Patti LaBelle - Come What May Lyrics

Wish I was your child
Hold me in your heart
We could love so free
And no, we'd never part
But I'm not a child
And wishes are
Just child's play, my love
Now I'll never be afraid
Of who I am
And who I'm not
Come what may

Wish I was a bird
I'd warm you in my wings
Safe from all the storms
You know true love can bring
But I'm not a bird
And wishes can
Just fly away, my love
And I'll never be afraid
Of who I am
And who I'm not
Come what may

Oh, I'm no fool
Shining in your eyes
Of the above stars, my love
No, we'll never be afraid
Of who we are
And who we're not
Come what may
Of who we are
And who we're not
Come what may
Wish I was your child
Wish I was a bird
Wish I was a child

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Patti LaBelle Come What May Comments
  1. GodsTinGle

    one of the ABSOLUTE best Singers and best song EVER!!! Always has given me hope...thanks Patti. I wish I had your range...would have covered more of your songs and do a tribute you!

  2. Bruce Banner London


  3. Terry Sanders

    OL..this song is a tear jerker for me...Haven't heard it in a long time...I remember why now. Too much to listen too. Though I love it and Ms Patti singing it. It's stirs up memories that once were true.,😭

  4. Lovie Hardin, Jr.

    This song touches my heart, it makes me think of all the people in my life that I have loved, especially my deceased parents. Patti, thank you for putting "life and beauty" in your songs.

  5. V Robinson

    Love this song! Beautiful! Sounds like an Angel singing! Not afraid of who I am...Come What May!

  6. Helen Jackson

    Come What May. Listening in 2019.

  7. Frances Rush

    Classic Patti! My Jam here! Played this one endlessly! Love me some Patti! Much Love!

  8. Kemery Wright interesting arrival in life, some get there sooner than others...some never.

  9. LadyTessfirstofhername

    Still loving this song

  10. Mr Tom Whiteside

    Music is your live hay patti. God bless you patti labelle 🌹

    Ann Pleasants

    Happy Valentine's Day! 🌹

  11. Prince Blizzard

    I close my eyes and the journey takes over in my head..floating!

  12. Sharon Hammond

    Thank you Ms Patti no I'll never be afraid of who I am an who I'm not for sure listen up ppl this shit is real keep on acting like shit don't bother God will show you who's in charge🔜

  13. Terrence Ragin

    One of my favorite songs by her

  14. Ronald Thomas

    Very very pretty song

  15. Tricia O

    She is still one of my favorite through so many years, her music life's your soul.

    Tricia O

    I meant to say lifts your spirit

  16. Renee Martin

    What beautiful words tears❤

  17. Tracey Glover

    I love this song ❤️🌸😍😍

  18. Joe Ann

    If you don't feel SOME kind of EMOTION when MS. LaBELL SINGS - you are officially - DEAD.

  19. V Robinson

    Simply Beautiful!

  20. Mateusz Matusiak

    I listen that one more one more and more... beautiful

  21. Ladi Jae1

    LADY PATTI!!! Bow down to the Queen

  22. Brian Brent

    My favorite song from Ms.Patti,always put tears in my eyes

  23. Terry Sanders

    I love this style of song from Ms Patti. It's soft and sweet ❤😢😢

  24. Warren Macdonald

    vintage patti

  25. Carol Barnes

    I've had this song on repeat for days..... so so beautiful.

  26. albertdiner

    also recorded by Herb Alpert and Lani Hall and also by Roslyn Kind.

  27. Ebony_ Love_ R 007

    That's my girl!!! Luv you Patti Patti!!!!!!!!! : > )

  28. Craig A. ballard

    This have got to be my #1 favorite PATTI LABELLE song its so beautiful and smoove just like Ms Patti '_'

  29. Georges Goedemé

    wondermooi,fantastische zangeres

  30. Terrence Ragin

    this song takes me way back

  31. Doug W

    tears are flowing ya,ll

    Lejuan Dean

    Doug W mines are falling too!

    Ann Pleasants

    Same here..💝

  32. Mar Stubbs

    I loved this song as a young adult and as a parent, played this song to instill courage in my children and now as a mature women. Patti ' s music is timeless.

  33. vic Victor

    This morning in about 6 hours i have to take my beloved dog LADY to be euthanized! My heart's aching . This song always reminds me to accept the cycle of life and to love myself unconditionally as LADY has loved me for the last 12 years. Tears ,tears, tears. Patti Labelle i dont know you personally but I've seen you in concert many times. I've been on stage with you many times during your sing along segments. Ive been blessed enough to receive many embraces from you Patti. When i listen to this song i feel as if I'm being embraced in your loving arms . I'm playing this for my LADY as she lies beside me. This is going to be a heartbreaking day .This song is an EMOTIONAL MASTERPIECE. I love you Miss Patti. May you live a long blessed life.

    Derek Callier

    Sad and beautiful story brother


    You will see Lady again in Glory!!!!

