Paul Anka - Intensity Lyrics

Is the name of the song. The way it's going,
We'll be [?] before too long.

Hearts, flowers, and love for you
Was a gift I never knew...
Was a feeling I never knew...
Was an experience I never knew.

Our light romance we tried to keep,
But, we still swam in the deep.
We were cautioned by the signs,
But we ignored the lines.

The chain around my neck, I knew,
Was the start of events to come true.
We pledged each other, gold for gold,
With a vision to mold.

We keep it cool, they say, "Don't be a fool."
We know third's a charm; we won't cause harm.
The vibrations get stronger,
I want to be in your arms longer.

Our minds open wide
To accept each other, side by side

In ten cities across the land,
I knew I'd find my man.
Hearts, flowers, and love for you
Was a feeling I never knew.

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Paul Anka Intensity Comments
  1. Josiane Willaume

    Mes 15 ans

  2. Alcano13 Dee

    Neil Sedaka and Paul Anka were the greatest of 60s and both with Arab blood (Lebanon)🤘🏼

  3. wolfchrt

    He kinda looks like Tony Curtis

  4. A PROPOS DE :


  5. Enedina Guzzo

    Aí começou minha vida nascida março 1966

  6. Наталья Майдан

    Россия 2020! Слушаю Пола много лет, красавец и талантище. Обаятельный. Супер.

  7. Yuckie Dab

    He be *rollin’* down the streets. 0:00

  8. Randy Visto

    Wow handsome and talented..i sand his song at the karaoke ..when i was young at age 15 i like classic songs
    Now i am age 41.. greetings from Philippines

  9. Janet Hu

    He is a great singer and composer and talented.

  10. Hilda Pacheco

    Que guapo y romantico sonrisa hermoso

  11. Tais Silveira

    Que legal,eu nasci em 1966!!!

  12. Sossong Rita Angelika

    Ein super Sänger

  13. Charity Berkheimer

    this is art

  14. Paula Jesy

    Love you 😍😍

  15. marilin corvo

    Q cancion tan bellaaaaaaaa graciasssss

  16. graca zacarias

    Muito bom.

  17. Irene 02

    Why does this has color

  18. Hilda Pacheco

    Me gusta su hermosa voz

  19. dh. r4

    2020 anyone??? 💗

  20. Martha Leal

    Un cantante único guapísimo carismático maravilloso sus canciones por siempre y para siempre 😍😍😍

  21. Silvana Melo

    I Love It

    Paulo Junior

    I love this....

  22. Hanny Mae Bacus

    He looks like Daniel Padilla in Philippines

  23. Adriana Torres otero

    Mmmuuuuuaaa! ! ! ! ! !

  24. Ros Law

    Such a good voice

  25. monique bart

    Quelle bon souvenir

  26. Nicholas Galvan

    So tired of rap

  27. Ilyas Muhidin

    2020 we have lil Pump

  28. Alalete Fonseca

    As músicas do Paul Anka é inesquecível amo todas são lindas

  29. GERALDO Oliveira

    Simplesmente magnífico

  30. Lucien Corbeil

    très bon

  31. Adelfa Carlos Lucio

    Saudades tempos dourados Vivi essa época maravilhoso

  32. elizalove

    *༺Paul Anka!༻.. ♡😊💦 💖 ♪♫• 🇨🇷 ♡*

  33. alicia palma


  34. Lana Sants

    Scrr fui ouvir 1 música dele e já estou aqui a 7 horas seguidas, já ouvi o álbum todo repetidas vezes, ahh mds acho que estou apaixonada 😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️❤️

  35. Lin Vans

    Every time I hear Paul sings I go goose bumps I just love his voice---what an amazing experience to find his voice again---bless him

  36. jpzuccolo


  37. Lael_notleal : l

    I searched 1960 videos and this comes out true true

  38. Gerlando Marino

    Fantastc. 60.. sono bellissimi queste bei canzoni.

  39. bilbo baggins

    I'm so in love with young Paul Anka💋😍

  40. Lindalva Cabrol

    Tous sont excellents les vidéos, les paysages les autres pays européens et du monde.!🌍🌎🌏
    💖💚💐🇬🇧🇪🇸🇫🇷🇧🇷 ETC...Merci.

  41. Junjaow Edokdang

    มีส่วนคล้าย แซมยุรนันท์

  42. Maria Lucia Maia Da Mota

    Meu Deus ! Tive que viver todos esses anos para saber , e conhecer o grande ídolo , da minha juventude, Poul Anka. Viva a Internet !!!

