Patrick Wolf - Penzance Lyrics

In a time of loneliness
I fell into your strong open arms
And in those arms you loved me well
You hid me in your calm

And in that calm we headed south
Knowing nothing of my demons

There were devils in the winds that night
Walking fire among the hills
And many voices called me out to the cliffs
But you held me safe
You wrestled me still

Wiping the black blood from my mouth
Speeding into nowhere

It starts in Penzance where the winds are born
And follows the track of this train
And just like this love coming back for you
It will come back for me again

"What a beautiful town!"
I shouted out
Oh, but what a terrifying view..
You know I wrestled with my bruised hours
Just to lie there next to you

Deep in the dark heart of the south
Speeding into nowhere

My love, Come stop me
I am haunted and possessed
And with my darkest hour yet to come
It's only you, only you can stop me

Come back to Penzance where the winds are born
Just follow the tracks of this trains
And just like this love calling out for you
It is calling me out again...

So come stop me
Only you can stop me
Stop me

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Patrick Wolf Penzance Comments
  1. Ed80 Solo

    pure art.

  2. Sadder Than You

    Love this track. Patrick's b-sides are even better than most of his LP tracks...

  3. Vegan Vocalist

    WOW , wrenching , poignant , dark , authentic evocative, simply a breath taking stunning piece of artistry awestruck

  4. John J S

    If you like this, give Fionn Regan's 'Snowy Atlas Mountains' a listen.

  5. xPrwishesShadowWolfx

    My favorite Patrick Wolf song is Magic Position XD it's forever my happy song! 😊 But yet, I had this song stuck in my head! I love this song too!

  6. Cai Colman


  7. Andy Simmons

    Does anyone have the sheet music for this? I really want to play it on piano.

    Lehlila Devandria

    I'm looking for this as well.

  8. alyssa riley

    Forever my favorite PW song. The depths of the human mind and emotions

  9. Stephen Mullaney-Westwood

    Patrick Wolf - the spirit of Cornish nature!!  Thank you for posting.  I have shared this on my influences playlist.

  10. Duke de PallMall

    Wind in the Wires - the neoromantic masterpiece of the 21st. century. To me Penzance is his Kate Bushiest song. Reminds me of her early piano pieces from the mid-70s.

    Sadder Than You

    It never seemed "Kate Bushy" to me, but maybe you're right.

  11. Iga Kluszczynska

    i'm getting more and more into him...

  12. Han Qiu

    Really appreciate your efforts, these photos of Patrick are so "him", and the atmosphere of this video is so touching. I enjoy it. Thanks!

  13. Zorana Koprivica

    because it was too private for him

  14. superlimone

    I'm lost in this song

  15. Achilles Xerxes

    S~This is very much beautiful what you say here. With just those few words you rivet a person to want more. What you say is the perfect opening paragraph to a wonderful book. From the first word 'last' to the last word 'Sea', is perfection! It simply is! xxAxx

  16. Alessandra Calle

    Me too. He´s just like the greatest. Guys are so lucky thou :( *sobbs*

  17. Sum1 Switch'd tha Game up,M8

    This has Irish folk song written all over it.

  18. audreyjeandreamer

    I once listened to PW during a thunderstorm in Michigan where I was spending a Summer. I ran outside and found an old wagon where I layed down and just watched the lighting then i spotted a young dear trying to crouch under a was a magical night and it would'nt have been so much so if it were'nt for his music<3

  19. S McIlhagga

    This is the perfect song, last week I pulled up in Penzance at 11 o'clock in the rain, to a deserted train station. With a view of St Michael's Mount. I didn't know where I was going, or where to find the girl I wanted to stay with. The only only sound was the sea. This reminds me of that night. That's why I love Patrick, he writes music for nighttime and for journeys. x

  20. emmaeliina

    I so badly want to go to penzance.

  21. ÆxPolaris

    I just found out about this band. I'm glad I did, seems to be pretty good so far.

  22. Zorana Koprivica

    this song.... <3
    Patrick is the only artist i would support and love till the end of the universe
    thank you for uploading this with those particular pictures. x
    your channel is amazing, so big thank you.

  23. Leonor Marques


  24. Tijana T.

    @crumbbycrumb The best songs are always b-sides.

  25. Luca M

    3:55 always kills me.

  26. Nasser Jihadi

    @DamnHotChocolate UK, England, Cornwall.

  27. Lisa Brueckner

    @mairimartnet thanks :)

  28. Morena Forza

    @starmanlover I'm always homesick for Penzance :(

  29. Morena Forza

    @DamnHotChocolate it's in Cornwall. Magical place. I love it, I've been there in april, without tourists... amazing. Cornwall is definitely my favourite place in Europe.

  30. Lisa Brueckner

    i love these pictures :)
    but where is penzance?

    jacy chimes

    cornwall, UK

  31. Helena Ariano

    my god, what a perfect song! *-*

  32. emmaeliina

    i don't have any words to describe this heartbreaking melody and heartbreaking lyrics. i cry but the same time i'm so happy i've found this wonderful creature.

  33. Bridport Dorset

    @Jophisn Nottingham's a shit hole - full of chavs that like nothing more than to smash up and loot shops and set fire to cars ( St Anns)You won't get that in Cornwall

  34. Hannah Marleen

    Breathtakingly beautiful. <3

  35. FluorescentHearts

    ''My love... Come stop me...''

  36. Duke de PallMall

    Ah, he's a genius all the way, but Wind in the Wires remains my favorite album. This piece reminds me alot of the early Kate Bush demos. A piano, a voice and so much melancholy passion.

  37. Will Stringer

    Most (if not all) of Patrick Wolf's singles come with B-Sides. This particular one is from the WITW era.

  38. Nyx

    Those lyrics are magnificant

  39. Jakeees


  40. Rachel Louisa

    Love this :)