Patoranking - Black Lyrics

I just had a word with my forefathers
They said this would hit you hard like firecrackers
Black truth, coming from a black root
We have to go back to black, we have to put black on track

Black sold black, black scold black
Too many lies, black told black
Moving forward in life, black hold back
Black hates black, black don't rate black
Black underrates black, even some black don't wanna see some black people dey black
Black beat black, black hit black
Black cheats black, black maltreats black
Black kill black (yes), black don't feel black
When black give black, black want to steal back
Black don't support black, black extort black
Black deports black, black reports black
Black snitch black, black bewitch black
Black don't enrich black, good will, black never wish black
Black don't appreciate black, black never tolerates black
Black relegates black, that's why black currencies depreciate back
Black deceive black, black don't believe black
Black religion, black division
Lies they feed on, blocks the vision
Me do this for the next generation of black
Let my music be the truth and penetration for black
Love is the answer to the elevation of black
This new mentality, we need a new motivation for black
Black leaders you don't need to to have a bad mind
You travel abroad, you see good roads and airport, you come back and act blind
Clean water, good food, we can't find
Blackness, black richness, black excellence, black love
And black mind, that's what we want

No no no no, no love, no love
No love, no love
No no no no, no love, no love
No love, no love
No no no no, no love, no love
No love, no love
No no no no, no love, no love
No love, no love

Freedom, freedom (freedom, freedom, freedom)
Freedom, freedom
All I want is freedom, freedom (freedom, freedom, freedom)
Freedom, freedom huh

Black hating black is the reason why the growth is taunt
If I don't love you as my brother, what else do I want
Every black must have each other's back if they wanna be in front
Now let's rewrite the black love in a bold font
That's what we want, one love

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Patoranking Black Comments
  1. abdelhadi abdelkarim

    Black from North sudan show us some love ❤😘

  2. Salawudeen Olawale

    nice one pato....keep it up baba...have always seen u as a legend.

  3. Big fish Ke

    Say No to Xenophobia

  4. Lederrick Cotton

    Powerful message very deep 1🖤🖤🖤🇯🇲🇱🇮🇧🇴🇱🇷

  5. Jean-Paul HEUGA

    Belle chanson.

  6. Leonora Ncube

    Tuneee...Patoranking long live King.theyll hear the message bro they definitely will hear it.


    This hit me hard like fire crackers...
    I found myself in tears 😭

  8. MineLa0fficiel

    Too many lies 😢 😢 black told black 😭 😭💔💔

  9. Richboy watson

    Deep Reality of truth Patoranking.

  10. John Jux

    We should be Brother’s keepers cuz we have each other’s back!! #South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦😫😫why

  11. Vestim Ash

    Big up King msg to all Africans particularly SA

  12. Talent Makhuyana

    Thank you !

  13. Samuel Mark

    True story 😢😢😢

  14. Jackson Astrid

    All those who are here after South African xenophobic attacks, thumbs up here.

  15. julius luta

    Xenophobians are disliking these master piece, what a song, what a message , respect nyingi kwako brother.

  16. Official_Cool Mikey SA

    #SayNoToXenophobia 😭😭

  17. Oliver Adera

    39 dislikes must be from South Africa

  18. utopia dalo

    my heart is broken black people

  19. Patrick Wells

    Exactly what is happening in south Africa now.....Mark my words South African's will need Africans help someday if not soon like the apartheid period..I said this today 4th of September, 2019..

  20. stevie mccormick

    Respect u for this special for vibe

  21. Queen sally

    Let's rewrite the black love in a bold font.....this got me thinking 💋💋💋💋

  22. Queen sally

    Black gon hit 👎this just cos patoranking is black

    Mmmmmm hard truth....❤❤❤❤❤ .iloveupatoranking.

  23. Goldsalltime

    Who came here after South Africa Xenophobia attacks

  24. Enoch king

    Tell them

  25. Alan Shawn


  26. Edward Asare

    Powerful 🔌🔋💪👊💪🔌 #Patoranking Has received the Sight out of the Blindness our Fore Father and our current Generation Are curses with...True PanAfricanism...

  27. Casser Tiger

    Perfect time of playing this,save Nigerians life in SA

  28. Afro Black

    Current situation South Africa

  29. Bîll junior Muyelele

    Made for the black

  30. Eboigbe Okusiwekwe


  31. Shauna Fungyee

    The message of this song is so effective. What he's saying is happening here in my country Jamaica. Black people here is your Black Prayers. Great job Pato.

  32. Emmanuel Nonyane

    we south Africans must hear this joint...mzansi approved

  33. Jerry Godstime

    Reality Here In Europe

  34. David Enwereji

    Many are called few are chosen but king pato is among the chosen black musicians.....respect to these album #wilmer#....

  35. RoseGoldRecs UK


  36. Sanny Dezy

    Love black and am around to be black

  37. Hello world

    Black don't love black

  38. Saidou Bah

    For South Afrika, Angola and.......

