Patti Smith - Cartwheels Lyrics

Come my one, look at the world Bird beast butterfly
Girls sing notes of heaven Birds lift them up to the sky

Spring is departing Spring is departing

Her thoughts are darting like a rabbit Like a rabbit 'cross the moon
Shines of light over your hair As boys croon

Pretty in pink It makes me wonder
What could ever bring you down I see tears falling
From those eyes of brown

Hearing a voice, you turn your head You vanish into the mist
Of your thoughts And I
Want to grasp What brings you down
Open up those eyes of brown

The world is changing Your heart is growing

Hearing a voice you turn your head Girls turn by ones, by twos
Notes pour bad and tender Eradicate your blues

The good world The good world
Come my one, look around you Bird, beast, butterfly
Girls sing notes from heaven Birds lift them up to the sky

I see brown eyes That see girls turning
Girls turning Cartwheels

The good world The good whirl
The good world The good whirl

Come my one, look at your world Don't let it bring you down
Come on open for me Those eyes of brown

I see girls turning Cartwheels
Cartwheels Cartwheels...

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Patti Smith Cartwheels Comments
  1. Mariclara OLIVEIRA

    Lv lv lv this woman, this singer, this poet.

  2. Tom Chalas

    close your eyes and a foot makes the whole video..

  3. Richard Crowell

    I am just discovering Patti Smith. This is an awesome song

  4. Ela Porras

    <3 ♫ :*

  5. Moonchild

    :'( My heart will never heal from this ...

  6. Larisa Karr

    "Notes pour bad and tender,
    Eradicate your blues"

    Most music is dehydrating,
    Patti's is rehydrating.

    Iuy Yui

    Larisa Karr It makes more sense as poor right? Like why would she bust out a single french word lol

  7. MrDirtFilth

    @xXTheSockRockerXx yes! I've tried it with this chords, but I prefer change the G to C. Thanks! Un saludo! :)

  8. Ziggy

    J'adore cette voix

  9. MrDirtFilth

    Do you know what is the chords of this songs? Awesome patti, to me, one of my favourite lyrics...

  10. Jojoseahorse

    @84ccipollini I agree; I love her as a mom :)

  11. Poet Sense

    Patti's songs to her children are amoung her most striking and beautiful.

  12. OscarLimaMike

    This whole album is, (I think) her best.

  13. nigra sed pulchra

    rimbaud of the rock (or: the rock of rimbaud)

  14. brian bell

    1st time i have heard this. Great great song. For me most of her best stuff is post horses

  15. Vincent Mosher

    Patti Smith, is the single best artist in the past 2 century's.

  16. loreleialbert

    Such a beautiful song by Patti Smith ~ thanks for posting it.