they are going to telling but now I watch for the music

    John May

    For real. I liked the first episode well enough, but loved having Gil Scott Heron back in my life.


    Eric Mack Atlanta also brought me here

  70. Geoffrey Gibson BSc

    black lightning's kicking ass song

    Mike Jones

    I just seen this like 3 this morning watching black lighting I was like yeah I love this song now!

    See You All In Therapy!

    My man!

  71. Wykikii Wykikii

    Black Lightning⚡


    wycliffe jackson sameeee


    My new favorite show!


    XX YY lala , what floor?

  72. Dom taylor-Ikkey

    R.I.P x