    Ann Pleasants

    Bless You ! The Lost Of Our Fur Faced Friends Are DEVASTATING ! To Even Write About Lady Shows Her Loyalty & Sweet Devotion To You...You Will Meet Again On That Rainbow Bridge !
    Peace & Love To You This Valentine's Day ! ❤ 2/14)2019

  34. willie muse

    my my my love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Asayud Whaddameant

    I miss the smoother softer side of Patti.  The electric, high volume, shoe-kicking live performances can actually make you forget that most of her earlier recordings were much more subdued.

  36. LewisRonny

    "Come With May" by Patti Labelle...Oh, How remember this song. I be in tears when here this Beautiful song.

    Mar Stubbs

    I love this song as a young adult, and as a parent and now as a mature women. Patti's music is timeless.

  37. makeda Martin

    I love this song tearing up listening

    Jasmine Watkins

    +Brittney Davis I know it gets you to thinking back over your life this song makes me cry I try not to listen to it to much . But when I am going through I have to hear it . So I feel you .

  38. Katherine Mauldin

    I love Patti Labelle!!!

  39. Craig A. ballard

    OMG it's hard to say what's my favorite PATTI LABELLE but this may be it

  40. Craig A. ballard

    OMG ,it's hard to say, what's my favorite song from PATTI LALELLE ,but this may be it...

  41. MrSteven2945


  42. Frank H

    This song always takes me back to a better place and time.
    Thank God for Patti LaBelle and her wonderful voice.

  43. Crystal J. Leotaud

    I can't hardly listen to this song without tearing up. Love it!!

  44. 1blessedbrotha

    Beautiful an so heartfelt... nuff said!

  45. James Cash


  46. 2710Pocahontas

    This song brings back so many feelings of wanting to be accepted from my family for being gay and now living as a transgendered woman. I remember this song helping me through some tough times in the early 90's as it is helping me in 2014. I lost a very dear cousin on New Year's Eve at 39yrs.old only to lose her father four days later to throat cancer.  Me, being very close to my cousin and her uncle was asked by my MOTHER not to attend the funeral as a transgendered person because she is embarrassed.  Mind you, I am 42yrs. of age and have been transgered for 21yrs. I will never forget the statement that my mother said that she would rather see me dead than be gay.  Some things never change! This is why I am in my feelings tonight

    Yvette Smith

    So horrible, she doesn't want to see you dead, it will be so much she should have said. You have the heart, the spirit you were born with, so be free of here feelings and NEVER BE AFRAID OF WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU'RE NOT, COME WHA MAY YOU ARE STILL HER CHILD 😂I FEEL U DEEP BE HAPPY!

    Tracey Glover

    2710Pocahontas you are loved and accepted never dwell on bring transgendered only u can walk in your shoes. Nobody opinion matters in your life. God bless you❤️❤️🌈🌈

    Zachary Harris

    You are a strong, and courageous pioneer. Thank you for your lived experience and yes sacrifice so that many others could live more freely.

    James Holly

    Thank you for your post... Even though it was filled with sadness and struggle, come what may, it brought me inspiration and encouragement. :-)

    Renee Martin

    You are loved God bless u❤

  47. Jerome Mond

    This is when music was at its best. love this song.

    Annette Rodgers

    Ok Blue

  48. Sajidestar

    I hate most of the fart played on radio today. we need great music like this all the time

  49. Fredic Moncrief

    Just so beautiful patti put a lot of love into this song

  50. Timbuc Mobotu

    music at it's best.

  51. Ray Davis

    A veritable rochard test of a song which transports each listener back to to sweet and bitter memories filling love voids, healing old wounds and therapeutically allowing us to release tears that have been held hostage for too long. Pattti delivers Songs for the soul.

  52. Ray Davis

    A veritable rorchard test of a song which carreach listener to emotional

  53. Ray Davis

    A veritable Rich

  54. soulbrotha63

    This songs makes me cry. So many levels of meaning depending on who you are your personal experiences with self-love and personal identification.

  55. kitterpuss1

    Thanks for reminding me......I grew up listening to this..thanks for touching my soul

  56. caf0101931

    I absolutely adore Ms. Patti LaBelle. Not a lot of people is multi-talented like her in terms of singing, cooking, fashion, etc. She truly is one of a kind. <3

  57. J Nate

    listening to patti's u r my friend, the ballads, with all of these beautiful classics that radio has forgotten....

  58. ralph wilson

    1 of the best pieces Patti did...........along with little girls & kiss away the pain

  59. eaglesfan007

    to my former babysitter Patti...I always thought this was your best composition. great music.


    Sing it Patti! <3

  61. ctchngupto1776

    Just found out Whitney Houston died and I wanted to hear some soulful music to mourn to. Thank you to all the incomparable soul singers in history. Your talents and musical expression reaches out to the hearts and goodness of humanity. No one does it better. Thank you.

  62. pammy0322

    Grew up in Philly and this song is so very beautiful!!! Thank you for posting and sharing!!

  63. Audris Bradley

    This song is the ULTIMATE!!

  64. dpmclain

    Written by my friend, Allee Willis. She wrote "Little Girls" as well. Gorgeous songs sung by Patti!

  65. lucky dixon

    my 2nd favorite patti song...#1 is 'Little Girls'