Patrick Wolf - Vulture Lyrics


Losing my head to Hollywood
My liver to London
My youth to Tokyo
Still on with the show

And on
And on

It's a
But let me learn...

And the big wheels turn, turn
All your forest fires burn
And all my dead meat yearns
For the vulture's return

Take this
D-d-d-d-d-d-dead meat
D-d-d-d-d-d-dead meat
D-d-d-d-d-d-dead meat
D-d-d-d-d-d-dead meat

Coming down
Coming down

Down in Santa Monica
Suicide motel
One date with the devil
Seven days in hell
But mother don't worry
I said the boy is doing fine
Home in a hurry
I'll be sane with good time

T-t-t-t-t-t-time, time

Let me learn

And the big wheels turn, turn
And all your forest fires burn
And all my dead meat yearns
For the vulture's return

Take my
D-d-d-d-d-d-dead meat
D-d-d-d-d-d-dead meat
D-d-d-d-d-d-dead meat
D-d-d-d-d-d-dead meat

Come on down
Dead meat

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Patrick Wolf Vulture Comments
  1. odimitoge

    Sounds like Nine Inch Nails at imes

  2. genldoz

    Where are the girls?

  3. rosemary green

    If synth pop's fairy godmother could merge Marc Almond, Martin Gore and Madonna into one entity, this is what she'd come up with.

  4. praveen kattungal

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  5. DavieStreet

    Love how versatile he is.

    <3 Patrick Wolf.

  6. duckotaco

    I spoke to Patrick today. great.

  7. Sum1 Switch'd tha Game up,M8

    Im surprised he went to a "satanic sex group". Usually people never recover from that. i hope that he's healed from his childhood sexual abuse. Wanting to recreate and reinact scenarios is a common symptom to sexual abuse trauma. This is how the cycle turns vicious. They equate hate with love. It's a dangerous place to be. which is why they use this technique to break people spiritually.

  8. Lucas Daniel Portas

    And how do you know he is trying to copy her instead of trying to make a tribute to her? You have Hater Thoughs. Hater. I bet u dont Love Patrick.

  9. mischkabunny

    Oh that's it. I knew there was something that seemed off about a lot of his videos, (not slamming them, I love them all very much, he's a whimsically talented young man).. they're all pretty much of him posing by himself. Which I definitely don't mind.. it just seems a little peculiar in this video how he's playing the dominant and subordinate role, along with the third new wave pleather shirt guy.

  10. sk82sp

    omg what the hell ??

  11. Mojo0Pin

    This song is okay. I prefer the other stuff. The video has some nice shots but the bondage thing is just kind of trying too hard if you ask me.

  12. emmaeliina

    the vulture-look makes me think of virginia woolf......and i don't know why.

  13. Hadrien

    a part reminds me the cover of "Heroes" by Bowie

  14. aryblack


  15. Jamie

    whenever i watch this video i just sit and laugh and i don't know why because i don't find it funny it's just really awkward to watch.

  16. Tesi_Antitesi

    @princesXone OMG > D: *plus nightmares*

  17. mischkabunny

    Daring, to say the least. :s

  18. Ирма К.

    I love him music, but I can't get used to so strange videos

  19. Paige

    @thenwejustgetupandgo ooo jamie i see you comment. yep.

  20. Jamie

    filming this video must have been really really awkward...
    but yeah it's great so

  21. Sarah Finn

    @psilocybinify Alec Empire co-wrote + co-produced this track. ;-)

  22. psilocybinify

    Reminds me of Alec Empire, especially from the The Golden Foretaste of Heaven era. Even the hairstyle is a bit similar;) the first time I heard it I was sure it is some softened version of Empire's work;)

  23. SorrowOfVaeVictis


    Except that he is better. :)

  24. emmaeliina

    this is so hot it's cruel.
    he is my biggest addiction

  25. ooodinosaur

    reminds me little of lady gaga

  26. V Ortiz

    oh my god oh my god oh my god DX soooo many naughty thoughts going through my head now thanks to this vid :P uuuuugh why cant he be bound in my bed?!?!?!

  27. emmaeliina

    @HELLOLITTLESHIT thank you!! i'm not the only one who thinks so then:''D

  28. Lauragog

    @theavemaria I just mean this video! Believe me, got nothing against this man <3

  29. mariamx

    @Lauragog Excuse you, he's been doing this for much longer than that hack.

  30. Cleiton Lage

    patrick is so sweet i looove him kisses from a brazilian fan .

  31. Lauragog

    Male Lady Gaga!



  33. ULMO10

    I prefer his videos from the first albums. Way more artistic... Being a provocateur is not innovative these days. He's trying too hard to embrace his personal Ziggy Stardust I think!

  34. emmaeliina

    GOD it's so hoooooot:D
    and well.. if i were his mama i might worry a little> < : D

  35. Stefano Verza


    But, just to say - hasn't he got some kind of beer belly in this video? XD

  36. Renee Mlovely

    SO fucking sexy!

  37. bukomen

    gay song

  38. pumkin54

    Don't think a guy like him could ever fool anyone by hiding in the closet. His closet had a glass door. He was probably peeking out from the day he was born :)

  39. kirika20

    haha!! that's a good one :P the thing is, I knew about him many years ago and for some reason I stopped following his career and now I'm back again looking for his songs. Before, for me he was just a very pretty boy, I didn't see any signs of him being gay and now he's so...flamboyant lol

  40. OdSlatromEkil

    Was he ever IN the closet? ;)

  41. kirika20

    he changed, yes. he looks gayer than usual! did he come out of the closet?

  42. kirika20

    great song and...the video is so creepy!! but cool <3

  43. Bogdan Stojakov

    Keyboards are fantastic!

  44. Saintcaedmon

    i want those gloves

  45. Sheena Antoinette Seago

    it makes me think of that banned Soft Cell Video :D

  46. Deni Soukalová

    song is great.. but video..OMG:D :D

  47. koko

    It's great (no matter music or MV) but I love his style more during "The Magic Position".

  48. OdSlatromEkil

    Am I really the only one who loves this video and really like the way Patrick's changed?

  49. sem71

    is this gaymo?

  50. theenforcer22

    This is how Depeche Mode's latest single should have sounded!

  51. Nyx

    I've decided that this video is strangely hypnotic. Lol this is my fourth(?) comment here...

  52. Nyx

    oh is it? That probably explains the lack of too graphic content in it. Is the origional still on Myspace? Or was it a one of thing?

  53. Nyx

    hee hee I can kind of see what you mean.

  54. Amanda Simms

    There is much worse I agree, perhaps if it were a woman in the bondage gear and not a man it might not have been banned... that's my theory anyway.

  55. Nyx

    yeah it doesn't make sense but it's supposedly true I got this from an email from team Wolf:

    'Deemed too provocative for even late night TV, MySpace are promoting the video as an exclusive post watershed in the late night hours, due to its graphic content.'

  56. fusugar

    i doubt thats true to be honest. your right, there is MUCH worse on late night tv

  57. Nyx

    very intersting video. I had heard it was too much for late night television so it was shown on Myspace. Which I thought odd because I have seen worse on late night TV. Does anyone know why exactly they wouldn't show it? (after the watershed of course)

    As for the music, it's quite catchy not my fav song by him but still pretty good. I love how everything he does is different, each album he creates is unique. I never know what to expect :D