Patrick Wolf - The Tinderbox Lyrics

Left, right, left, right
And left, right, left, right

Weary from the wars
I stumble into fortune
Strike a deal with the witch
And cut off her head
With pockets full of gold
I journey into town
Trade my stuffed boots
For bribes and burberry

Became the talk of the town
Though the heart remained mute
As I fed the poor
With the king's cutlery

Locked in towers behind walls
Comes some divination
And true love was promised to me

On a black dog
Black burning eyes
Come and carry you here
To my room

One spark
And I have your heart
And as quick as you come
Always gone so soon soon soon
Gone so soon soon soon
Gone so soon soon soon
Always gone so soon
And now I live alone
In this dirty old attic
And my friends have no strength
To climb up the stairs

So in the dark I spark
This old box of tinder

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Patrick Wolf The Tinderbox Comments
  1. Tucktimosprime

    I see 7 people clicked the dislike button, must have been an accident.


    you think this guys still alive?


    @PathisNarrow why, what do you know. As far as I know he is but he hasn't posted on his Facebook in ages.

  2. Robin

    I've been wanting to buy the digital singles of "Damaris" and "Vulture" for some time now after an old hard drive crashed but it seems like they're not available anywhere anymore, even on Spotify. Does anyone have the files in good quality they can send? Would buy legally if I could :/

  3. Türkiye Bağımsız

    şeklini sikeyim nasıl geldim buraya

  4. David T. Reid

    Great Song Patrick!

  5. evelina b.

    I used to listen to this song while checking my headphones - it's perfect for that purpose :)) (and very beautiful)

  6. Julie Crawford

    don't know why this doesn't have 800,000 views. It should be an indie hit!

  7. Bluewarden

    I always listened to this tale when i was younger, and the way you sing takes me right back to it. thank you.

  8. dumbdadidumb

    love him, his talent

  9. dead rat

    I think you can also download it from if you look under the discography section.

  10. Callum McPherson

    I think you can only get the vinyl edition on his website... maybe it was a kind of special edition single that was only released on vinyl? (There is apparently a way of uploading vinyl records onto iTunes so might be worth getting it anyway)

  11. dead rat

    may be a little late but his official website (patrickwolf . com) has one

  12. Callum McPherson

    Is this song, or the whole of the Vulture EP for that matter, available to purchase anywhere? I've searched iTunes, Amazon and even Spotify, and can't find it anywhere.

  13. CioVivo

    This song got me to turn my headphones around the right way - thanks patrick!

  14. MaddieIsSymmetrical

    This song is what music is all about to me: beautiful storytelling, enchanting melodies and enticing vocals. I love it, but was very upset it wasn't on itunes and I had to youtube convert it to mp3, which I loathe doing.

  15. Justin Tyme

    What a load of rubbish.

  16. mischkabunny

    This song gives me chills. Sign of a good artist :)

  17. mischkabunny

    @aarong923 ah, the joys of stereo sound..

  18. featheredskyblue

    I think this might end up being my theme song for this semester. I'm writing a major paper on "The Tinderbox", and this song is absolutely what I need to keep me excited about the analysis. Thanks for posting it!

  19. Ida Dreier

    times like theise, i am proud to be danish!

  20. Pedro Miguel

    Almost like - Marillion

  21. KillerEnte1988

    Die Beste Musik aller Zeiten...

  22. 2b2a

    @aarong923 it is

  23. hearthebutterflies

    I love this song!

  24. Greiseskrank

    You got my heart!!!

  25. naughtytree

    I love this so much! Must have listened to it about 20 times already :D

  26. Duke de PallMall

    This has quite a "Wind in the Wires" feel to it. Wonderful song!

  27. Charlotte Daffern

    Argh, I see I obviously need this single despite already having the main song. This song is beyond belief. ^ ^ Omz, I am quite in love. <3

  28. mariamx

    @Rowwaaaaan No, it's the b-side from the Vulture single.

  29. Anna-Maria

    just saying that comment was from my mum below LOL i'm only 18, hardly an old lady hehe...

  30. Anna-Maria

    A hauntingly beautiful song. The style reminds me of The Stranglers 'Golden Brown'. I love the lyrics and the waltz like feel. Excellent story telling with a celtic twist. I could listen to this over and over again. Well done Patrick you have made an old lady smile at the end of a difficult day.

  31. staralfur123

    Oh my. I can't stop listening to this song, it's so enchanting and addictive.

  32. comelovesleep

    Thanks for this! Minor correction, though--the second chorus, it's not 'black dog/black burning eyes,' it's 'black dog/turning eyes' which is also part of the story.

  33. staralfur123

    This song is beyond gorgeous <3

  34. o0xXirisXx0o

    I love the song! Thank you for uploading it.

  35. Pablo Post

    thanks for the upload ;3