Patty Loveless - Busted Lyrics

Well, the bills are all due and the babies needs shoes, we're busted
We've had a hard time since they closed down the mines, we're busted
Got a cow that's gone dry and a hen that won't lay
A big stack of bills that get bigger each day
Tomorrow they'll haul our belongings away, we're busted

Well, our friends are all leavin' this ol' mining town, we're busted
They're headin' up north where there's work to be found and trusted
Lord, I hate to give up this acre of land
It's been in the family since minin' began
But babies get hungry, they don't understand we're busted
We're busted, yes, we're busted
We're headin' up north and we ain't coming back, we're busted

I called brother John, thought I'd ask for a loan, we was busted
Lord, I had to beg like a dog for a bone, but we're busted
Brother John lost his job and his rent's overdue
His wife and his kids are all down with the flu
He said, "I was thinkin' of callin' on you, I'm busted"

Lord no, my old man's no thief, but a good man turns bad when he's busted
My babies ain't well and it's drivin' me mad 'cause we're busted
Gonna sell that ol' Guernsey and give up this shack
Come on now children, help mama get packed
We're headin' up north and we ain't comin' back, we're busted
We're busted, yes we're busted
We're headin' up north and we ain't coming back, we're busted

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Patty Loveless Busted Comments
  1. Björn Kirschbaum

    love this, can't get enough!

  2. Margaret Callan

    super singer

  3. Kryste Robertson

    My daddy's dad was a coal miner and so was my daddy he would have loved this song he called Patty loveless his girl and loved bluegrass they built a miners statue were we are from in Greenwood Arkansas with all the miners names on it my daddy's name and his dad and brothers and all the other people that worked in the mines they had a hard life don't know how they did that day after day they really were strong and tough hardworking people .

  4. Cindy Worley Pogue

    LOVE this, and I loved In Harlan and can relate :) she does wonderfully!

  5. Rick Willis

    I can relate to thi song. That's how we ended up in Cincinnati. I want to go back. But if Hillary wins everyone else may be leaving.

    Marilyn Lugo

    Hillary lost; my ancestors came from Kentucky/Ohio, back and forth across the river, since 1820; been in California since 1897

  6. strawman8

    If I can't get a dance with this cute lady with the great voice.........I'm Busted!! Awesome talent.........I think I'll listen again and again !! Thanks for the post.

  7. jessie mclaughlin

    beautiful bluegrassy voice ...

  8. countrycounty85

    What a beautiful job on a great song!