  39. Itz Merit

    Patoranking is a added value to the world...!!! One love G❤️

  40. Cosmas Cosie
    Kindly subscribe

  41. bakerman tyron

    the best msg bro......God bless u...

  42. wolid jaf wolid jaf

    This is what is happening today God bless you

  43. Desmond de Villiers

    Team #skylevel Cameroon 🇨🇲 branch gather here for support to our boss King Patoranking 📣📣🎵

  44. Zzz Man

    People complain about the need for more songs with good messages. But they don't promote songs like this.

  45. Alf Kats

    Pato ya a true revolutionary


    Best song of the century... Hit me right in the heart

  47. Ericsson imogirie

    Love love..thats what I want

  48. Maisha BoMass

    🔥🔥🔥 yes that right

  49. Jefferson Ntchongoue


  50. nwammiri chimnazom onyedika

    Wow this is so lovely.. I love my black people.. Please let us unit as one, and stop hating ourselves. the Caucasian make us to hate one another... Wake up children of afirika.. I love 💪🏿

  51. Kim Josh III

    All my sentiments in 4 minutes.....thank you Black man.

  52. GOLDEN Black kalia

    Its make me cry up like 7

  53. Sandy Sandy

    It is about time singing about revolution. you never dissapoint me Patoranking. your music is liberal.... big up brother

  54. Okoh Uche

    Blood 🙏💪🏼

  55. Courtie Shay

    The wokest song in all his songs yet it got the lowest views. Niggas really don't want to listen to the truth.

  56. alicia benedict

    Am gonna love you till the time you gonna drop mic #messageallblack
    #wilmer banger 🔥 🔥

  57. VirtueWyzVEVO

    Bless you bro

  58. Ashlee Champion

    most of all Black Americans and Black Africans need to get it together. we deceive eachother. can we reunite

  59. Desmond de Villiers

    Thunder mixed with dried Cameroon pepper will strike any idiot who dislikes this song. Y'all don't wanna hear what king Pato is saying.

  60. Cole Terry

    People have been filled with too much anger and hate for long time to quench that fire out... Black excellence 💯

  61. Billy Luong

    you are greatest in town PAto

  62. Ezichi Okeke wow very nice

    You said nothing but truth, more bless up

  63. Njiez Million dollar Man

    Good vybz

  64. Samson Akporotu


  65. Amelia Amemate

    This track is everything. You are really intelligent and courageous.

  66. Crown Star

    Black What's up? Black let's stand up , Black Let's Love Black, Black Let's Cherish black. One Love Black. Black Loves you Patoraking. One Love 😍.

  67. real-time

    Nice one

  68. Kwadzo Bless

    Positive vibes. Nice one there pato the ranking man. Black must love black to promote unity which is the basic requirement for development of the black people.

  69. Simeon Kabeya


  70. NGONG Clauvis CHETEH

    @PatorankingFire, it's all about good music. Pato the greatness of our time


    Nice one 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏

  72. eugene chinezim

    So real and making sense

  73. Nkem Sammy

    Black hate blacks,pure truth and what a crazy world. Every black has to gat each others back to be in FRONT.. Love and unity we want. One love Nigeria,one love Africa and one love to the whole worldwide

  74. Harrison Owhonigho

    #word ❤️❤️❤️👊🏾

  75. Ghettohustler Hustling

    I still have hope,Patoranking is the goat 🐐 respect ✊🏾



  77. Honon Ebewele


  78. michael carter

    I need to know those 37 haters as of now damn!! this is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. A1 Figlio Rock

    Black hating black 😥😢😰😥
    Black jealous black 😭😭😭
    Slave mentality 😭😭😭😭😭

  80. F G

    black truth

  81. M TURAN

    Sorry to say . It aint gonna happen.

  82. Non Cee

    Black 4 life. ..

  83. Georges Gee

    DEEP 💪

  84. Matthew Otega

    Deep 🔥❤️🇳🇬🇳🇬

  85. Matthew Otega

    Black depot black

  86. Vanellia

    Who is Wilmers mom

  87. Joey Herb

    Get Skepta on remix.

  88. Joey Herb

    fire, deep. props

  89. Mental and Floss

    Nice one! Very timely!!! 🎶🔥🔥🔥

  90. Claude Alcide

    I'm here for y'all

  91. Claude Alcide

    Love it

  92. Chiamaka Nwanoro

    This song is soooooo true love it
    We all need to hear the truth

  93. Tafadzwa excellent

    true PanAfricanism

  94. omon Famous

    Great words MR PATORANKING

  95. Xxx Tentacion

    Black People King

  96. zickz

    This shit hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽💯💯💯 #patowiththefire 🔥🔥

  97. phyllis kimbi

    this song got me in my feelings....Damnnn....kudos pato