Patrick Wolf - House Lyrics

Oh, I love this house, I love this house
Gives me the greatest peace I've ever known
Oh, I love to hear those conkers fall
Smash 'em on an Southwark stone

And I love that here you live with me
Gives me the greatest peace I've ever known
'Cause I've been too long a lonely man
Yes, I've been too long a rolling stone

So let seasons turn
Grow paradise garden
And to my migration
The native has returned

Oh, I love the curling of your hair
Gives me the greatest peace I've ever known
I see Dylan Thomas in your face
Recited Butler Yeats there in your grace
Your grace, your grace

So let seasons turn
Grow paradise garden
And to my migration
The native has returned


And if I had to die today
Scatter my ashes on this place
And I live on in your grieving heart
But until that day that we depart

Oh, this is the greatest peace I've ever known
Oh, the greatest peace I've ever known
Oh, the greatest peace I've ever known
Only love makes house a home

This house is home

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Patrick Wolf House Comments
  1. Hellga Black

    You are my fondest alter ego Pat x

  2. Origin's End

    most of the music i listen to is a connection through catharsis i guess. but this is something that makes me feel genuinely joyful and hopeful for the future. it gives me a little jolt of desire to make this true for myself and my partner in the future.

  3. Ed80 Solo

    Este hombre es una joya musical, hace dos meses aproximadamente que lo descubrí, y su música me deja sin palabras, es un músico en toda la extensión de la palabra. me recuerda a mi cantante mexicana favorita toca varios instrumentos, compone y canta, Natalia Lafourcade.

  4. Ilaria Eu

    I miss you patrick please come back!

  5. Hello Gorgeous

    Ugh so beautiful 💔

  6. Deerful

    i haven't heard this song in eight years, but i felt the strongest pull to come back to it just now, and i'm so happy i did.


    Lol, this just happened to me. Started randomly singing it.

  7. PA MI

    Poor fish... Although I like you, Mr. Wolf, I did something I very rarely do. I clicked the dislike button instantly.

  8. Jacob Murphy

    I love patty wolfenstein makes tunes!

  9. GiuseppeR17

    it seems the male version of florence the machine

  10. Zorana Koprivica

    End to my migration. The native has returned.

  11. gdouglas999

    My cat loves this video. Creepy looking animals and moving plants---what could be better?

  12. Thomas Summer

    Can i embed your great video with wolfs in my site ?

  13. Marchant2

    I never heard of Patrick Wolf until a few days ago, and I'm starting to really fall in love with his music.

  14. baranches


    Long live and prosper, dear.

  15. stewart baird



    This is super interesting

  17. vic b

    such 80s music.

  18. Rachel Lou

    The world needs Patrick Wolf :-)

  19. AgentQQ8

    He should change his name to Patrick Cock.

    Rabbit Youth

    AgentQQ8 why?

  20. Charles Diniz


  21. inkspottedtea

    This video is just lovely <3

  22. Adrian Swaby

    12 Landscape Valley

  23. German Gomez

    I love this song I love this song

  24. Jacqueline Viana


  25. Eddie Tait

    Is that nicked from I love the sound of breaking glass Nick Lowe

  26. xPrwishesShadowWolfx

    The video for this song is amazing!

    Applliss Gaming

    Prwishes AJ I have no idea


    applliss eleanor lol hi bff


    did u watch it do u think it's cool?

  27. Lali Cuadora

    he Is hot

  28. Vincent Ruvo

    Great voice!  Surprised that he isn't more popular or well  known.

  29. Triggered

    The greatest penis i've ever known

    Lali Cuadora

    Triggered_ hahaha OMG You make my day

    Jennifer Sieker

    It's pizza lmao

  30. stewart baird


  31. Mister Vertigo

    What a load of boring shit from someone who started out so promising.

  32. Gary Jones

    Can someone please put me out of my misery and tell me what song/band from the 80s this sounds like!

    Maria Krueger

    A tiny bit like ABBA, maybe


    Gary Jones His voice reminds me of David Sylvian from the band, Japan. Every Patrick Wolf song I listen to, Japan's "Ghosts" starts playing at the back of my mind ("Just when I think I'm winning, when I've broken every door, the ghosts of my life blow wilder than before"). Dunno if that's the band it's reminding you of, though.

  33. Anthony

    I need those floral pyjamas

  34. Edwin Sng

    That's a saltwater fish in a fish bowl!

    Aman Chaudhary

    Literally the whole video is out-of-place animals in the house. That's the theme.

    Shane Goad

    Now that you pointed out the obvious, Eddie, why do you think it was like that?

  35. Fatiha Personne

    Oh I love this song I love this song .... ♥♥♥

  36. Benjamin Esposti

    omg he looks like one of the Kpop boys X'D


    You mean, one of the Kpop boys looks like him. He's been around.

  37. 4vendetta1

    Poor fishly

  38. Andrea Crofskey-Kratzert

    and i love you boy

  39. Cole

    I think if anyone said to me "I see Dylan Thomas in your face" I think I would die.

