Patrick Wolf - The Stars Lyrics

I saw I saw the stars tonight
Mama, I saw the stars tonight

Mama I saw the stars tonight

Orion, the plow, the burning bright
Cannot recall where I drove
An empty lane, the lonely road home.

I saw, I saw my star tonight
Mama, the stars are burning bright
And it came clear that the light years
Are here and lost.

At left, at right
The death, the life
And all unseen came into sight.
The pulls, the scales
The dark, the light
Mama, papa, voila, the night.

So now to the one with the never-ending
And the invisible scarves
Look up, look up, the stars!

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Patrick Wolf The Stars Comments
  1. happyjoy16789

    Wow....I love it. This melody and the music and his voice...........just so beautiful... :)

  2. dumbdadidumb

    you are awesome Patrick

  3. Razomic

    Simply haunting...

  4. pearlrossi101

    this is beautiful, and my fave song from Patrick! thank you!! xx

  5. PT4BB

    This song is so beautiful! Its my favorite from that album, I wish he would make a music video for it, its so magical.

  6. Michele

    Saw him performing this song last night here in Brazil and it was magical, one of the most beautiful moment of my life.

  7. Andria Reed

    I love it.
    This song is beautiful yet so simple.
    His voice is beatiful.
    He is beauiful.

  8. TheaSAMA

    this is the most beautiful song.