Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor Lyrics

No one will wear my silver ring

Poor little turtle dove
sitting up in pine,
Mourning for your own true love,
Why not me for mine,
why not, why not me for mine?

I've got hogs in the pen
and corn to feed them up,
All I want is someone who will
feed them when I'm dead and gone,
feed them when I'm dead and gone.

'Cause I'm not gonna marry in the fall
And I'm not gonna marry in the spring
I'll never marry - marry at all
No one will wear my silver ring
Wear my silver ring, boy

I'm not gonna marry in the fall
And I'm not gonna marry in the spring
I'll never marry - marry at all
No one will wear my silver ring
Wear my silver ring, boy

Poor little turtle dove
sitting up in pine,
Mourning for your own true love,
Why not me for mine?
why not me for mine?

So I went up to this mountain
to give my horn a blow,
All the boys in the valley said,
"Yonder comes my beau,
Oh, yonder comes my beau."

But I'm not gonna marry in the fall
And I'm not gonna marry in the spring
I will never marry - marry at all
No one will wear my silver ring

I'm not gonna marry in the fall
And I'm not gonna marry in the spring
I will never marry - marry at all
No one will wear my silver ring (wear my silver ring, no one)

Poor little turtle dove
sitting up in pine
Mourning for your own true love,
Why not me for mine?

All I want is someone who'll feed them when I'm dead and gone
When I'm dead and gone, now
I will never marry - marry at all
No one will wear my silver sing

Feed them when I'm dead, feed them when I'm dead,
Feed them when I'm dead and and gone
I will never marry - marry at all
No one will wear my silver ring.

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Patrick Wolf The Bachelor Comments
  1. Rabbyt Hart

    Eliza Carthy is fucking amazing.

  2. Ima Gahnapissonyoo

    Does this Eliza Carthy person smoke 4 packs of cigarettes a day?

  3. PalaPriDee

    You can definitely tell it's Eliza Carthy when compared to her singing in Blood On My Boots, though Florence Welch's performance live was breathtaking as well.

  4. galerandyaddict

    he has a lot of folky songs, those are the ones i love too, just go through the catalogue, it's obvious from the start which ones you should skip. but i'd say that every album has at least one real folky gem to be worth to go through the rest of the songs, especially when we consider that those are also gems in their own right, at least imho the are.

  5. pajamaparty01

    His latest album Sundark and Riverlight is all acoustic. Not all of it is folky, but you might find some stuff you prefer.

  6. Vivi Ornitier

    It pisses me off that this is the only song by this guy that sounds remotely folky enough to be something I'd like. This is WONDERFUL but so far as I've browsed, everything else by Patrick Wolf is electronic and dance-ish, even the album this song was on. Does he have any similar songs to this? I'm desperate. What an amazing voice!

  7. Mabel Nevarez

    this song is amazing

  8. Noel Ronan

    This is the first time i've got the second page on youtube of Patrick Wolf , his songs are too addictive they're all on repeat.

  9. Myke

    song of my life.

  10. Andrew Cooper

    it's tilda swinton fools

  11. IoEstasCedonta

    @littlechelseadagger Florence Welch? Oh, my god, that's awesome.

  12. KsAnNa

    The background vocals are raspy. I like it. Why is everyone complaining?!

  13. zowiexGOREgous

    its strangely different and beautiful.

  14. Javier Soltero

    @Rowwaaaaan You really need to listen to the first 2 albums if you haven't... this is
    totally him (:

  15. Zen Smith

    the live version of this with florence welch is possibly the most awesome thing i have heard for ages, properly amazing.

  16. redneckboho

    Via wiki: Carthy's 2008 tour was cancelled in November, as a cyst on her throat made singing inconsistent and painful. Because of her pregnancy, doctors are delaying treatment until spring 2008

  17. skatelongboards

    so was france they pulled out and left us fighting them.and england lost against a bunch of colonial people who didnt even have much of a army and they beat the strongest army and navy in the world...

  18. Robert Hunter

    actually.. britain was the strongest NAVAL force due to the Naval protection act in 1800's which gives britain the international patent to be allowed a navy as big as the next two, and stronger aswell. Prussia (germany) was the strongest military force 100 years go. Not having a go, just clarifying your point :)

    Source - A-Level history.

  19. n64 generation

    how exactly do you play 'American' Pop music.

    we don't need anymore ass kissers of america.

    they were defeated by third world vietnesse rebels less than 50 years ago

    check 'vietnam war' on wikipedia

  20. Lumi Snow Bengal

    i didn't say that? i love his music :)

  21. Lumi Snow Bengal

    no, it's not.