  40. ASchArt

    I think I'm in love.

  41. Víctor Carreño

    I think Lupercalia's been Patrick's best album, not only because of the maturity of the lyrics but also the feeling he is sharing in each particular song. House and Time of my life are so contraries yet so similar in the way he's expressing himself.

    Eddie Tait

    Is that nicked from I love the sound of breaking glass Nick Lowe

    David Thomas

    I think it was Tony Visconti who said that plagiarism is increasingly difficult to prove, as there are only a few ways to rearrange the notes we have, so eventually they will repeat. I think this song and Wolf's performance stand up on their own.

  42. Bruno Santos

    always listen to this when i get home on friday


    Bruno Santos Me too!

    Applliss Gaming

    Prwishes AJ oh hi prwishes


    Awesome routine

  43. Find That Music!

    I love this song, awesome. Lupercalia is a great album.

  44. muggedinmadrid

    modern day andy bell

  45. Martha G

    What a voice :))) and what a beautiful music video! Patrick Wolf, stay amazing!

  46. Patrick Odea

    more power to the invincible Mr Wolf..!

  47. NemeyethVI

    I need a kind of sensibilities like yours in this world. That's perfect! Beautiful song, lyrics and video. Thank you Patrick! :)))

  48. verenika1

    :)  :))

  49. Silvia Lopez

    klhgsfhgsfghsodhgsdohgsuiodgn <3

  50. Jeffrey L


  51. Nick Powers Music

    One of my favorite videos of all time. 

  52. Alexandra Cavielles

    So much talent and awesomeness! Love love love

  53. Darhío Vo

    That's not new for me. Evident? You can't use that word, there are guys who "look gay", but they're not, guys who "look straight", but they're not. I knew (or 'thought' since you're so sure) that Patrick in pansexual.

  54. Mona Bamberg

    Proud to be a wolfie <3 :)

  55. Gustavo Borges

    @0:59 Miley Cyrus seems to be a PW fan.

  56. fredrikottosson

    this is one of the best and effecting songs ive ever heard! thank you patric wolf!

  57. Orkan Aktug

    I do not mind his gender or sex preference. But his talent is good enough for music..

  58. Darhío Vo

    Femenine maybe. But I got news for you. He's not gay. So don't prejudge again.

  59. Кыштымский Трикотаж

    200% gay

  60. bensimps123

    youre mums fanny is my home

  61. upfrontbear74

    I got the album last Friday for £1 and have to say its amazing.

  62. MGSpecialNeeds

    Sure ! He's so beautiful in this video XD

  63. Lilistrations


  64. Allen Arcelo

    gave it a chance but not my kind of music although I must at least say that he is talented.

  65. MGSpecialNeeds

    I want this house with Patrick Wolf of course ;).

  66. Noblesse Oblige

    Patrick Wolf should be the next Doctor...

  67. Karolcia1993

    oh, I love this man, I love this man...

  68. pajamaparty01

    Does this song make anyone else die of jealousy for William Pollock?

  69. ModernNomad

    I need a house like this or the house in the Madness video and song Our House. xD
    Patrick Wolf is beautiful, love his style also.

  70. MelekBetul

    I love that house too.

  71. k2tari

    That's a small aquarium for a fish like that..

  72. deepradu

    this song is about burrito

  73. eljagg01

    Nuh-uh!!! Really? :D
    I'm moving to his front lawn.

  74. Giuseppe Calì


  75. MeGaBlAcKGeNeRaToR o

    i want house gender

  76. Lumen Lumeno

    But he is bi. ;)

  77. petertorrens

    This guy and he´s music like a postmodern sound of eighties end , the look like a thompson twins and the sound not is new! but good song!

  78. Silbermeere

    but not to gay men

  79. eljagg01

    A great loss to straight women everywhere.

  80. r0c87

    You don't have to be gay to understand Patrick Wolf -- you just have to be interesting.

  81. Consiliencer

    I love the references to Dylan Thomas and Thomas Hardy. I wish more pop songs were intelligent and nuanced in this way. Maybe a tone poem for Joyce's Ulysses?

  82. stinky242

    is he Terry Hall's son?

  83. Romain Bogaert

    now this my fellows.. is music :D

  84. vnnblitz

    02:06 WTF! XD

  85. bmobaggins

    this is the greatest pizza ever known

  86. HubixCube

    I have to say he is much better live. :P

  87. lukaszwojciech84

    very good song

  88. najodleglejszy

    as long as you'd like it, I wouldn't care about that ;)

  89. Haneen Aljobory

    he's so underated

  90. Laura Ioana V

    just saw him live! he's sooo nice

  91. Sophie27987

    Didn't know Francis Boulle had a music career.

  92. SYKUR

    We are playing with Patrick Wolf in a couple of months...excited! After this pop over to our channel and say hi <3 SYKUR xxx

  93. jayjay

    i realy dont know how but siouxie sioux brought me here 0.o can any one explain that??

  94. Zorana Koprivica

    any problem with that?