  43. Ylalt yaka



    Fantastic. 👍👍👍🎶

  45. chimwifeu_ 10

    hate the fact that I was born at 2005 :<

  46. 張許完


  47. alanood q

    In 2020, i love it💞

  48. Teresa Cassiano

    Romantic , sweet, tender..! Why aren't there no more romantic, simple ,warm...songs and molodies like these?

  49. dileepa kaushal


  50. Rhea Mae


  51. sugarbee1951

    How wonderful to hear all these old songs from way back when that Ive forgotten about. Paul Anka what a star.

  52. Lieu Alice

    prince charming

  53. Dale Hogan

    Bomberg I s a piece of. Shit

  54. Nurah h

    Anyone from 2020?

  55. Martina B

    I love Paul Anka <3

  56. Celso Bonilla

    Yo me henamore de este hombre desde niña y sigo henamorada de el....aunque ya este el grande en sus años.

  57. Doris Besineau

    Great singer too what a voice l love these old songs Thanks

  58. Nelly Pastrana

    Alguien más 2020 🤗

  59. Rhea Masibay

    old but gold

  60. Rogelio Dominguez

    Paul anka, all time favorite


    Canadians gave the world great music and song writers but we dont support our talents i know

  62. Silvana Santos

    Nossa linda canção ❤❤ apaixonante

  63. Marcio Silveira

    Quem mais está ouvindo em 2020???...

  64. Luisa Costa

    Y pensar que cuando el escribio esas bellas canciones era un baby, igualito que ahora con los reguetoneros. Que nos paso?

  65. Elisa jardim

    Era muito lindo!


    Bellísimas canciones.

  67. Pani Krysia


  68. Anna Marianowicz


  69. ima ima

    It's a song that makes me cry
    2020 😭🖐️

  70. roxs mendizabal


  71. Olga Polchaeva

    Такой молодой , и кто знал , что из него получится такой певец и композитор❤️❤️🤣❤️🤣

  72. Anderson HS

    Still 2020

  73. Melodie Ferrin

    1:47 Just wait until you have those six kids, Paul. 😹😹😹

  74. Bruno Nozzirik

    Still whatch in 2020!

  75. Tereza Corrêa


  76. Andy Bautista

    Seré la única loca que con 20 años y me muero por este tipazo aunque esto sea uff hace años pero me encanta de verdad me encanta y mas escucharlo cantar😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 me enamoré Dios decearia haber nacido en este tiempo

    I will be the only crazy person with 20 years old and I'm dying for this great guy although this is uff years ago but I really love it I love it and more to hear it sing ca😍😍😍😍😍😍 I fell in love God would have been born at this time

  77. សុំ និយាយបន្តិច

    Hello 2020 soon...!!!!

  78. Nathalie Connor

    My mom used to double date with him!

  79. Jeyan Edianon

    It feels like my heart melts to his songs and voice❤️😍

  80. gilles clavel


  81. Susan Kelly

    I was in 6th grade and loved puppy love and Paul when this aired 1966

  82. Barbara Hourigan


  83. DEN

    I just remembered Vince McMahom.

  84. Mariela Fernandez

    Hermosa toda la música q encuentro aquí y me trae recuerdos de mi juventud

  85. I D O N T K N O W

    Este si canta espetacular ..felicidades

  86. Electric Games

    it feels so good to listen to this in this generation even if you're just young. What a way to live up the era of the legends.

  87. Luis Otávio Batista De Souza

    Início da minha reencarnação. Grande canção!

  88. Francisco Costa

    1966 eu tinha 16 anos, que saudade daqueles dias.

  89. joe castillo

    Años maravillosos elegancia y calidad.

  90. Dharlyn Dh

    Kinikilig ako sa mga kanta nya ❤️❤️❤️😍😍nakaka inlove❤️❤️❤️

  91. Dorota Iżak

    Mr.Paul, lovly men♥♥♥

  92. iFanny Gameplay

    Yes guys... 2019 - 2020 ❤

  93. Svitlana Strikha


  94. Anna Jaworska

    Tyle lat minęło a my nadal bijemy wielkie brawa 😘♥️♥️

  95. ann paguntalan

    He looks so handsome here!

  96. Fernando Borja

    old and death... that's what destiny are...wait for our turn...