  22. Lazuli Peligro

    Patrick wolf all gays loves you !! <3 you're so gorgeous!

  23. n64 generation

    ''Soccer as we know it today was invented in England in the 1800s but even before the game became a known sport in Europe many cultures already played sports similar to soccer 3000 years ago.''

  24. n64 generation

    'soccer' is a british invention so we might aswell say the americans play british soccer. how retarded does that sound? yeah...

  25. n64 generation

    The Beatles did not play american pop music..............they made their OWN MUSIC...

    ''kinda did it better'' the beatles were number 1 for 2 decades google 'the beatles awards''

    100 years ago Britain was the most powerful military force, it had control of the quarter of the globe.

    Rock music was a subculture that developed with late European Romanticism and African folk music in the Americas.

    music has no nationality..the rolling stones are for the most part a rock band. brits founded usa

  26. n64 generation

    wrong. 2 centuries ago Britain was the most powerful nation on the planet controlling a quarter of the globe and the pwerfulliest empire the world had ever seen, as for music almost all popular music from the 60s to the late 80 was from Britain. The rolling Stones,The Who,The Beatles,The Kinks etc

  27. DeepestSleep

    Just came to me conclusions a few minutes ago...and here's the first classification I've had since... I kept thinking there's no way that voice is coming out of Tilda Swinton! I was more apt to believing they somehow got John Lennon back in the studio!

  28. jegcreations

    Hey so everyone did finally settle on the fact that it's Eliza Carthy, right?! Cuz it is. lol

    Apparently her voice got all crazy and awesome like that because of her pregnancy. Makes me wonder if Tom Waits hasn't been pregnant through his entire career.

  29. OdSlatromEkil

    Mmmh, I love the contrast between their voices. It fits the song extremly well.

  30. aj_shoots

    man, i want guitar tabs of this! anyone got any ideas where i could find them? i guess it's too recent to find them in most tab websites...

  31. Helena Lewis

    nooo... i was wrong :L

  32. Helena Lewis

    she plays the white witch in lion witch and the wardrobe i think :/

  33. Alysia Forde-Klumb

    my favorite track on this album.

  34. LikkleLuie

    Wikipedia says it's Eliza Carthy...
    Don't ask me who that is though! :)

  35. sixflags1

    The album's not even released till June (just look at any of his sites, except for his bandstock friends) anywhere in the world, so, please calm down. the cd's awesome, (what we can hear from it, so far ) we all love it and can't wait for it....period.

  36. Robert Hunter


  37. Robert Hunter

    And no probs mate, its cool to know some people on here have a backbone and are willing to say what they want to say rather than skirt around the bush.

  38. Robert Hunter

    ahahah nah its cool man. americans and british are basically the same anyway, seeing as the link with the pilgrims and shit. we're basically the same, just different sides of the globe :p

  39. jackabussingly

    and soz for the that bit as well. i take it back :p

  40. Robert Hunter

    BTW, cancer of the tounge? Shit dude, could've been a tad' bit more imperative with your insult lol :p

  41. jackabussingly

    thank you for the soz note, much appreciated :)x
    sorry for the mistaken nationality :p

  42. Robert Hunter

    Oh shit sorry mate, I thought i replied to that wanker ninaninja's comment and musta've over-run my comment with some stuff from yours. But still neitherless, I am just utterly pissed off that people persist to talk about legalities and crap. and btw, I'm british, NOT american.

  43. jackabussingly

    i'll do some research and i politely suggest you catch cancer of the tongue or just calm down a tad in your response to people's comments on youtube. when i posted that message i didn't realise it was already released in america, but 'TanzMitRoberts' . comment opened my eyes to release dates being different in america. good times for you guys in the states ;)x

  44. Robert Hunter

    No one is pulling out any rug, this album came out in april on pre-release, look it up on amazon.

  45. Robert Hunter

    hellz yer.

  46. Robert Hunter

    Oh go fuck off, it came out in the states 21st april, Its on youtube. GET OVER IT, this shit happens, he's already made tonnes of money over gigs and album sales already. so shut up. do some research before u make these comments ye?

  47. jackabussingly

    hummmm, shouldn't there be some youtube legal team created to stop this sort of thing happening? he's not even released the album yet, it's due on JUNE 1st, not april 25th. how about someone at youtube takes this down and stops people pulling the piss with a great guys' work?