Patrick Wolf - Battle Lyrics

Battle the patriarch
Battle for equal rights
Battle, battle, battle
Battle back your liberty
Battle the long night
Come on
Battle, battle, battle
It's your time
To join your tribe

Yes it's time
For some victory
Our time


If you're sick
Of being a victim
Or their ignorance
Battle the conservative
Battle for your
Battle battle battle
Battle the homophobe
But battle without war

Come on battle
Battle, battle, battle

It's your time
To join the tribe
It's our time for some victory
without fists

Since I was 12
It's been me VS the world
I got so sick of being told
my identity was in minority
But now we've got tribe
And we've got some battle
And yes it's time
To get some victory

Yes it's time for
some victory
Your time
My time
This is our battle

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