Patty Loveless - Soul Of Constant Sorrow Lyrics

I am a soul of constant sorrow
I've seen trouble all my days
I bid farewell to east Kentucky
The place where I was born and raised
For many a year I have struggled
No pleasure here on Earth I've found
All through this world I'm bound to wander
There is no one to help me now
You can bury me in some deep valley
For many a year in peace I'll lay
Then you may learn to love another
While I am sleeping in my grave
It's fare-thee-well my one true lover
I never 'spect to see you again
But there's one promise that is given
I'll meet you in God's golden land

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Patty Loveless Soul Of Constant Sorrow Comments
  1. John F

    Most of all...

  2. Tina Morgan

    Boy Patty never fails to amaze me with her beautiful songs and voice. She is definatly under rated in my opinion. She is so much better than what I watched on CMAs. It amazes me how they can think that some of the new singers can out do her wow its just not going to happen. Shes one of a kind if you ask me her and Allison Kraus is not gonna be beat.

    K K

    Tina Morgan there is no comparison